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DWAcraft! Join Us! :D

by PaladinV0ci • 1,738 views

The DreamTeam server is up the IP is

V0ci may I join your BOV my name in the server is RyanNitewing.
-3 u guys in a completely homo way
Can you take of endemy Faction?
so I heard you got banned from your own dwa server (this one). when are you guys making your new server? announce it please!
I'm not white listed ): FIX IT V0CI WAHAHABYHGIERK
voci if you show me where Al lives ill shit in his sink
celsderg say i have been banned for all mcbans servers isdk wat that means but i can still join my legit servers too other than yours
I used to yave over 65 people before nikko raided me ill tell you this CosyMink nikko an VerySneakyChaka is cheating
ill join which ever faction AL is in
[End that stupid conversation] Hmm... Cool server! I will join. :P MC: DettIROFL
Thank you, I'm very lucky to have had the opportunity to do so.
Hey V0ci, I'm always on your server! It's Freaking amazing! But the whole diamond knights killing you in the warzone sucks dick. Great server!
plz plz!! I WAS BAN in dwacraft and plz let me play in this best server ever plz bsp and fatman plz plz i love the server my username is : ThE_KillerNoobs
I fond out how to join but it says not permuim user. Does anyone know how to fix that or is there no way
I wish I had minecraft but I use a laptop :( Soon will be out for xbox thog :)
haha i raided your guys house and there was like 3000 diamonds and like 90000000 Emeralds and 4000 Gold so yeah RAID THER HOUSE
Paladin, I like you. I'll send up to 50 small black children come come to your server and pleasure you several times.
ROBLOX however, I dislike you. I'll send up to 10 large black men to come to your home and touch you inappropriately several times.
Im the owner of the Enclave faction :D
V0ci I WANT TO JOIN YOUR FACTION! I'm a good fighter :D
How do i get whitelisted!!!!If i can get white listed cause i did play on it before my name is Porcot :3
I'm not able to connect anymore for some reason :/
I know. But still, he's pretending to be someone he isn't.
The dream team is V0ci, Al, Joe, Twar, BSP, Etc there al part of it.
Werent they baned with the whoel facction?
Son of balls. I wish Xbox can join PC minecraft servers T_T
That's bsp in the background...?
can i join ur FAction becuz that shit sounds badAXX
Just got minecraft 4 free and also can some one teach me how to join a sever
i want to get minecraft know.
dude how im i banned from ur server and i never joined b4??
Nobody wants to play with you!!!! :)
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