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AWESOME FUTURE MOMMY! (7.1.12 - Day 1158)

by CTFxC • 307,552 views

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Feeling like watching old vlogs tonight... I miss Alli so much. She would have been an great mom! but i don't think she could ever had kids with charles because of the tour and the way he act. He don't seem like he's ready to have kids or even wants kids... Hope Alli will keep doing video and that we could see her one day have some kids!
He was just they didn't mold together right. 
Plus they always fought all the time, two dominating personalities do end up in not getting along.  Sorry to say that.
I don't think I will watch the old vlogs ever again cuz of the news
That was princes tard vison
Emily Higgins it doesn't
It's very hard to watch these now!
why not? just not from Charles. 
if you are watching this on a tablet you won't see the annotation that says 'edit fail' for the princesstard vision
WHY WAS THIS RECOMMENDED FOR ME. my gawd youtube your just trying to make me sadder 
cant wait for alli and charles to have a child
I wish It would happen but now it's not possible
No they divorced :(
I can't learn to except it I feel if I don't it will just go away 😫
That show was in Houston !! Yea!!
alli is going to be the best mom ever
Why does this video have an age restriction???
O_o Why is this age restricted? D:
from Charles? not, obviously...
u put babytard vision when it was princesstard
This is probably one of the saddest videos you will see it sends the recent news
Yes u will make it
Princes not baby tard vison
Found his id the loses it this for then finds it agin lol
When charles was young And rocktard was a baby
Why age restricted
Princesstard vision
I can watch it yuk only need to make your year when you are doing 1994
the feels!!!!!!! aww man the feels!!!!
The giraffe just killed me 😂😂😂 but these t really hard to watch hence the news
In the corner it says babytard vision it's princess tard vision
I don't get why we can not watch this OMG
Why the hell is it telling me it's age restricted
Alli is going to be the best mom ever!! Up there next to my mom, and shes AMAZING!! :DDDD
That was actUlly princesstard vision..
Love ya char💙❤️💙❤️❤️
CTFXC army forever
I'm expecting them to announce Alli is pregnant any day now since they have been married 2 years. That is usually how long couple wait.
awwww Allis gonna be an awesome mom someday that way way to cute
U put babytard vision that was princesstard
man it feel as if I haven´t eaten ice cream for years now.. I feel like buying some.. real soon.. I have to..
I told mum about shay tards and she thhought it was shit heads lofail
i cannot wait till the Trippys have kids :)
hehe cool as hell. That's an oxymoron for sure.
some one plz tel me why they do the freezing thingy ?? its cool not trolin just wanna no :)
Alli is going to be an amazingly mom and Charles an awesome dad!!
What kinda name is rocktard I'm not haten or anything I've just never heard of a name like that
the internet loves u charles.
I agree, but at the same time Alli said on The Moms View that kids might be in the near future. She also said that when Charles had his whole brain scare they almost tried to have a kid right then. But I agree it will probably be a couple of years :\ BUT I know I'll still be subbed to see the journey! :3
@6:30 awesome moment when it goes to babytard vision and babytard isnt the one holding the camera. shaytards magic
Holy crap! I just watched this a saw 3 of my friends!
Correct. She stated recently that there will be babies in the "near future" and when further asked what "near future" meant, she said probably 2-3 years. However, she also said that if Charles wanted to do it now, she probably would. Either way, it's going to happen.. eventually. :P
I know Charles and Alli will have kids sometime because how she acts with kids and the title is FUTURE mommy so they will have kids sometime
what band is Charels in sorry if i spelled your name wrong.
I think they see a different Ted every time. Sometimes it has blue eyes and sometimes it's green.
At 2:57 I swear I saw Jason from SimplePickup
9:47 :) future footages would be like that! all the adorable-ness <3 :)
Yeah just a heads up but stay strong like you are and if you see this comment please say something back it is my only dream :)
When people crowd surf, they are carried towards the front. Security just pulls them over the barricades and sends them on their way.
Alli would be an amazing mom :D
That girafee scared the shut out of me. lol
Wasn't that Princesstard vision and not babytard
Where's coco on the new vlogs?
Awww alli will be such a geat mom!
that just proved my point. the guy was shaggy and also in scream. damn how he looks so different now. but still has the same voice =)
6:17 it says babytard vision but it's actually princesstard.
Never see justin in the vlogs nowadays!
I mean I would LOOOOVE for them to have kids, but they just got married. You can't expect them to be popping out kids not even a year after the wedding. Once you get married, it's time for adventures and travel together. Do all the things you want to do before you have kids cause it's hard to travel with kids.
Omg that girl crawled over the gate
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