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Wrestling Roundtable #48 1/30/11 Part 2 - 5th Anniversary of Eddie Guerrero's Death

by WrestlingRoundtable • 7,358 views

The panel discusses the life, matches, moments & career of Eddy Guerrero, looking back five years after his death. Hosted by Eric Santamaria. Join us next week when we'll be discussing the Best &...

@kingamer19 i have a feeling they will be talking about it on the next radio show.
I mean he made the whole LWO situation better than it had any right to be and if it wasn't for that I think tna would have made lax a copy of Eddie and chavo's team while they were in wwe. I hope I clarified what I meant
ugh i wonder what eddie would think of his wife's current role with wwe
"Eddies not in hevan hes down there..IN HELL"
@Gambit455 really? I think that Vickie is honorablebecause she goes out a nd plays the fool each week so she can stay home with the kids for 4-5 days.
┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐ All Eddie haters
awesome show guys, you really brought back alot of great memories with Latino of my favorite matches was when Eddie teamed with the late "Love Machine" Art Barr and faced El Hijo Del Santo and Octagon from the AAA PPV "When World's Collide" pay-per-view back in ' was one of the first times I had seen Eddie and I was amazed at his in-ring ability...he and Art made a great team
@JukoDDT Ok. Thanks for the suggestion, we may do that on the Radio show! -E, Wrestling Roundtable
Ring of Hell was sensationalist, unsubstatiated crap! I mean, really, Antonio Inoki buying an island Fidel Castro told him contained buried treasure? Dean Malenko selling Eddie Guerrero drugs post-rehab? Benoit imagining JR calling a match as he locked his son in the crossface? But, hey, hack authors gotta make a buck, too, right?
I hated how he always played the stereotypical mexican. It was so annoying. I also hated how the wwe exploited his death.
Come on guys no blog on The Rocks return let;s get one
I was the guy that, thanks to the NWO and how that all was booked, Guerrero just seemed like a journeyman, an always-will-be mid-carder. I even remember seeing the Radicalz debut segment and thinking "Hey!!! Benoit!!!...wait...Guerrero, Malenko, and Saturn? Pfft, okay." Provided I was still a kid and was out of the internet scene. FCW is well known as the factory, and the WWE is the one big show around. As long as it is that way, the WWE ALONE will shape what it takes to get the call up.
@unicorn187 Could it at least take place in Japan so I can no-sell it in the guise of "fighting spirit"? And by 'fighting spirit', I mean a chokeslam off the top to the guardrail can't beat me, but a clothesline can.
Ah, great to have you guys back and I enjoyed the show. Nice to see you all loved Eddie, he was great at all aspects of wrestling. Personally one of my favourite Eddie moments was his match with The Rock on Raw 2002. You thought it was going to be a typical throwaway title match but it was fantastic, really fast tempo and the counter to the Rock Bottom Eddie uses is something I've never seen before or since. Looking forward to the new season men.
Man, I remember that day so well when he died. Just a shocking moment and then the next night on Raw when they played the tribute video I cried like a baby.
Any Eddie Kingston reference makes me happy : p Guerrero will always be known by me as being on par with The Rock when it comes to just getting his role over with the crowd at ANY given moment. He had so much passion in him and the fans had so much passion for him. A super unique and excellent wrestler and character.
I know you guys love the halloween havoc match (which I thought was awesome) but the next month at World War 3 the rematch was great also. About as good.
I mean, the guy essentially put over Mysterio at Wrestlemania FROM THE GRAVE! I mean, how cool is that?
The best thing about Eddie Guerrero was The King yelling: "La-tee-no HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAT!!!"
I saw an Eddie match on WWE vintage recently. The match took place in spring 2000, and he was thinner but a lot more healthier looking. When I seen pictures of him before his death, he was way too jacked for his size and looked pale and tired. I wish he never felt the need to get bigger because he might have still been with us today. Favourite Eddie match, Eddie vs Peguasis ECW.
@MoonspiderHugs While Rey did ride Eddie's coattails to a World Title, he certainly wasn't the one who most exploited his death. Vickie Guerrero has and STILL does to this day. Unlike an actual grieving widow, she's on TV every week kayfabe flirting with every heel and collecting a paycheck from her husband's demise. Truly disgusting.
Ok, but while yes, we know steroids to help recover faster not just from work outs but of course injuries, I think it's safe to say that the primary motivation for pro wrestlers using steroids is to get bigger to help with the perception of "I'm big & muscular so I'm tough & can beat you up". Especially in WWE - look how much bigger the cruiserweights like Eddy, Benoit, Kidman & Rey got when they went there from WCW. Or how smaller Batista was when he was left, heh. -E, Wrestling Roundtable
Sorry; no disrespect for Eddie: but Teresa is FINE!!! Loved Eddie Guerrero's matches with Rey and Brock!
Eddie was one of the few stars in WWE that were consistently and reliably entertaining from 2003 to 2005, and it was so sad to see him pass away.
"its...not a technical classic" "Doesn't have to be fuck that smart mark Bull shit" See, This is why I Love You Guys!
Thanks for the shoutout about my review for Souled Out 97, E. I still can't find my favorite Eddie moment which was during a tag match. Eddie was outside while Chavo was getting his ass kicked and Eddie kept breaking up pinfalls and the ref kept admonishing him about holding onto the tag rope. After about five or six times, Eddie broke up a pin, ran back to the corner and grabbed the rope, holding it above his head with this look that says "yeah, asshole, I know..." Classic Eddie. RIP
this is awesome how you guys uploaded this on the 7th anniversary on eddie winning his only wwe heavyweight championship
Why do people hate Triple-H? Seriously I don't understand
I actually know a guy who stopped watching wrestling because of how wwe exploited Eddie's death
That was 5 years ago? Wow I remember it like it was yesterday. Time passes so much...
steroids isn't just about getting big. You become a better athlete that can work harder and recover faster. Helps a lot with injuries. I feel like you left that out of your analysis
Jeff Hardy's heel turn is one of the worst recent swerves I can think of personally. Great show as always guys.
@StewartLucrative. Personally, I never saw what the WWE did after Eddie's death as "exploitation." IMO, they were almost paying homage to him. Typically, when a wrestler dies they ring the bell and as they say, "the show must go on" and it does, and he's more or less written out of the show and forgotten about a week later. With Eddie, however, it was different. Even in death, Eddie was still contributing to the show and stirring up all kinds of heat. Just me, but I thought it was befitting.
That is the first thing I always remember about Eddie, if he was a Face people LOVED him, if he was a heel people HATED him. Awesome wrestling skills, awesome personality, a true legend
Now, Now Jeff Hardy wasn't on roids..Other drugs yes, but not roids
HHH married the bosses daughter and then basicly used his influence to basicly buried everyone in WWE who he thought wasnt good which is basicly everyone who had potential to take his spot, its why in about 10 years we have only had like 5 guys make it to the main event level and why they are so underwhelmed with stars. Basicly his ego is why alot of people cant stand him
One thing that coulda made the show better was maybe talking about how things would be diferant now if he were still alive and what matches couldve taken place?
Shane Mcmahon-X-2...His "Buying" of WCW in 2002...& his "Heel Turn" at SURVIVOR SERIES '98...BOTH GREAT "SWERVES"...imho,anyway...
My Eddie moment is the creation of LAX. Because if it wasn't for Eddie making the lWo angle in wcw stank a whole lot less of complete ass than it had any right to think tna would have LAX a complete joke
@StewartLucrative Come on Stew. Dispicable? Really? Okay, you'd have somewhat of an argument had Mysterio not gone over at Mania, but the fact is he did. Rey won... in honor of Eddie. He went to Wrestlemania, pinned Orton, won the World title, and everyone lived happily ever after. Now the WWE could've centered a story around Rey alone. He's 5'6, 150 pounds, defeated 30 other men and won the Rumble--BAM! There's your story. But they didn't. They chose divine intervention instead. Viva La Eddie.
@Ruud012003 Thanks! Funny you mention that match - as I was uploading this last night I was watching Rock's comeback promo on RAW and I thought of that classic they had for the title in August 2002. Great match! Even the promos they did at the beginning of the show to set up the main event was good - they could have had a good feud had Rock stayed around. Thanks again! -E, Wrestling Roundtable
@StewartLucrative And while I didn't know Eddie personally, I'm pretty sure he would have been okay with it---especially if that meant Rey winning the World title.
@Sneezlebob I thought Batista said that Orton was scheduled to win the WHC in his book due to Batista getting injured. I could be wrong.
Yes we do, heh, but I'll have to check that out, thanks! -E, Wrestling Roundtable
@WrestlingRoundtable big difference between a clothesline and a lariatoooooooooooooooooooooo, LOL
I remember when Eddie Guerrero died in the Mexicantown section of Detroit, many were so sad and upset. He truly was an hero to many Latinos no matter what.
@StewartLucrative Viva La Savings! -E, Wrestling Roundtable
How long will it be before Bryan Danielson will come to the ring as "Bryan Bryanson" or "Daniel Daniels"?
It kinda sucks that the person who most exploited eddies' death was Rey Mysterio...even to this day it sounds like he uses him to his advantage.. and the reason he was world champ was because of eddies' death....
Great Job. Eric, the no DQ match Edge vs Eddie Guerrero in 2002 on Smackdown is for you one of the best Eddie Guerrero matches or more a Edge Best matches? That was a incredible match
Love the show guys! Keep te podcasts up, and keep up the good work! Wish I could come on the show.
I loved Eddie and Big Show feud the segments were great and so were the matches. I also loved when eddie cam back from the injury in 97 and had his new heel gimmick when he lost the weight and looked totally different. He used to cover his ears when the fans booed him.
I like Los Guerreros vintage i like the one when they pretend to be pool cleaner. A couple of matches that i like were Los Gringos Locos vs. El Hijo del Santo and Octagón 2 out of three falls from AAA when world collide PPV and his matches against Wild Wild Pegasus as Black Tiger II in New Japan were great too.
@dwattz There are a lot of examples of what I thought was over the top and distasteful but the most glaring example was when randy orton said, "eddie's not in heaven, he's in hell" Now even IF the wwe got permission from eddie's family to say that, its still a fucking despicable thing to do. I can't imagine asking a family for permission to say something like that, (if they asked at all). I'm sure you'll come back with, "eddie wouldnt care as long as it was helping the business".
Eddie was scheduled to win the WHC from Batista. RIP.
Johnny Damon on my right, your left! RIP Eddie
"The panel discusses the life, matches, moments & career of Eddy Guerrero" The first time I read through that, I thought it said Mormons.... not moments... I thought I'd share that lol. I was like WUT
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