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by TobyGames • 172,932 views

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That why shadowmere is better more health and the game is skyrim
safety mountain~ gotta loove my safety mountain~
The safest place in the world :)
I WISH! Bastards just duck and then the whole town comes for your ass...
Yeah you're right :p.. I'm Norwegian and I'm like 16, so I'm not the one who should be correcting people to be honest, but I gave it a try :D.
Don't worry tim-tim things are lookin grim grim but lucky for you you I have a solution; SAFETY MOUNTAIN! put it in front of the house, SAFETY MOUNTAIN, it could even block a mouse,SAFETY MOUNTAIN! keep all the monsters away, SAFETY MOUNTAIN, trust me just use it my way.......Thatd be $60000
i worlwind sprinted off of the very top of the throat of the world instead of unrelenting forced (here is were it gets intresting) i landed on a bear and the game glitched and killed the bear instead of me, i love video games.
but i don't have 60000. alright i call your parents!!
1. Stop being a rage guy 2. There is a mod for the PC version that lets you kill kids
Cookie cookie things are looking sucky sucky but looking for you you I have come with a solution! Safety Sword! Make it with three diamonds! Safety Sword! Swing it at some trolls! Safety Sword! It's made of a fricken diamonds! Safety Sword! First one's in Toby's house! Though it's not just the first one though... he's the only one who can make it in that manner manner and he gets sidetracked easily so he never made more than one...
Well actually it is sexual it shows sex and it has some blood and gore.
lol imagine toby trying to play arma 2 xD ive played it for like 3 weeks and the keys still confuse me xD
Gimme that (Toby turner Dubstep remix) By djalexs
turns out it was an UNsafety mountain.
Unfortunately, he is correct on one front (none of which are grammar, spelling, emotional moderation, or proving himself a mentally stable contender on this topic). Killing children is only possible on the PC version of Skyrim, and only if you install mods to enable it or use the console commands.
dude you need to calm down mister. he just made a mistake about skyrim.
the horse dies, but that doesn't mean YOU died :P you tend to roll around after the horse is dead.... just for your information :P
They are not immortal, I chopped off their heads...
stupid people, who comented in this crap
Yep horses die when landing 6 feet :l
Um how can i view it? I dunno where to paste it or something... xD
Umm what crack are you smokin'? You can kill kids and not only that, you can maul them as a werewolf and even loot them! So how is this for a reminder.....STFU! Oh and btw you shouldn't rant about your life story on other people. (^_^)
Is there any way we could download that dubstep song because I'm in love with it right now!!
press 5 to get to the good part
During the game you end up killing every other living being you meet. There are characters such as: a child vampire who talks about tricking a pedophile down an alley and killing him. A demon-god of cannibals (whose quest completion allows you to then cannibalize dead NPCs). Quests such as: Entering a drinking contest whereupon you blackout and wake up to learn you desecrated a church (among other things). Murdering the matron of an orphanage at the request of a child. Thats just a few reasons.
Lol I like how you say," very mature". But you have 69 likes xD
oh bro your a boss you can curse. Your now my hero.
Whoa, Xuthus doing some black magic here?
Jesus, why are you so mad about this? You're retarded for getting so pissed about something so simple.
In fact, you cannot. They are intentionally scripted to be immortal.
toby turner is lucky im not sueing him cause he stole my idea of doing a skyrim walkthrough
i don't think you've seen real gameplay. skyrim is violent, bloody, and down to earth inappropiate if you've seen some of the mods out there.
Are you ganna buy th new dlc of skyrim on june 26?
lol after I pressed "show comment", my screen blew up
You probably fell hard because you don't have Shadowmere. You know, the horse you get from Astrid in the Dark Brotherhood? Oh, now I am deppressed... T_T
uhhhh....hi mr.dumbfuck!....i are able to on skyrim....yet they got the health of a dragon lol....and then guards and EVERYBODY comes after you
/watch?v=Pz_kMo1Saq8 <--- Link to killing kids..... stupid
No, but today it's hard to find a video game with blood and violence, that's not rated M, and Skyrim has both.
Step 1: Right click video Step 2: Click "Stop Download" Step 3: Piss yourself laughing.
In the end part for liking or he'll pee on you, yes that is Griffin
while i was wastching a uberhaxornova vid a hot pocket ad came up right when i was going to skip it toby pops out of nowhere starts offering hot pockets with a girl named wanda.
What the hell...? Actually, you CAN kill kids on Skyrim. Learn your facts before you make a complete idiot out of yourself.
dont record for fame play games and record for fun like the rest of us, in other words get over yourself lol nobody really cares XD
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