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Yogpod Animations - Simon's Mating Call

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 3,570,511 views

This amazing animation was sent into us by Kaldmigtue! Thank you very much for sharing it with us! Go check out his channel here: And by popular request new...

"Mommy! Mommy! Can I Listen To The YogPod?" (Mom Looks Like Slenderman Without Arms) (Leans Down) "** Off!" "MOMMY! NOOOOO!"  (But Seriously Why Did The Mom Look Like That? lol)
I don't know what you mean, that's what J.K. Rowling looks like.
I died laughing when they zoomed in on Lewis saying "It might get infected"
lmao lews "it might get infected"
Anyone else recognize the amy pond stand up paper statue and broken lamp from 1000000 subs video?
Mommy! Mommy! Can I listen to the yogpod?
2:48 i'm dying with laughter
RIP Stachestar... 2000 - 2014
Click the video screen then press 5 on keyboard very simple not even Kim could figure it out lol
What episode is this from?
2:48 is now officially my ringtone.
mummy, can I listen to the yogpod? F*ck off nooooook
If only this was a weekly show. :-)
2:53 made me laugh my dick off
Press 5 for infection xD
Man, those animations makes this so funny xD
lol i'm asian and that was hilarious :D
my head bursted into tiny little jaffas after I listened to the can I listen to the yog pod F*** OFF!!!
+BlueRiging I loved the Yogpod, I can't believe it's finished, we must have it back.
Still one of my favorite Yogpod moments
I like how cooking with Hannah is going on in the background with Lewis and NO ONE cares. LOL
It's not racist, it's stereotypical. 
You must absolutely press subtitles and laught your ass off, because of how wrong they are.
I thought Simon said, "Where are the Germans going to come from?"
I miss this :( 
1:00 Lewis is ready to be sick
It might get infected
Hilarious!!!! Lol!
I have... three subs. Thats a start . I dont realy like msking vids and my mum made mine.
i made a channel and it sorta has the same type of thing (not as good of course) as this vide
Repeatedly press 5. You're welcome
Lol cooking with Hannah at 2:17 - 2:26 😆
Simon is the sexiest person I have ever seen.
I love the chick in the background
Him saying chin chin chon was rasist
LOL press 8 over and over again and just lisen XD
wait no! hold down 8 XD epic fap time! xD
Simen is doing the making call of the goon. Ohahahahahaohlol. ;-) mommy mommy.Can I lisen to yogcast? Fuk off! Mommy mommy noooooooooooo! Lol:O
why do they not make thm anymore1
The thing is, we still don't know if it got infected.
What episode was this?
I remember one day at school, Ching chong ching ching chong
1: 37 are u ok? back away from the computer
OMG Hannah in the background
Mummy mummy can I listen to the yogpod, F*CK Off Noeeoeoeooeee
Press 0 then 2 then 4 XD
2:48 Best Yogscast moment. Forget all their parodies and other stuff, 2:48 .
i expected Simon's mating call to be a seals voice
Press 2 for "Racist" Press 4 for "Yogpod" Press 6 for... "They.?" Press 8 for Simon hitting his "hallow" chest I guess Press 9 for "I listen to the Yogpod" Says that in a girly voice Press 5 for....... "INFECTED" (Funniest one for me)
This Video become my Daily Video
Who got turned on when he was a anime g-cough cough I mean, nvm.
ahhh how i miss you Yogpod :'(
Gasp! Rift shirt! Yes!
1:33 It might get infected,,,
Can i get the original link to the episode?
hey when I grow up im gonna join yogscast
Ye Olde Goon Squad = YOGS So Simon being part of the Goon species makes sense. Coz the G in YOGS is Goon...
Why so many dislikes?
And lewis even said its not racist!
2:17 Hannah at the background causes a fire, 2:22  and puts it out.. I will be honest, that DID make me die out of laughter
You know on the yogscast banner, the gap in the clouds, it looks like a creeper face upside down.
0:36 Look Lewis is doing the "XD" face lol
Uuummm im asian and thats mean
Well everyone calls us Americans Fat, like our Fat Godzilla, but I don't care... (Honestly it's kinda funny)
Why would you ever be offended by that?
at 2:30 you sound like bigfoot fapping
Yogpod ooooh how I miss you 
The anime part killed me xD
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