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New Vaccine Cures Cocaine Addiction?!

by SourceFed • 198,004 views

New scientific developments pose a possible vaccine to cure cocaine addiction and may lead to a vaccine for other addictions as well... Order your SourceFed Posters here:...

you can't the vaccine doesn't reach your brain
ya know, caffeine also causes the release of dopamine. i don't see why they can't just ween people off on caffeine.
You can tell Joe is playing an addict because of the HOODIE. Great semiotics there.
BUT will this also affect the natural production and synthesis of dopamine in the body?
I don't understand why you guys can't just be standing next to eachother... Joe's hand got cut off momentarily.
Ya it would definantly stop the use of currently circulated cocain because users know that it is expensive but give into thier addiction resulting in them wasting thier money. If it gives them no Benifit however they will not spend the money but drug cartels will undoubtedly find new ways around this vaccine
Fuck the mice test it on Charlie Sheen or Lindsay lohan.
Soooo the vaccine is an anti-happy injection? If it prevents the release of dopamine, which makes you happy, it logically makes you sad.
Yes, i know im for legalization and everything but i think alcoholism is bad and a disease in a sense it can kill and take over your life
Joe, on bath salts... Watch out Elliot, he might eat your face.
A disease is a sickness that takes over cells within the body. Examples are Aids, Cancer, and Hepatitis. Typically, diseases can only be treated, not cured. If someone is doing drugs, they are not suffering from a disease. If someone is successful in life, and can use drugs in a recreational fashion without negative effects on their life, then what right does anyone have to punish them or treat them like they have a disease?
I laughted a little to hard when joe said meth however 0.o
One of the best videos in a long time
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA ! This show is the best ! Completely turns around my horrible days .
No im not addicted to cocaine!..... Meth however(;
What's up with the clothes this episode? Joe isn't wearing a plad shirt like he ALWAYS DOES. *Annoying as hell.* And Elliot stole Lee's clothes? What the hell? Like to cross-dress, huh? Spice up the workplace, huh? Oh yea....
wherev do they sell it i want to quit for good !
lol "Come back next video I'll be on bath salts" QOTD: Who's face would you eat?
It will be funny if cures addiction to cocaine and it starts an addiction to the drug that gets rid of that addiction
idk i mean i feel like when people stop feeling the affects of one drug, the go to another. so i don't really know how this will work for true drug addicts.
As part of an overall treatment program, involving therapy and intervention, I can see how this could be beneficial to someone suffering through major withdrawal. You shouldn't just rely on the vaccine alone to deal with the problem.
I'm just worried about the potential for cross reactivity of the monoclonal anitbodies (mab). Several local anesthetics are from the same family as cocaine. This vaccine could make them useless as well and force even simple procedures to require stronger and more harmful agents. Not to mention, some users may even try to overload the vaccine with extra cocaine leading to more frequent overdosing.
They were filmed separately? I can see a darker white on joes side.
This is terrible if they start just giving this to kids at schools it will ruin drugs for everyone and if you have done them you would know that's a bad thing.
i'm happy that i tried something new, but at the same time i don't want to get addicted. i think i got a bit more than i'd want to have a test drive with this stuff (and it's very possible he gave it to me in that amount so i'd become addicted to want to buy more). i've got like 3-4 half inch lines left that are quite thin, i'm not really caring about the "crums". but i must know, i don't like making anything go to waste, but i don't want to be addicted... do i use whenever possible? or (cont)
Cure for cocaine addiction: don't do cocaine. Or any other drug for that matter.
My house was being inspected by a bug inspector and he came in while i was watching this video and he saw Joe and laughed and said, "My wife gets off watching this, she always wants me to come and watch it with her." Haha i didnt know how to respond to that.
Cocaine is a helluva drug.. Lol
Wait, this doesn't make people crave it less; it only makes taking it futile. That won't work very well.
Elliot looks like he is wearing a womans shirt
I read that as New Vagina Cures Cocaine Addiction.
The way it's described, it'd work like any vaccine. Since it seems like you missed it, they combined a substance with a weak form of a virus, which trains the body's immune system to think that cocaine is a virus, thus preventing it to reach the nerves that react to it. The only people I can think of that it would work with would be people affected by diseases that compromise the immune system, like HIV/AIDS, and lupus, to name 3 off the top of my head.
A mouse on cocaine LOOLOLLOLOLOLOL
I need a cure of coke cola addiction and cod
I think nicotine's a bigger issue than cocaine. Not everybody can afford cocaine or even likes it. I'd say it serves them right for having more money than sense. And if you're broke and addicted you were doomed from birth because if it wasn't coke it would be something else you'd be hooked on.
Another great American discovery
xSxHxPandax, I didnt miss it. I understood very well. Maintence programs work pretty much the same way, they block your receptors so you cant get high. I totally get it but thanks for your insight!!
It also stops the effect of the drugs theybu
I'd rather it be treated for what it is: a recreational activity that has a moderate risk of negative consequences that stem from abuse. If our society can make it legal to consume alcohol as a recreational activity for responsible people, then it can do the same for any illicit substance. It's completely stupid to treat people like they have a disease just because they use a drug. This vaccine, however, is good for people who abuse cocaine and can' otherwise stop.
Well if they can no longer feel the effects of the drug, which is why most people do drugs, then there really wouldn't be much purpose in doing it. The question is though, for those that enjoy the drug, who would get the vaccine?
They would never get the vaccine in the first place...
I was thinking he was acting more methy than cocainey. lol
dopamine makes me think of skyrim
k i have a question. i don't want to become addicted to this, but it is my first (and i aim for only this one) time. i got a tad bit for free since i helped some people out (people i don't really consider "friends") and because i needed some different drug experience other than cigs, alcohol, weed, and vyvance (adderall as well, i quit that and vyvance because i was beginning to see how dependent i was on it to make my life "seemingly" better, so i needed to stop & never take again) (continued)
Cocain is dirty. Search on youtube how to make it. Makes you think twice, eh?
I'd really like to hear your video but there is some stoopid tennis advert that WILL NOT shut up!!! Even when you click mute on it!!! GRRRRR!!!! Bad form YouTube!! Get it sorted!!
They are creating a vaccine for cocaine addiction ...umm i dont do cocaine...anymore...but i dont think that making a vaccine for something like this is smart, they normally use retro virus something like that could mutate easily and attack other body functions....THEY WILL KILL US ALL AND EAT OUR BRAINS!!!!!
I wonder if there will be a side effect like you run out of dopamine and cant be happy :S
I think it's great that they could develop this for people who have a problem and are seeking help for it unsuccessfully. However, I think Cocaine, and other illicit drugs (including marijuana) need to be addressed like Alcohol. In other words, we need to decriminalize them, regulate their sale and distribution (including taxes) so that responsible people may use these substances without negative consequences. I think it's time to abandon this stigma that drugs are a disease.
I'm not against it but the point I'm trying to make is that there will always be people with that "Why-Prevent-When-You-Can-Cure?" mindset. As a result, first-time users increase, leading to more addictions overall. Yes, it would help a lot of people permanently overcome their addiction, but how many more would start and not stop? Then there's the threat of privatization by the pharmaceutical companies, and if not, would the general public really approve funding addicts' treatment with taxes?
I don't get it, surely people are addicted to the feeling induced by the release of dopamine so by stopping this release it is basically the same as not doing it at all so the user will still want to get their fix
OMG YES FINALLY! YES! This vaccine should be MANDATORY in Mexico! I dont know if you've noticed but theres an enormous drug war going on there and the influenve is also spread to America(cartels pushing there routes through mexican borders) and leaving THOUSANDS of casualties. The reason the president of Mexico asked Obama to legalize ALL drugs was CAUSE of the Massacre&ongoing cartel violence.. But! People wont buy, what wont satisfy them
obviously, joe hasn't done cocaine
A single salvia intake can cure cocaine addiction.
so it blocks dopamine which causes you to feel happy... basically the vaccine will make you sad?
pretty sure there are treatments but they are illegal, sense they don't make companies profit. But I guess in this regard everyone wins. Coke heads with no money can get off the drug by paing large sums of money. Although would imagine a vigilante attacking cokeheads with the vaccine.
"I also wrote all of it" hahahaha
Elliot... Why are you going through my closet? Please leave my sweaters alone. Kthanks.
Can we just take a moment to try and pronounce that doctors name......
What if the vaccine cures the addiction but you then get addicted to the vaccine...OMG!!!!!!
My roommate hates science, and he tells us everyday.
This is gonna start the zombie apocalipse...We didn't listen!!!!
You talk as if your on cocaine. Not that I have a problem with that.
It also stops the effect of the drugs they give you in hospitals while doing surgery
"Come back for the next video! I'll be on bath salts!"
I hate cocaine ! I need to control the craving ! yes he is a good actor ! THE ASSUMPTION ! I hate COCAINE !
If there is really a cure, i would try cocaine
I dont care of cocaine its dirt ! its nothig
Need to be presented first. I do believe it would be a good idea for people on probation/parole (if their problem is addiction). (If you cant tell, I am a recovering addict (clean over two years) that is all for solutions to addictions) (It is a horrible thing for people to go through as well as their family and friends around them.) Thank you for this story
Sooo for thos epeople who do drugs because they are soo unhappy or have had such a crappy life thus far, will no longer be able to get the high they live for... What happens then? Suicide rates increase....
um YAY now i can do coke, only once LOL
the thumbnail makes me laugh
If he's on bath salts for the next video, someone is gonna get eaten.
I read about this vaccine 3 years ago
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