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6. Terrible Drivers These Days

by ThisIsACommentary • 386,144 views

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People stare at you because u fine. XD #nohomotho  
You forgot the ones that drive so slow but they got a lumbergini!! Da faq? Or they driving slow and chillin at the same time trying to look cool and ur just like "IF YOU WANT TO OWN A LUMBERGINI THAN DRIVE THE SPEED IT IS SUPPOSED TO GO" and if they are just driving slow on the highway ur just like"I YOU AINT GONNA DRIVE THE AVERAGE SPEED ON THE HIGHWAY THEN DONT DARE PUT UR CAR ON THE HIGHWAY!!! DAMN!!!
I know right!! Like, give that shit to me if you aren't going to use it for what it's for!
Lol. Yep. I especially hate when in less than .02 seconds after the light turns green, you beeping your horn. Like, WAIT! That amazing feeling when niggas speeding past 60 kmh faster than you and you pull up to them at the red light. I'm like "Bitch, you aint join nowhere!"And then they have the Goddamn NERVE to do the same shit again, and give you that (I'm so pissed off at you even though you didn't do shit to me") face.
5:28 MUTHAFUCKA GO! This bitch... ll rolls down window ll Motherfucker the lights been green for .3 seconds SHUT THE HELL UP! Im dead. Omg just help me xDDD +fantage taven 
I agree with this 100% with that being said at 6 months pregnant I have to lean my seat back
Bruh, the speedin cars annoy the shit out of me mayne!!!!  I'm looking like, what are  you trying to accomplish? Fly past, then end up sitting at the same damn red light that I'm sittin at.  Folks on some OTHER shit.  Oh yeah, and the knuckledraggers in the passing lane that endanger EVERYONES lives, gettin salty at me when I'm already going no less than 10 miles OVER the gotdamn speed limit already.  Bitch, you don't need to go no faster than that, no I'm not movin out the way, I'm regulating your dangerous ass, and saving lives
Lol so true. Once someone speeding down the street honked their horn at my grandma because she was taking too long. I'd understand someone just strolling in the middle of the street but come on! She's an old lady. Thats just RUDE! I think some people need their licenses taken away. I bet drunk drivers are driving better than those kind of people, ya know?
When your walking behind someone on the street minding your own business and they look behind them I'm just like YESH??? I ain't following you this is JUST the street I need to get to where I'm going like damn
Defentily the one when people put on there radios so dang loud. I was like bring some damn headphones
I'm staring at you becuz ur sexy af
Omfg I'm dyinggg😂😂😂
"the lights been green green for .3 seconds, shut the hell up" BRUH
My Aunt Was Going 30 Mph In A 10 Mph Speed Limit
sound like my uncle with the driven shit and sound like me withe ppl looken at you
People probably stare at you because they like your face/eyes, etc. Although that doesn't really excuse it, it could be the reason.
omz this happens when I go to School (its because I am black)  
Ur pic will give me nightmares lol
Is driving easy when you learn how to do it because I'm only a couple months away from bieng aloud to take my drivers Ed test which I don't even know I will take but is it easy once you learn how to
Ok 1st: Tre thank u so much 4 the whole ppl staring at u thing. that shit pisses me off. ik it had nuthin 2 do w/ the vid but thank u 2nd: I 100% agree w/ u on everything u listed I hate all that shit And 3rd: Teach these fools how 2 drive cuz u know they don't know better
"umm peek-a-boo bitch" omfgg
why you always chewing gum, and why you ain't sharing
I'm starin at you cuz you so sexxi
Omg this is so true! People these days drive like they get their license out of a cereal box! It is as if they're trying to make rode kill out of my arse. Seriously if you cannot dive to the point where it is safe for you and the people on the rode the DO.NOT.DRIVE. thank you. Arigato!
Tré. They staring at you cuz you're sexy as fuck.
Ccccccoooooolllllll and ffffuuunnnyyy
We were on the freeway and this bitch is turned all the way in her seat.I wanted to turn her ass right the back around
When people have they music turned all the way up and got their car and my car shaking, they sterio is crap
Bitch You Can Count Sheep, Just Don't Look At Me! Fsee
maybe the girl was trying to recognize where she seen you from?? or..she thinks your cute!!
maybe she was staring at you because she was unsure whether or not you were thisisacommentary guy and just looked familiar or your very handsome...but if thats not why than she needs to look at her feet...i hate people who stare
I hate when people play loud music!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > : (
Every time I look at you, you're wearing hats! Can you please send me some hats? If you do I love YOU!
I'm glad I am not the only one that feels like it's no tokay, inappropriate, and inconclusive for someone to be staring the fuck all up in my grill. Ugh God please help me to not slap them like they momma should have when they starin like a squirrel.
Lol he is hilarious😂 !!!!
The light's been green for .3 seconds sthu!! lol 
I feel ya on the breath part
I know what you talking about
I know why people stare at you. Your fucking SEXY!!
Hey! So I am new to making YouTube videos. I have always wanted to and i finally did. So it would mean a lot if some of you guys could take a quick look at my videos and subscribe! Thanks!
First your very good at what you do but you had me crying leafing for that thank you
I will NEVER understand why anyone needs to have their musica turned to full Fuckin Blast v.v and sometimes...have it Slowed down.
hahahahaha u funny :)
peek or boo bitch lmfao
my favorite account. he reminds me a bit of you. 
i'm white i go to a very rich school yet this is awesome
she only starin cause you fine as hell and your eyes are nice to stare or look at
 Another thing that annoys the hell out of me is when the light has literally just turned green and the 16th person in line starts honking their horn. Hey Impatience, shut the hell up, it's gonna take you a good minute to get through the light anyway.
Dammmn, you're hot as fck with that deep ass voice of yours. Lol that's why people stare at you.
my dad does all that stuff but he can handle the car hella good
my brother drive just like that omg I all most died a couple time and please follow me on instagram Hannah_1437 thank you  
UC misses you!!! Go Bearcats!!! Lol
maybe she liked u duh 
leaned  back  seat   started  from  drive  by 's    
 I love your eyes so much I have good eyes but not as good as yours
And sir why are you driving your car so motherfucking close to the ground? Cause ima hood nigga Lol
That girl that got ran over was too funny wait....sorry I was just cracking up
wheels  have  more  value  than the car   
They're staring because he's so beautiful <3
Treeeee make this video use to be avaliable on mobiles so would you be able to put it back like that please
yes when the tire keep spinning please stop spinning just pleae i hate so much like so much i just wanna punch a hole in the tireor just or just set the tire on fire
I must thank you for your videos you are very very funny i hope you make more and have a great one
you should do like a meet and greet in philly it would be such an honor to meet u
I love you, Tre. You make my day.
This was a great video Tre. Especially the parts where you acted as if you were driving. So realistic mate. Keep it up. ;)
also, people swerve over without putting their signals on and stop in the middle of the road, even come to a complete stop to turn on a HIGHWAY!!! my mom doesn't understand why the people in this city are such bad drivers because no one in her hometown were that bad.
its obvious why people stare at you!!
TRUEEE I was walkin to school some insane person thought it would be cool to be blastin music. Son this is a school zone. Bring that back to the hood then he was bobing his head. Like THOT we get it but you are not tupac
My brother loves putting on my cd's and turning them up and then opening all the damn windows. It deafens me and makes me freeze to death and makes us look like big freaking idiots and worst of all I listen to heavy metal music so all my cd's are heavy metal music. Why am I not already completely deaf I will never know
I wish this video wasn't blocked because I REALLY wanted to see this video, so can u plz if possible to make it available for me to watch
when my ma was driving, right before she passed the GREEN LIGHT, this dude rushed out on a RED LIGHT and we were less than a yard away when she swerved out of the way. she swerved a few more times trying to regain control of the car and ended up on the shoulder and the car kicked off. the bastard didn't even  turn around to check on us. thank God the car kicked back on and there were others around to check on us. talk about scary drivers.
Wish you were still here in Ohio!
I watch this about 50 damn times and I still bust out laughing!
exactly! people say everyday I CAN DO THIS AND THAT BECAUSE I HAVE THE RIGHT and im like WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT I swear, some people are TOO ignorant! I hate those types of people, you have the right to be incarcerated that's what you have the right to do.
lmao XD Can't breath Omg, that cross road thing is true where I'm from.
oh God, people who do the loud bumping music thing that makes their car shake simply just want attention from other drivers. Music does not need to be blaring in order for a human being to hear it.
TRE MELVIN MARATHON! What a great way to spend my Sunday night/Monday morning...
Tre is from Ohio :D samees
"Mother****er, the light's been green for .3 seconds".
rolling right towards you!
I think he's talking about people who drive hondas...
Lol I love your videos.
I loveyou soomuch (:
if u come to trinidad u go make rel like it 
in trinidad drivers is d worst 
+nyika joseph ikr.......d wrsttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
I swear, when I allow somebody to cross the street before I drive past, if they don't jog or get past my car with in 10 seconds, I'm running they ass over
hate it exhibit B lol xD
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