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Frank Ocean - Novacane

by FrankOceanVEVO • 20,855,046 views

Music video by Frank Ocean performing Novacane. (C) 2011 The Island Def Jam Music Group

These lyrics are exactly what happened to me. The only difference is, I can't feel anything for any human anymore. I can't even feel sympathy for anybody anymore. She took my whole soul away from me. Some of y'all ladies don't realize the affect that y'all have on us men. 
All this laughter is getting me horny
If you don't like this music, you probably never smoked a blunt or loved a lady
your mother is with a lot of ladies and does coke
Creative genius. This is art and music joined together with absolute individuality. 
Music is art stupid...go back to school fag
2015.. this song still goes hard...
His music is timeless
My boy is an intern with Interscope. There's a fucking Kendrick  ft. Frank Ocean song in the works. Only heard the the first verse and the hook but its fucking amazing. 
So everyone knows: it's a new one. and it's a killer
It will be on Kendricks new album
why can't he sing? he's basically talking. theres no soul to his voice
just un plug ur shit n go lay down u need a nap
listen to You are Luh by him and tell me that...
holy fuck you people scare me with your stupidity. hes smoking weed and rubbing novacane on his face its that simple. its not cum, its not vicks shit, YOU CANT SMOKE NOVACANE FUCKTARDS
I thought he was taking off dead skin because of how he feels numb to his face. He can't feel pain, so his skin just comes right off because he's trying to show emotion aka reveal a new him. That shit goes deep
+Tier On3 u get half merits.  check out my breakdown of last stanza in a recent comment. seems u look into lyrics, id like to know what u think of my interpretation edit cause when i type my words dont always match the logical route i took to conclusion in brain...brain forgot how he got ther...ops sux 2 b mi
I feel like this was him saying 'Bruh I might be gay"
On that bbc interview he said the song is about wanting to feel something but not feeling it no matter how hard you try.
i dont understand what he was rubbing on his face, the end when he got smacked, and the end when he turned into a panda and a tiger
+James Harold Wilson There's more to the panda than just he wanted it.
"and it illustrates him hallucinating".
only dope song he did.
Pyramids is awesome, Thinking about you is awesome, Sierra Leone is awesome, Crack Rock is awesome, Monks is awesome, Forrest Gump is awesome, Pink Matter is awesome, Pilot Jones is awesome, Sweet Life is awesome so maybe they are just too awesome to be just dope.
"Or do you not think so far, ahead?"
"now im somethin like the chemist on campus" because experience, has more experience with "drugs"(really the idea of numbing pain) than most people he interacts with "but there's no drug around, quite like what i found, in you" how love can have u forget all ur pain, better than even then numbing effect in novacane "'I cant still feel my face. What am I smoking anyway?' she said, 'Don't let the high go to waste'" hes telling her he didnt find happiness away from her, then questions if he could recognize happiness anyways (slap in the end is saying could he see it if it even slapped him in the face) then she says to him, dont waste your life "but can u taste? a little taste" she actually thinks she did him some favor for a "taste" of happiness?
everybody needs to stop making a big deal that he's bisexual and just accept him for his good music instead of his lifestyle. its a good thing that im a tolerant guy and accepts him for who he is. I mean, can't we all just be happy that he's not fully homosexual?
Starts drowning its pores with semen
looks more like cumm in a porno video
+Jay RanDom looks more like you're a dumbass
soo umm is viagra popping an actual thing?
when u uses coke it probably is considering you go numb numb numb numb haha
yes, do you go outside?
I think I started somethin', I got what I wanted Did did not I can't feel nothin', superhuman Even when I'm fuckin' Viagra poppin', every single record autotunin' Zero emotion, muted emotion, pitch corrected, computed emotion I blame it on the model broad with the Hollywood smile Stripper booty and a rack like wow, Brain like Berkeley Met her at Coachella, I went to see Jigga, she went to see Z Trip, perfect I took a seat on the ice cold lawn, she handed me a ice blue bong, whatever She said she wanna be a dentist really badly, she's in school payin' For tuition doin' porn in the Valley, at least she workin' But girl I can't feel my face, what are we smokin' anyway She said don't let the high go to waste, but can you taste a little taste of [Hook] Novocaine, baby, baby, Novocaine, baby, I want you Fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb Love me now, when I'm gone, love me none Love me none, love me none, numb, numb, numb, numb [Verse 2] Sink full of dishes pacin' in the kitchen, cocaine for breakfast, yikes Bed full of women, flip on a tripod, little red light on shootin', I'm feelin' like Stanley Kubrick, this is some visionary shit Been tryna film pleasure with my eyes wide shut but it keeps on movin' I blame it on the model broad with the Hollywood smile Stripper booty with the rack like wow, I'll never forget ya You put me on a feelin' I never had, never had, never had And ever since I've been tryna get it back, pick it up and put it back Now I'm somethin' like the chemist on campus But there's no drug around, quite like what I found in you I still can't feel my face, what am I smokin' anyway She said don't let the high go to waste but can you taste a little taste of [Hook] [Brigde] Novocaine, Novocaine, Novocaine, Novocaine, Novocaine, Numb the pain, Numb the pain, Numb the pain, Numb the pain, Numb the pain, Novocaine, Novocaine, Novocaine, Novocaine, Novocaine, For the pain, for the pain, Novocaine, Novocaine Novocaine for the pain [Outro] Pretty girls involved with me Makin' pretty love to me pretty, pity pity All the pretty girls involved with me Makin' pretty love to me pretty, pity pity I can't feel a thing, I can't feel, can't feel a thing. Can't feel a thing, can't feel, feel, feel, feel her. I can't feel, feel her, Novocaine, Novocaine, Novocaine. I can't feel, feel her, Novocaine for the pain, for the pain. I can't, can't feel her, feel her, feel her. Novocaine, Novocaine, caine, caine, caine.
LMAO he aint high no more!
He didn't even spell the drug right, it's NOVOCAINE, not Novacane.
Please make an extended version of this . My god .
where do you have to live to feel this? i think my city is lost. im sorry if you dont get it, it must be the city.
She liked me, obsessively, for 3 months. But i didnt like her back and shunned her. Now shes moved on and i cant stop thinking about her 😭
J Renèe ツ  Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Flawless song by frank ocean ❤️
he needs to write songs for chris brown and august.
Frank and Chris had a little beef awhile ago soo................
This song got me through alot of shit
Frank Ocean - Novacane: WHERE IS THIS BABY AT?
This is one of his best songs. Good post.
I wonder what else Frank has used that Vaseline for.....
So... is he not making another album...? Where is he? I want more!
The women are naked. Slow it down to 0.5 speed, you can totally see it in the ghosts. 
Am I the only person who laughed and replayed that ending slap? 😂😂😳
Fark this song is sick az. I never get tired of hearing it.
I am pretty sure it is lotion. It's not clear so it cannot be Vaseline. I do find it weird that the more he rubs on the more the picture becomes distorted. I guess that is representation of being high from the blunt prior. And getting the shit slapped out of his face with that lotion probably hurt even more. o.0
I miss frank ocean come back your music was so future.
I have not heard anything new from him in a while except from beyonce. Any suggestions?
+Catherine Haywood He just released a new song 3 weeks ago on his blog. It's called memrise
Like this if you ignore the hate and are here just to enjoy Franks music
I don't know but I'm laughing at this old as Garbage crap Blah blah blah fuck you too novacane hahahah.
What's he rubbing on his face? Like tht white stuff
It really doesn't matter the what year is
reading comments but i dont understand this song...opinions??
Hahah, the song is called novacane. Apparently no one listened to the lyrics, what else would he be rubbing on his face? Smh
Love this. All I'm listening to these days is Frank and Khordelia. There's something special about them. x
I like the full version better this one is too short
he turns into an animal at the end #illuminati   somebody go in depth and explain this video
 If you want to call them the illuminati and mysticize a basic economic/mathematical phenomena, whatever, "that's stupid". If you want people to consider what your saying have your opinion but don't make it offensive to others. and the comment "that's stupid" is your opinion and when it all boils down " I can't imagine they even need to take two seconds out of their day to influence a frank ocean video for any reason." that's your opinion so thanks but no thanks that's not what i asked for
+cyerra anderson it is my opinion.  you're right. I thought you might appreciate it.  i was wrong, sorry.
I 💜Franks music... Question.... So was the lidocaine he rubbed on his face??? And do they make Novocain that runs in???
Good luck to you general I'm in the same boat
Listen to all our songs we were mnm for life what happened. ..
Whoa.., the slap at the end was.... well damn.
Frankies got his RnB on lock... good vibe from his music
What a piece of crap! No lyrics, no music, no voice. Think I 'll go listen to Beck - Novacane
Are you having a bad day, bud?
i guess muh fuggas cant have feelings or emotions anymore?
whats the reason for him rubbing cum on his face ??
+ReduceJnr thanks man did anyone ever think I was trying to tell them what the song means to me personally
+Buble gumbitch I like this tiny summary of the song lol
What is it about the panda at the end?!
I don't think he wants you like that, he will probably say 'no thanks'.
holy shit this empire commercial is getting annoying
Lol calm down people, Im sure it was vaseline he was rubbing on his face preparing himself for the smack he was about to receive.
That crooked hairline tho
Smacked the SHIT outta him. My god...
am I only mf who laughed hard as fuck at the end of the song lol
I expected a little more money invested in this video.
But that slap tho 😂
damm that smack at the end XD
Is just me or Frank ocean look like Kevin Durant
Wtf happened at the end thoug???lmao
this song will always be a work of art. never gets old. 
That slap scared me lol
i dont care that he is gay his music is good. 
Is frank ocean gay or bisexual
Frank ocean and kid cudi collab would be awesome!!
Listing to t.nutty parking lot
where to cop that shirt
Yo that slap scared the mess out of me lmao
Rotterdam hooligans it's actually about not loving someone
is that a matrix shirt? that shits sicik
What is he smearing on his face
He's using a metaphor of drugs. Therefore it's cocaine. Have no clue how semen would relate to the context of the song. Grow the fuck up.
Numb the pain numb the pain numb the pain
trippin on acid right now and this song is ...
I thought Musiq Soulchild was singing this bruh lol...still nice tho
lmao, im glad im not the only one who thought he and Musiq had similar voices!
Like song but not the indirects because I don't fuck with that only hurb
You can't use novacaine recreationally. I think he's just using it as a reference to the numb feeling he's getting.
Why is he wiping cum on his face?
It not cum. Its the ointment for of novacaine.
Positive Music Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Why is this song not longer...
It is but the music video is just short
this song reminds me of my apartment and we just be drinking smoking and all the "ings" smiling right now
Niggas be getting ashy lol
Calvin Cooksey Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Song of today.,..Frank Ocean - Novacane:🐼🐼🐼
The end had me like "bruh" lol
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