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Freddie's going to be covering the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver!

by RocketJump • 106,687 views

Confused? Here's what's up: Samsung put on a contest where they would select five teams of "Mobile Explorers" to send to the Winter Games with full press credentials and behind the scenes access....

I remember this when it came out (:
thanks for making these vids.. buds :) ( btw i could use your help... that is if you care :/ ) thx
aw the music in the end was awesome i wished that it would last for ever
Living in Vancouver now has benefits.
Good luck, you're so awesome XD.
WTF did i just watch? congrats for winning the contest and btw i think i might be pregnant. and thats impossable!O.o
Nice nose plug reality check. Too bad he slapped you and stopped you from properly checking if you're dreaming.
I'll give you my vote, you guys are hard workers and would do a fantastic job im sure.
Hey I live in Vancouver... And I wasn't subscribed when you made this... FFFFUUUUUUUUUU
1:18 is that l from death note? XDDD
BAH i had that packing montage dream again
XTREME MANLY PACKING MONTAGE! ...and flying dudes with rocket shoes?!?! What you want more? ;D
Even though they are so infrequent, I always love the Freddie Wong videos. Top notch.
lol i use the same timer on the screen at the beginning its online - stopwatch . com take out the spaces
I saw a flash of light this morning. i made a wish but then a takamine fell outta the sky. I'd mail it back but it's too sexy :P
thumbs up if you're watching this in 2011
Hey freddie, do we vote on these videos or videos on some external link?
this video was great the end made me laugh..hard
I have that toothbrush and charger XD LOL
I like how you awake from the packing montage dream standing up
I expected some shooting there :D You didnt?
Worst blast off effect evor xP dont get lazy lol
wow... how did you guys get UBER SMART? give us newbies a few tips? :P
Man, just spin your top! that's how youll know youre still dreaming!
Cool story brah! No, it really is! D:
Oh yes you two are going to Rock Canada, rock Canada so hard that it will fall into America and then we can call Canada America. Then you will be rocking America like you should.
u got to fucking win show off the world!! ROCK THE GUITAR BRO
i hope to see you in vancouver freddy! (probly going to be to crowded if your at the closing ceremonies ill look out 4 you (or at one of the semifinal mens hockey games)
they do it constantly because RATINGS = VIEWS = MONEY
hey what program do you use to make your videos, I will like to make videos like the ones that you got, if you can help me a little, that will be awesome. y tus videos son la onda
can sum1 help me out i cant remember the name to a movie, its where this guy gets kicked out of privet school and he goes to public school and his mom puts him in therapy and he gets drugs from the therapist and sells it to people in his school
sexplorers more like rapists on the run amirite
Is there any limit to how awesome you guys are?
Haha, who bores themself awake!? To funny
David and Freddie! Internet legends David and Freddie get super excited for the 2010 Winter Olympics!
i live in vancouver and i have to say im always amazed even though im a local
LOL sweet maybe I could see you here since I live in Vancouver :D
oh yah i cant to see the winter and FIRST COMMENT
Copying the top comment and still getting thumbs up for some reason
Ok I watched all 5 of the submission videos and yours was BY FAR the best. Congrats! Your videos are always funny... hopefully you can crank out quality stuff in the limited time you'll have there.
haha that was hilarious, " i bored myself awake" classic.
Ha, slightly Inception-like. Pre-Inception-craze.
Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy !
Man, those teams from LA are so weak. They think Vancouver is cold? HA! Try Winnipeg.
Good thing i live in vancouver and we have NO SNOW
"DAAAViid, me&urgointodaOLYMPIICS!!!"xD
the stuff you should know podcast theme? haha
Well.... where is this guy now that Freddie is famous?
did anyone else notice that they invented inception before it came out?
Go Freddie! And i guess David, even though I don't know you..
What are the sun glasses you put over your glasses? Reason why I ask that is I have glasses myself and I can't pay 600 bucks for presciption sunglasses and most "sunglasses-that-can-go-over-glasses" are goofy looking, so yea let me know!
congrats guys! maybe I'll see you guys around, I'm going to be spending every day downtown during the games. No school!
TIME 2 PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I often rope my friends into helping me with making videos that are TOTAL LIES!
SANDMAN - thats where they got that idea from neil gailman, google it
1:10 that's colour correction form apple color right cause nerf war infiltration by CACox97 had the same issue on his computer
"I bored myself awake." Brilliant!
that's cool. Hope you get it guys
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