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Star Trek Wins Best Makeup: 2010 Oscars

by Oscars • 4,489,767 views

Ben Stiller presents the Oscar for Makeup to Barney Burman, Mindy Hall and Joel Harlow for Star Trek at the 82nd Academy Awards.

just another reason to say ben stiller wasnt funny, isnt funny, will never be funny.
Yeah well he's only in the industry due to being Jewish, just like his father.
This thread...has gotten pathetic.....
Pretty tacky to not even mention Gene Roddenberry -without him, that movie wouldn't exist.
Téigh trasna ort fhéin, a ghamal. -_-
Why not just curse at me in English...?
What is wrong with the energy at the oscars?
i know! everyone is so much more serious. like people lighten up awkward! Not funny at all. What was he thinking?
Some of what he said was actually Hebrew!
really? what words did he say?
+jeanfroissart1"Pasach" is Hebrew for "Passover," "Boray perri ha gofen" is part of a Hebrew prayer.
ben stiller is awesome....he is one of the best
Even Ben Stiller wasn't funny that night. Everyone bombed, especially the hosts. To make it worse, Stiller didn't bother to read the nominees.
It takes serious balls (blue alien balls in this case) to present this way, I thought it was awesome.
4:15 perturbed by the happy anniversary comment
For those of you who keep saying it's awkward. That's the entire point. Ben has always been funny through awkwardness. Go watch some of his movies... lol, me personally, I thought it was pretty funny. EDIT: Remember Milking the cat from Meet the Parents... AKWARD. Meet the Parents (2/10) Movie CLIP - Milking Cats (2000) HD
Thanks That clip was funy
Why is "The Definition"s post marked as spam ? All he said is that Ben Stiller creates comedy through awkwardness. I think this video is funny too.
He's so funny, because he can make fun of himself.
Screw all the Sandler fans here in the comments . Stiller is hilarious ! :)
everybody's talking about how they didn't think this wasn't funny but I died the entire time. Made me think of zoolander.
That tail though....
Jim is like, I never should have made this fucking movie.
Yea that's what I said.  Jim.
How could Avatar be nominated for best makeup when the whole movie practically was shot like this...
Do you see those ears though? That's top notch makeup right there
Did you watch?  It wasn't nominated... 1:07
Better stick to a script..... you can't ad lib for shit
Ben Stiller I am sorry but is just not funny
2:53 dafuq was he doing in the bottom right corner of my screen?
I think the alien talk killed it. He should of just acted normal and it would of been awesome.
Wow. That was truly painful to watch. I couldn't watch it all. Thats a nickelodeon awards type of stunt, but kids dont fake laugh if its not funny. They would have told him it stinked to high heavens.
Ben Stiller is still under the impression that Ben Stiller is funny.
Ben Stiller just isn't funny anymore.
He's always is funny actor and great man
Skaum in Na'vi means 'Moron'... towards the academy maybe? ;)
Damn, this was awkward and unfunny as hell.
One of the most embarrassing moments in the history of hosting at the Oscars...the costume was bad enough, but then the performance just went on and on and on :-P Many people cringing behind their fingers saying, "Stop, Ben!" lol
This was such an awkward oscars
First time watching it... 1:00 - I died <3 #PineNut  
He is a great comedian but i think it would suit him better to play movies like his last one Life of Walter Mitty. 
Maybe you should start getting some sleep because your sentences are fucked.
+Hillsdale Not as fucked as your attempt to make a comment.
what about the nominees ?
Now I actually wish Ben stiller was in avatar
Sascha baron cohen was supposed to be dressed up it with Ben Stiller. The joke would be that david cameron got sascha baron cohen pregnant or something. This was too offensive to David Cameron and he wouldnt let him film then so Sascha got kicked out presenting the oscars because of it. True story.
+Lizbeth Minaya  It's spelled "Sacha", fuck!
David Cameron? The Prime Minister of the UK?
How bout Ben Stiller to direct Star Trek 3?
Star trek shoud had earn the oscar for best soundtrak as well!
Wasted way too much time on the preparation for some simple jokes.
I felt akward just by watching this, imagine how Ben felt.
That's not really Ben Stiller, he doesn't act like that.
His eyes are disturbing
He's great!  Love the tail (so hot right now) x
That one dude won an oscar on his anniversary night and made note of it in his acceptance speech. Home boy got soooooo laid when he got home. I bet he walked sideways for a week.
That is just brilliant. I would love to do that!
Sorry but i don't find this asshole funny at all!!
James Cameron's wife looks like E.T
Ben Stiller I am so happy you are NOT making movies anymore.
ben stiller is a fool lmfao
angèle p Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago · Shared to Funny
Ben Stiller déguisé en Avatar aux oscars ^^
jesus christ those eyes killed me
I cringed so hard cricket, cricket
Forget about the conjuring this is gonna be in my nightmares tonight
Ben Stiller is one of my favorite comedians.
Look at the 00.50 i laughed alot ,the guy who is on the right to the girl ,look how bored he is loooooool
take ur stupid hat off, show some respect
Oh man, his glance´s just like Harrison Ford´s from the last Oscars...
Oscars audience aren't the best of the audiences aren't they? I see a lot very boring people. Not everyone but most of them seem more worry about looks and appearance rather than having a great time
James Cameron just looks like he is so insulted I get the feeling, often, he is very full of himself
He is not a funny guy. And i felt sorry for him.
Fuck I'm so fucking lol Stiller so funny oh gawd)))
Could not care less whether he is funny or not.. but he is really good looking! I totally want the same! :)
wouldnt want to thank gene roddenberry...
Vineca Gray Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Where would we be without Ben XOX
0:20 RAPE FACE !!! Lol
+JohnDoe If it makes you upset then yes
It's funny, would be funnier, if he was actually naked, painted blue wearing a loincloth and doing this presentation.
This was brilliant. Ben you legend.
LOL that was awesome. :)
All fake languages made up on the spot end up being mispronounced Hebrew prayers... haha been using that trick my whole life
One of my Favorite Comedians of all time!
I liked him in some of his films but this is really embarrassing.
He looks like Evan Baxter
2:52 ..... bottom right corner of the screen... °-°
00:28 hebrew jewish blessing. thank you for comparing it to alien language lol
James Cameron's just like ._. throughout aaaaall the jokes
that's just too awkward to watch
he looks like jared :D
Wait, Star Trek won an Oscar?!?!?!???
He forgot, never go full retard!
Lmfao I love ben stiller
Aww.he was probably so, embarrassed! If you are reading this every has been embarrassed 8n live t.v...........most people.......
why are they laughing?
I'm not a huge fan of Ben Stiller, but this was kinda funny. If awkward.
I see a lot of people just don't get awkward comedy.  It's my favorite.. that and sarcasm.  That stare was fucking hilarious.
This was supposed to be awkward clearly
How dafuq did Star Trek win? that movie sucked!
why was Ben Stiller ever famous? all his movies where shit.
He's part of the tribe and his parents are actors
+Trev ill defer you to my Former statement on this matter, as a Definition of Ben Stiller and all the movies he where involved in.
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