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Boxing Prospect Allegedly Beaten Tased & Punched By LAPD Officers

by ESNEWS • 3,203 views Boxing Prospect says he was allegedly beaten tased & punched by police officers.

@ESNEWS There's two sides to every story and then there's the truth. Cops get a bad name because of a small number of officers. The thing is that media doesn't report on the good things that officers do every single day.
im totally against this whole police brutallity b.s BUT theres more than what this guy said. There is no way cops will go up to a random guy and beat the shyt outa him. they have to have a reason. He could be in a gang injucntion? or his past is haunting him now..... idk. to me, seems like this guys not saying the whole story but who knows. and im pretty sure this guy was resisting or even talking all kinds of b.s...... wish him luck on the court case tho!
shit like this is COMMON...ESPECIALLY in Los Angeles
my boys friend died from a cops taser...
People need to hear both sides to the story before making assumptions.
he needs to sue there ass for police brutality and I don't even like him cuz he says that Floyd would beat Pac
LAPD is the worst police force in America today.They have a bad history of racism towards minorities and other ethnic groups. It reminds me of the movie Crash, abusing their power for their own greed. No trust in these guys at all, I'm disappointed..
@thisisgame LOL how can you not like a person because of there opinion wow
@jimbanzo Trust me. I've been stereotyped by a cop just recently. But you don't know the reasons behind their actions all the time. This guy has a history with law enforcement which means he can break the law. We don't know how he reacted when the cops attempted to stop him.
police brutality ! im pissed off!
When I was 16 and with 3 friends we bumped into some cops who were patrolling the area looking for 3 guys who had just abandonded a stolen vehicle. They were wearing leather gloves and had a rabid look in their eyes when they were interogating us. If it wasn't for my smooth talking friend then we would have had our asses whooped. I think that police sometimes wake up with the intention of making something happen in order to entertain themselves since they live such dull lives.
the worst a cop will get after doing something like this is lose he's job... but if the cop is a freemason(which most are) then almost nothing.
Nothing will happen to the cops. Move on sadly.
ahh stupid steriotypical cops, if it was the same person but white, none of this would happen
thats messed up i could care less if they caught the right guy and did that but to do that to somebody wit out any evidence or anything is just wrong thats how riots can break out when public start to backlash which i hope it dont get to that level i just think he should be conpensated for the mishaps and also a apoligy
this the dude from the goosen gym right?? didn't realize it was literally someone you knew!
America. You need to sort your country out Land of the free? American dream? - All a fantasy America has a brutal regime.
america is falling, aisa will rule the world SOON!
a man in vancouver was tazed to death in an airport by security , not even police
That sucks, seems like a cool dude.
@AndrewQuiroz24when you live in those type of neighborhoods most cops are out to whoop your ass for no reason,especially if you're brown or black! they dont do shit to white people. i know cause i live it
Does anyone have it on video? You can countersue
@thisisgame pacquiao without steroids woudnt even beat marquez
yo ulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
@ha9223 Not true. Look at the incident with the white homeless guy in Fullerton. If anything it is even more taboo when it happens to a white guy!
this is so sad. i'll pray for you kevin.
It doesn't what race you are. A white homeless man 130lbs was beaten to death in Orange County. Cops are hungry these days, everybody should know their rights.
cops everywhere are going the u.s. more than anywhere else...pure sadists....worse than the Soviet Union
Respond to this video... they need some kind of evidence to press charges, sounds like were not getting the whole story imo imo imo
that's sad. I hope Kevin becomes a millionaire. Los Angeles needs to pay this man.
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