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RCVR - Episode 6: The Chosen

by Machinima • 729,100 views

Click here to watch RCVR: Episode 1: "Little Green Men" Click here to watch RCVR: Episode 2: "Birdfall"...

Where is the next Season? will be one, ever? and , why just 10minute -1 episode?
Kickstarter for full episodes maybe needed?
¥£€£ 23332 £ ^gë age of aggression has come ¥ Ę
In the Maro SS too! Dangit Tommy!
Thank you for watching.
....why did the kid's accent disappear when they were upside down in the car?
dude this show is off the tits!! how have they not made a new episode yet?
You really, really really need to make this shit!!! Even though you wreck a 69 Chevelle...
Such an awesome series - good on you!
While waiting make sure you guys check out the "Bright Falls" miniseries on machinima as well.
tommy sounds like ellis from lfd2
what does RCVR mean anyway.....? it's a good show, but WAY, WAY too short!
There's going to be more... Right?
This series is very well tv material :)
@elmo1371 I was about to type the same thing as you!
Synopsis of this video: Take the kid with us and watch a car flip over in slow motion from the inside.
Please make a new session It would be boss
amazing story! kept me tense the whole show. I wish for the second much longer season.
Having the mindset to reach out and hold the kid while the car is mid-flip...pure balls of brass.
only 6 epidodes 7 minutes long?.....weak..
little boy freek me out ass hell omg make a season 2 plzzzz?
I very much thought it was an excellent beginning. I hope you come back with a season 2 but with longer episodes. They tend to end after 8 minutes with another 3 tacked on for credits. Plus of course the beginning. Doesn't leave enough time to see much show and I would very much like to see more show :)
How did the car stay on the road? How did it get upside down without any bumps or scratches? How did those two get they're wounds when you can clearly see that they didnt hit or scratch anything? How? what? why?
Cmon people wake up smell the coffe
@locolalo1364 nhaa, you sir, need to get some real sense knocked into you, fool. Don't even bother replying, you embarrassed yourself enough. thanks, goodbye.
For some reason, i want that tape recorder he has
I just finished watching all 6 episodes after stumbling across this a few hours ago. I must say i am extremely interested. Still a little confused about a few things, like what exactly happened between ep.5 and 6. What happened to the mom, who repaired and cleaned up the room after he was chosen in the middle of the night in episode 1. What was with there being two tommys? And even after episode 5 when it looked like he was leaving in the spaceship he is obviously still one of them after crash
This makes me want to watch the X-files.
Am I seriously gonna have to wait like I did for Bite Me?
i just watched the end and im like DAfuck JUST HAPPEND? ANYONE ELSE
that little kid is FUCKED UP. he wasnt raised well lol
Aye sea yoo haev gud gramer and speling. Aye haev gud gramer and speling two. Dun yoo think aye haev gud gramer and speling? Aye think the moar gud gramer and speling aye use, the moar lieks aye get. Dun yoo think itz niec that we both use gud gramer and speling. Just shut up and wait. They'll make it when they want to make it. You can't force them to make a show. It takes time to make a show. They probably have other things to do that read impatient comments like yours and do what you say.
Yes, but who will take care of the grandparents...they were completely out of
machinima should have its own cable channel with all its shows that would be awesome like if u agree
or they could just stay here and i can watch them with no fucking ads...
What happened to this show - it was good and just stopped!!?
season 2 please! this just got good!
Will there ever be another one?
I thought this was good. But there are way too many holes... i mean WTF happened in between the ending of episode 6 and the beginning of this episode? who are these people in the suites? what organization are they from? WTF happened to the mother? how did the supposed "crash site" get all burnt up before the cover up people showed up? In the flash back of the initial contact with the kids it was a lush forest! SO MANY QUESTIONS! I hate cliff hangers! Hopefully season 2 will clear things up!
This should be a TV series! It looks so professional and even more programs on SIFI channels. The effects are great and the actors are very believable.
Wow! They make invisible roll cages now?
@ItsTheBibby Just insane i'm afraid, now if you don't mind i am trying to make a hat out of tin foil so the government cannot read my mind anymore. Good day to you madam.
I wish my hat stayed on during a barrel roll
this series has turned into a stupid excuse for a show
@EBOWARRIOR I never stated you were a religious nut. I just said I was going to approach you as if you were one. Because to me, you don't seem much saner. I can understand that there could have been a misunderstanding, to which, I apologize. But again, is there any proof or are you just making claims to seem special? Or are you just crazy like all the religious nuts are?
landed on the moon???? what is this a background story of transformers?idk what i just said but is it ?
starts ok....but this is a real bad series....keep trying machinima
The car flipped, and the kid didn't even loose his cap? What?
Season 1 was good but come can't really call it a was one episode really.
@ItsTheBibby ok i have tried the microwave oven, should i turn it on?
HOLD DE PHONE! I thought this was episode 1, hence it just had RCVR -the chosen, to show it was episode 1 leading to episode 2 - not the season finale? Also, how come the kid (tommy is it) still haz his cap on when the car is upside down? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! I'm gonna watch the whole season now...
machinima seems to make alot of kick ass beginnings, but then doesn't do anything with them. i think they're more interested in doing story setups than stories.
Very good. Intriguing ideas. Yeah, I'd like to see more, cuz this seems to only be an introduction, the pilot. MOOOOAAAAARRRRR!!!!!
Need season 2 pls ! good show so far ;)
So wait a second. There isn't going to be a season 2?!?! @%(*#@%(*& This has me hooked damn it!
damn it man these shows are too short but freaking good
This is Agent Vladimer. Russian RCVR has just transmitted to world that new RCVR episodes are on their way.
the kid looks like ellis from left 4 dead!
Now this is the TRUE HIGH DEFINITION i know!
I like the shorts. It brings back the suspense of the serial novels. You have the option of watching the entire series at once as one episode, but I don't think it would have the same effect that way.
It's a free series on YouTube, so you guys should appreciate these six episodes.
wat ever happen to this series it was sick but machinima stopped it...
You know, this show seems like somthing that nbc would pick up. You guys should call there producers. Because its hard to see how this show would not be picked up by a televsion network.
This could be a full blown show, if all the plot holes or at least most of them are fixed.
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