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by whiteboy7thst • 322,520 views

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you sound like a winy bitch, who wishes he could be a real soldier, but comments on others hand eye coordination on a video game. although you probably get paid for all this so...grain of salt time.
AntiChrist Koala has made it to YouTube...Search 4 it!!!!!
How does anyone find this interesting!?!?! Wtf?!
Get the fuck out of hear funny
Lol, at least I wont pop someone and get into jail, like some people (not pointing it towards you) so ya trust me being raised good is better than being raised in a dump :)
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz add me on psn ANGELZ4VIDALOCA
fuck off whiteboys videos no one cares about your shitcunt channel !!
Chck out my channel we are TTK clan we are on of the best clan in blackops
WB7thst Intro.... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ahhhhhhh STFU
10 wiis 2 xboxes and 2 ps3s wat?
Funny! More jokes your hilarious
that knife bonus fail was hilarious
last bonus-lololololololol do da robotz
how do u upload you clips for ur choice to make your fail epidoses?
For #3 he had a grenade, he could have cooked it and thrown it up at the care package to make it fall.
As soon as I see your video on the front page, I know you've got some damn giveaway to boost your income.
I laughed so hard when that got knifed across the car
LOL best part is knifing how is that possible tho? xD
i might buy the products on the ads if i can skip them
its not fair u only show the video's bad luck brain send to u.
Lol'd so hard when the guy falcon punched the other guy dam too funny
lol the wii fail has a guy getting killed by his own stinger. I did the same thing, but I got a kill and didn't suicide.
If you want to see the biggest fail ever go to my channel and look at knifed 3 times or whatever its called it has to be the biggest fail ever a guy spawnd and survived 3 knifes!
If you just jumped at held down box he would have gotten the care package it's not that hard
I see he's still using Epic Meal Time phrases...
I kind of expected the care package to be something good :P
How do we submit our fails or epic plays O:
hey do u have a netendo wii i thats how u spell it because i think i have versued u before
It seems the game teases u by making lost care packages good
Add me on XBOX LIVE i SlimShadyzz
The last bonus clip made me laugh so hard!!!
The bonus clip was the funniest part. Knife punch
Give me some negative votes! :P
Please view my channel 11dragondrummer and you inspire me whiteboy I can't thank you enough
hey white boy, really like your content, send me an xbox 360! yeww
For that contest thing at the end I really need a good gaming headset
There is a much easier way to get free Microsoft Points, go to the app store and download "App Trailers." After that open the app and click on "enter bonus code" and type "promotion1" and you'll get 50 points and some free money.
whiteboy you should do fails everyday because i would be epic and be on everyday XD kus i suck sometimes
thats just luck though. mostly uav's are in care packages. they are super random, and thats why most people dont use them.
please add me on psn whiteboy, G_I_Z_M_O123
i was in the resistance 1!!!!!!!!!!!! :D M my team was retarded
The last bonus looks like one of sids toys from toy story.. I no that was so random
Omfg this guy is annoying... -.-
I WON :) :) 1 problem I dident
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@peacetoallofus Dont hate, appreciate
hey man you got a cool channel and i subscribed because i thought it was nice. can you help out by subscribing back please?
You losers need to quit trying to promote yourself on this dudes channel. I for one will not check your suck ass videos out just for that reason. Epic fail for you!!
SHUT UP AND ENJOY. ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮
OVER 1000 dollars is like a ps3, a wii and a xbox....
Those bonus clips were awesome lol
Whiteboy your one of the best commentators who i know on youtube
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