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Sonic the Hedgehog - FINAL STORY PART 1

by Alex Y • 11,030,819 views

From Thanks to Sazpaimon and Sonic-Cult for all the cutscenes!

ON A BRAINSTORMING RANDOM NOTE: Due to SA and SA2's popularity with Chao's, I think SEGA should make a separate game specifically for Chao's. I beat SA2 10 years ago when I was just 7, but I still end up popping that disc in my Gamecube just to play with he Chao's. We all know SEGA shouldn't waste time developing Chao gardens for Sonic games due to the high demand of super fast-paced games with action, and they have no time for little things like the Chao garden, but wouldn't it be nice to have a game for Wii U or maybe 3DS specifically for raising Chao's and playing mini games with them? Here's the concept: You can select various characters such as Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Silver, and many others to train your Chao's with, and you can level them up, train them, race them, and do other sports like Chao Karate and maybe even some additional sports like Chao Soccer. You can also raise their stats just like SA and SA2, feed them foods, pet them with your Character, turn them neutral, dark, or hero, and raise them with certain abilities.. Here's a twist though: What if it was a little online game where you can battle your friends? Raise your Chao, level it up, and battle friends and random others? Pretty much my brainstorming has lead me to the conclusion that SEGA should make a Chao Garden game for Wii U or 3DS that is exactly like SA2's Chao garden, but with better graphics, new features, and online playing.
Mephiles could be used as a villain for the future Sonic the Hedgehog films but without his Solaris stereotypes.
Eggman still looks terrible in this game. Oh and the voice acting is terrible in this game. Oh and the game is terrible.
It's like the epic battle of the Yu Gi Oh movie. I mean Sonic is from the present Jaden,Shadow is from the past like Yugi and Silver is from the future like Yusei.
The one time he didn't have any rings.
One of the Sonic games with best story, but worst gameplay
I'm wondering how did this get so many views lol
Finally it is about time that Sonic died. I am really growing tired him keep having the spotlight in every game. Why cant Sega choose other characters for theses games.
Can't believe this was posted 7 years ago...
Indeed. I still remember watching this back in 2006.
si se supone que sonic es un erizo no deberia sangrar  pero bueno igual esta cool el bn  bn hecho amigo
worst sonic game ever.
+skysands2008 what about sonic colors or sonic generations 
Sonic generations was amazing, though a bit too short. Sonic colors was annoying with the camera, but, in every way, better than Sonic and the secret rings.
The tittle on the video at the beginning is Sonic the Hedgehog?! When the game is Sonic the Hedgehog 2006' this isn't the original just to let you guys know
8:19 the original Google Glass
This is one of the first videos I favorited back in 2008, I guess....AND ITS STILL HERE!!! I suppose sega really doesn't give a shit about content regarding their IP's....
Sonic se iso super sayayin
soinc is dead who killed him!
sonic is dead. noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sods
Why does Eggman look so tall from the other games?
Why could it have been Silverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
q asco de serie asco total quien mrd es el pendejo q creo esta asquerosida deberian sacar estas cagadas de video pesimo
Wow that was just... terrible
WoW 10 milion views on a Sonic game. Awesome
WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Sonic Dieddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Sonic dieddddd
Ok freaking eggman can't kill sonic by hitting him with a gun and a single strike?a single strike kills him?i know it chaos power but the super sonic draining in unleashed could be equivalent to this I MEAN CMON, SEGA U ARENT THAT STUPOD ARE U.!!
An damaging if Amy was the person who had to not cry
Pt 1 of the final battle, play what I'm made of by crush 40. Cut the music during the crescent. Pt 2, play welcome home by Coheed and Cambria. Finish final battle with sonic. Much nostalgia.
мне очень понравилось особенно в начале видио
Yes Shadow cry just for Sonic x Amy Shadow like Maria just think Rival in Sonic & now cry.... is really good cutscene & movie
that guy that killed soinc is a dick you suck dude
WTF 11 mio views???
admit it eggman , you can't live without sonic YAAAAAAAAAY sonic died
Not real dead is game
I'm usually not one who is quick to judge... but when Elise was first introduced, there was just something I didn't like about her...but I just couldn't think of what. Maybe it was the whole "damsel in distress" crap. My brother and I joked that Elise would make out with Sonic...but...we didn't actually think....that it would really... Excuse me...I need a minute :/
Mephiles traveled back in time and hacked this video to give you those views, and would erase all of us from exsistance if we didn't watch this, clicked the like button, and subscribe to you. Yes, you EARNED these views. People like me just WISH we could accomplish feats such as this. :)
I liked Mephiles. He was such an awesomely cheesy villain with an insane laughter. Also, it was kinda cool how he could shift shape. He deserved a better game.
It really is, while some games may be of lower quality (eg Sonic R and Labyrinth) none of them caused anywhere near as much damage to the series as a whole or had as much significance.
Ok... let's face this... the story of this game wasn't that bad, is just a kinda a more mature sonic game (i think...) and i really like it actually, the only FUCKED UP part of this story was, of course, this instant wtf moment 9:45... seriously... the fuck were the people of SEGA smoking when they did this? and of course the animations were as well kinda fucked up. Especially Mephile's, and... you know the rest... but thinking about it, if they made a remake for this game with SEVERAL CHANGES..
Maybe because you had this video up since 2006 and many people has been going by this video over the past 7 years.
what in the world i have the game and in the end sonic died!!!!!!!!
09:58 was the grossest part i mean seriously sega why wulD A HUMAN TO THAT!?
i've heard that amy was closing her eyes ,so she never known that they kissed.
last time i commented on this video was 2 years ago... last time it was killing sonic now its... elise crying cause sonic died but didnt cry when her father died elise kissing sonic 2 things that are completely off in this story
01:24 This is the most beautiful evil laugh ever !!!
That Super Sonic looks a lot like a soul. Is THAT his soul?!?!
como se llama el juego y ese malo con el diamante
How mephiles get alive? Shadow didn't kill him?
honestamente este juego esta perdiendo su toque cada vez ponen mas accion y olvidan lo que para sonic es importante como la amistad el trabajo en equipony el amor honestamente parcia que a sonic le gustabs la princesa elice que la propia amy
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에이미는 소닉이 죽었으니까 운다
I cried when I first saw this scene.
era massaa se envetasem um sonic com tecinicas psiquicaas
I like how the slower remix of Sonic's theme "His World" plays several times while he's "dying"
I liked it but there was only one flaw I couldnt rap my head around.... If the whole world depended on some chick never crying than how the hell did she make it through PMS? XD Just speculation, and a little comic relief
When Elise kissed Sonic......... WTF!!!!! Now I guess she's going to rape him now!
The like/dislike bar disagrees with you. Far more likes than dislikes.
it is just me who thinks this is good ?
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