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Memorable Moment: The First Marshmallow Game

by TheEllenShow • 263,383 views

Ellen couldn't get enough of these contestants who tried out our marshmallow game for the very first time! Ellen is featuring some of her favorite moments all summer long. Don't forget to watch...

She's taking a break because the last season is over. Just hang tight and the next season will be up soon!
i think ellen does that stuff for her own entertainment :) Heck i would!
@TheEASHS deniselove99 is saying they would RATHER lose and get to go to the spa rather than win and get a Kitchen Aid mixer. So idk what u mean by "But...the losers went to the spa?" because we all know the losers went to the spa...your common sense confuses me.
There is NO CONVERSION from liking one sex and then liking another. Rather, it's the process of transcending suppressed feelings and societal values.
I'd rather get the gift card than the mixers...
ellen ur the best plzzzzzzz watch our videos plzzzzzzzzz omg ellen ahhhhhhhhhhh
the red girls look better with the string on
it must hurt like hell when that thing pings off of their faces.. xD
I'd prefer the mixer tbh, I really want a Kitche Aid :) I have them at my college ( I do catering) wwooooop <3
I'm stuck in the 'Memorable Moments' section of the Ellen Section' of youtube.
btw... all the girls have the yukatas on the wrong way. The left side is supposed to be on top...
Ellen is not on air lol. The Ellen show still plays on the T.V network but they're just repeated episodes from this last season or past seasons. Ellen is still on vacation, and if she's not on vacation anymore then she's most liekly recording again. Either way let's be patient she deserves a break
The mixers definitely cost more, so it technically is the better prize. And Ellen is just on a break people! Seriously, CALM DOWN! She'll be back in September!
Check out my dub mix ellen :) its to Charlie bit my finger and its cute!
Since it's summer her season is over. New episodes will come back in the fall.
WTF why did ellen show end??? :'((
Wow! Thanks for clearing that up for me. You've pretty much lived on a farm, and having your mom as a vet just takes the cake. That is awesome. If someone doesn't take your word after you tell'em that then they are just refusing to know the truth.
Im pretty sure the last woman cheated... She held her cheeks down over the rubber band so it wouldn't pop off.
lol she should've blown at the marshmallow so it' would swing back to into her mouth ...THINK!!!
Id rather b the losers and go 2 the spa haha
did Ellen die or something coz why are we getting "Memorable Moments" of this and that????
to be honest: do they work? i just assumed a spa would be more leisurely, but i could be very wrong
What they did is dangerous. The cord can snap back on your neck and choke you to death. Still funny though.:)
this is tough if you have a small German nose.
look at how much the number of views have gone down since this lousy throwback stuff, come back Ellen!
sadly enough, Ellen didn't create this game, The Batsu Game team in Japan did... :(
haha i remember seeing this game played on some asian game show when i was younger, too funny :)
Like if you were opening your mouth yourself while watching this lol
I love how it says "Memorable Moment: Zac Efron's First Time" in the suggestions, LMAO!!! xD (Of course "On The Show!" got cut off, but it's still funny! :b)
this game is hilarious yet so disgusting AT THE SAME TIME. i love ellen.
So lame and very embarrassing: )
being gay doesnt automatically mean ur a pervert, who taught u that?i really dont like people like u,cant sit back a realise how stupid and judgemental ur being ellen is an amazing person and she is role model,and if u cant see that just because or ur petty ways then go away, once i found out she was gay i didnt care i didnt stop watching her videos i still look up to her,its her life and she will live it the way she wants to if she wants to be gay WHO CARES! theres nothing wrong with being gay
the second chick! omg! my stomach hurts. :'L
it's so sweet how she gives both winners and losers gifts...but i'd personally rather be the loser in this game. their gift is kinda better :/
my left ear enjooy this sooo much :) p:
theres a rumor that they're going on sometime this summer... lets just hope its soon!
Because it was originally a Japanese game. You can easily find it if you search it up on Youtube.
Back then was kitchen aid mixers now its trips to Hawaii
No Ellen didn't die! The show went off for the season
I like that the prizes are so much better... but i get it she was just starting out
Him and the sprouse brother kinda look alike
Thumbs up if you knew they got this from Gaki No Tsukai
You'll have to wait til she starts airing her show again, sadly.
the girl had the string under her ear too so it definitely wouldn't fall of, and it looks like you can only put it under your nose..
because she pushed her skin onto the elastic so that it would stay on her head
If there is any intelligent life outside of our planet, I really hope they don't get to see this....
Ellen is finished / canceled D: how can they di that!
Ellen... You create the most FUNNIEST GAMES in the world!
Ellen sure loves to make fun of people, lol
Voldemort is the first disliker because he can't play his game. The other dislikers are his Death Eaters, because their master cannot play this game. {Harry Potter comment on a non-HP video.}
They should have changed the marshmallows between the 2 people
The gifts got better after a while LOL
Is it just me or are you guys also getting mad about the anger management show ad
Um...did ellen leave or something...why are they showing us these? Are there going to be new clips?
She didn't die she's on summer break the "memorable moments" are just re-runs of the older episodes
ya thts y i would rather lose... the losers went to the spa and the winners won a mixer
she's not retiring wow people it's just the end of the season
Ellennnn! I've already seen these memorable moments. Please start uploading some new clips :)
I understand in some cultures it is a lot harder to be open to things such as homosexuality but people should have the right to love and be with who they want, and that is important for a lot of people.
I'm a marshmallow and I find this offensive
LOLLL, I remember seeing this on a japanese show. xD I think thats where ellen got it from. LOLit was so funnyy.
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