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Life Update, All True Homies Must Watch

by xXSlyFoxHoundXx • 132,872 views

Things might be bad but we will come back 100 times better

This was in 2011 ur in 2014
Sly read this comment! Listen, look at how your life has changed and how you worked through your hardships. All of your homies support you and good luck for future content
feel better soon sly homies unite
we dont care sly.take a break when u need a break.we all love u.we dont care if u dont upload videos for like 3 weeks,1 week,or a month.just take a break we won't care,we can wait.we r still ur ur parents still though,u shouldent love one more then the other.also,we dont care if u commetey if crap,we can deal with it.just spen some time thinking,resting,and loving ur parents the same.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOMIES UNTITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we all love u sly!<3
slyfox dont worry about us! YOU are the one who inspired more than 5 thousanyoud people to become homies! worry about YOURSELF!!!!!! and dont worry about your dad he will work it out no matter what is wrong. so just take it easy. OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please feel better soon sly homies unite
People this video is over 1 year old
You know. People need some space. Take all the time you need. Even though this is late. Take a break when ever you need. I speak on behalf of the homies, you make all our live's better.
i cant believe iv been watching you for s long and never even come across this before Eddie you is amazing <3 (my 3 year old bro is called eddie too)
sly is awesome! he can be Mr golden giggles, then he can just be an amazing speaker like this! Homies unite! xx
i didn't know about this video today because i was only subscribed in 2011 a while after this was uploaded so im so sorry sly D:
stay strong sly we wuff you, all of us <3
its okay Sly we all care for you and i think we all understand what you mean
sorry sly i really wish that i couldve seen this sooner so i could actually know what is goin on im sorry :(
what was happening sly? If you need us we will be there for ya! We are the HOMIES not the ones who sit back and let you hurt! homies unite!!!!!
even a year later your homies will feel for you
hello sly fox i am one of your new homie
i almost started crying. <3 YOU SLY!!!
you will never be a bad commentator to me sly!
(@)_(@) sly family cost more then any thing in the world so take your time. rest, make sure your family is ok
well..Its been a year so i hope youve recovered succsesfully
Im happy your here, i <3 homies unite! plz be better! <3333
I cried so bad.Sly we love u.We really do.And if someone doesnt,Tell them go STFU.They just a hater.
such a sad video... i like them... Homies Unite Sly! Homies U-Nite! i had to go through lots of stuff like that but its done now. i post this a little too late but the good part is by posting this late its done... and over... and gone... so now i just want to say, It's life... it has its twists and turns and sometimes you run out of gas and need to take a break... Thats ok with us homies though because we know and we care. Thumbs up for Sly to see. BTW Homies Unite!
You have a big heart, don't you, Sly?
It's hit a CHICEN with a shovel!:(
Slyfoxhound Querido, Usted es el siempre fresco y mi favorito comentarista minecraft! Mis padres se van a divorciar y ahora mismo, tu me ayudas a través de él. Siempre que mis días brillar. Amor, Abby P.S. I dont speak spanish but I think that it would be really special if I put this in spanish for you. Your HOMIE 4ever! </3 Abby
We love you sly, and as always, Homies unite!<3
I wish I could have seen this sooner. Eddie, I feel like your that friend thats always over at your house that they seem like they live there, like a brother. I'm glad that if I ever am abandoned, I'll have you. Get better soon, Sly.
I know this was made a year ago but it said "all true Homies watch"...I had to do it
Haha, nikole im late too, sly your the best of the best, and that will never change. Homies unite bro
Touched my heart, I hope he thinks the same thing in 2012.Of course he does.
we care for you not your videos thats the way of the homie(atleast the real one)
im a new homie and i can tell u i love u dude ur r THE best HOMIES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Using friend's account..... Dude, you rock the rocks! Ok, that was weird.... What I'm saying is I love your videos and take breaks when you feel like it. Bro Fist 👊!
People you should realy like this vid I mean for him to take the time and tell us what is going on that is the sweetest thing if we matter to him he should matter to us and even admitting to that is hard so every one like every one of his vids because he has helped us and we have helped him we care about you sly!
I know this is old but all your homies will always support u sly no matter what. HOMIES UNITE
We Love you sly no matter what , we will always be there, AINT THAT RIGHT HOMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are always there for us to make us feel better and make us laugh so go on. We will be here to support you now. As we always have and we always WILL. ~~~~Homies Unite~~~~
Sly, I know I'm REALLY late, but all your homies love you and hope for the best. We have your back Sly!! We're family like you said. Take breaks whenever you need to. We all love you Sly! :3 <3
What up homies?!?!!??!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
whey are all the good youtubers starting to crash and burn sly u get better and u wont crash i promise
We've all felt something here....Love but not in the ''Lets have babbys!'' lol
Hey sly dont feel down u will get better evey time a new vid comes out i always threr for u take a breke i feel u my dad went to jail and i still think it in my mind and it sucks so i wish i waz hrere eleier get better and i think of u as my brother and when i feel down i always know u be thrre for me here is a poem i wrote sometimes i feel that im the only who just go down and face my fears but i cant face them i look to u to help me through the hard times so u my hero HOMIES UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!
awwww slyfox you really mean alot to me because to me you seem alot like me whatever you do i like to do honestly you really are my favorite youtuber and if something really bad happens to you i would be really sad and wen u get all better i believe that you WILL make videos that are more than 100 times better than you're other videos and i feel that me and you are the exact same person except our age and family and ect. i really hope that u can talk to me later in the future strong slyfox!!! :)
he is the best commentator out there with out a doubt! Homies Unite!
haha Mr Golden giggles :) that's so true. he's the best <3 Homies unite
sly i hope you feel better i kinda know what you mean i've never even met my dad and sly you could never be a shitty commentator i love you sly Homies Unite feel better
How is it possible to dislike this vid
Like you said sly we're family so i'm pretty sure all the true homies can understand and won't ask for things since u said this.
<3 sly take a break u deserve it. agian even tho im late to teh party but its still just as fun!
that was nice of you but this video was made a year ago
Slyfoxhound do what you do and your the best Homie Unite <3
this was in the suggestion on my subscription page and i was like when was this?!?!?!?! i wish i were here earlier
Someone make a get well soon video compilation featuring all the times slyfox has said something cool about the homies, that includes wats up homies, callouts to homies, update vids, important memories, important video hightlights, all that jazz
I just wanted to let you know that i started watching ur videos about 2 weeks ago, and it's been a long time since i have laughed so hard and actually walked around with a real smile on my face, my bf and i started watching your vids together. thank you for having a positive impact on my life, and thank you for loving minecraft. ur the shit, just sayin.
This made me cry....Plz sly, if you get sick take breaks, like for reals. We all love your vidieos and we will Like, Comment and rate the shit outta your vids because we support you and love you.
sly have as much time as u need
we all love you Eddie, i know this is an old video but even now, take the times you need to rest =) Homies Unite!
when he said we as homies are more than subscribers, but we are his family, i cried a little :') i wish i could have watched this video sooner, but at least i know you're problems have decreased and im happy because of that :) we love you too, Sly <3
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