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RT Recap - Week of July 1st (feat. Cats and Couples!)

by Rooster Teeth • 354,614 views

Lindsay takes a moment to tell you what's up at RoosterTeeth this week. Oh, p.s., Texas is hot. Very hot. This Week's Highlights: RvB Season 10 Ep 1: RvB Season 10 Music:...

Lindsay's so pretty!
lindsay flatchester is super hot! i envy MLP.
So yeah they are the cutest couple ever :)
She is but not in this video there are other videos that give her justice
Michael with her who is gorgeous and she voices ruby ;-; perfection
"That's not an event, "This" is an event" lmfao holy f ing s***
This bitch is straight up nuts
You slap the shit out of Michael for no resend
Faith in humanity lost people have nothing better to do than insult someone that had never done anything to them -_-
Michael's Australian accent was so bad that it was good.
In twenty years tits and ass matter even more certainly if you are married. Talking like you is super naiieve
she got the privlege to become engaged michael...Im such a jealous bitch ._____________.
try using scholar as regular google doesn't search scientific publications and journals. But then again you knew that already right you weren't being a complete braindead moron and using normal google to look up very new research that the media haven't gone mad over right ?
lol i just did that because i saw the comment i posted on this video on another one XD
How do she and Michael... Y-ya know... Poke?
Damn i love your tits,maybe small size but yor face makes you a lot pretty without big tits! Perfect gods creation!
More is some times less. I feel that you've over used ideas and repeated content a bit too much. Horse was fun for awhile but you can defiantly can come up with something new by now you've do it in the past.. I like you content i really do but I feel that even watching the recap is pointless as its the same stuff every week i know you want a schedule but some times you have to switch it up TV do it all the time why don't you? You don't need to follow the crowd they will follow you.
Those were some of the wisest words said on Youtube.
wait... there was a stream when they released season 10? and i missed it?? ;~;
Are you fucking kidding me? That's Michael, her boyfriend, and also the guy from Rage Quit.
Lol, it is about 50/50 - I'm only noting the majority of the haters. And coming from your average joe, I can tell you that I've met very few men that really give as much a crap to what a lady looks like. (Granted, it really HELPS that my lady has a nice booty... (ehehehe) but I'm sure I'm marrying her more 'cause she's my best friend, than anything she was ever born with/without.) Best of luck, M and L :) (A quick contradiction: Lindsay's eyes...SO GREEN O__O)
Yeah, sorry about that. And I gave you false info, it's not the model chick that does Carolina's voice. But she is the face model for Carolina.
whats also true is that your a douche bag who needs to get a life bitch
Lindsay you're so pretty! :D<3
funny how people write such long comments and they get so many negative votes, but someone can say one word and get hundreds of likes.
Can someone please tell me where I can watch the full video at 0:55 with Joel dancing?
Lindsay WAS an Elementary School Michael puts it, "the tradition continues to this day."
Lol! Delta Squad? From Gears of War? They have big shoulders dude.
im actually pretty skinny but idk i guees i just dont see it
seriously 40 seconds of this video im trying to decide how i feel about her looks, and my eyes gaze down to your comment and you got it so perfectly i started crying of laughter so thank you
Most men who say that there are no REAL women out there aren't looking past feeling good a couple nights a week. But I am glad to hear that you're on the right track. The only thing that separates a romantic partner from close friends is the intimate contact. If it's any other way, the relationship either just begun or it's going to fail. But other than stating the obvious, we are both part of the "Lindsay is awesome, screw the haters" club. C:
Michael's Rage + Lindsay's Kindness = One interesting baby
THIS is an event *points at boobs
lindsay and michael cutest couple ever
lindsay is adorable and even more so with Michael!! <3
i completley understand why michael loves lindsay because honestly i do too shes so cute awwwww
Yes...I'm on the internet..whom praises the average girl whom is on the internet... B/c they are females on the internet... I also have a level 32 GF on maplestory. I'm gonna spend $30 to get married to her on maplestory. You jelly?
what you never mistyped anything before ? I missed a whole 2 letters out in total it's not a case of failure to spell more my failure to type perfectly. Sorry I didn't proof read I didn't realise it was the one post that determined the fate of the entire world as we know it and all. though I should say Dixar and or John its pretty funny for you to post as an alt account again here. What's wrong feeling like you need to claim some level if superiority ?
You know, there is a little something called Red Vs Blue season 10 that they're making right now, you might wanna check that out....
Michael and Lindsay are adorable!!!
N'aw, linsay and Michael are the cutest :3
Reapeat 0:42 sounds like kitty from south park
XD Thanks for replying to my comment, I had no idea it had so many likes.
isn't this video 1st of june? not july?
TheOWLCITYADDICT, tell me again how it's like being single....
Y do people hate on Lindsay cause I don't give a shit about ur opinion
anyone notice this says for the week of July 1st but was put out on June 1st
Wow Michael and Lindsay are getting married or got married this is late but congrates
I would like a badge for this club. It would feature Joe's " (-___-) " face. C:
tbh looks like she works out tbh
Michael and lindsay r so cute together
Your username clearly shows that you are between the age of 12 and 25. You're not really speaking through experience, I can tell, and seeing as though you seem to be the odd one out, I think that means you're fairly shallow.
Not Safe At Work. or the famouser term: NSFW. not safe for work.
Why is the title called week of July 1st if it's really in June?
Well, you implied he spelled like he was younger then fourteen. Why are you so aggressive anyway?
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