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The Sweetest Thing

by Michelle Phan • 4,355,826 views

Sometimes, a breakup can inspire the change you need to find a new adventure! Watch all the way to the end to see a sneak peek of the next chapter in Paris :) btw, Do you know what Macarons are??...

I just love how that girl already had the bag ready. 
I know right?? No more wait! Lol😂
I just love the way Michelle walked up and (without even noticing the salesgirl) took a picture of the collection, and then looked at it all creepy.
Pronounce macarons like that one more time I dare you
oh. i thought you ment on as in oon. ya know? :)
+Christina James It's actually pronounced "ma-ka-ron", with the french nasal "on" :) Go on Google translate if i don't explain very well !
So that's why pinkalicious couldn't resist those pink cupcakes! Got it XD
That was my favorite series when I was little!!?
wow i guess this was when she found her boyfriend
This is what I love about Michelle. Instead of doing things like cutting, drugs, drinking and sleeping around when the going gets tough, she turns to her artistic talents for relief. That's something a lot of teens need to think about!
Because mocking unfortunate people for the destructive ways they choose to cope is always a great thing to do. Sarcasm. Not everyone can cope in positive ways. Mocking and shaming them is just as stupid. What you should do is encourage people to cope in more positive ways as opposed to shaming them. I truly hope you won't have to struggle with depression or a traumatic event in your life to then make you understand other people's life choices/experiences. Please try to see things from others points of view. :)
That shop assistant is the worst actress ever
Why did I cry when she won her trip to Paris?
... i'm sure this video was sponsored by Lancome since she used to be one of their spokesperson so she didn't actually win a trip .... 
Did she do something to her face? she looks so different now.
She said that she got her jaw bone corrected☺️
 Hardly. It didn't need to be "corrected", she simply didn't like it, so she popped out her gilded wallets and paid for a more pleasing face structure.
who want to break up with you? ♡♡♡
It's a skit. Not real life.
I'm on a michelle phan video marathon
It's actually prononced "ma-ka-ON" in french, you can go on Google translate to see how it's pronounced :) When i heard it un the video, i didn't understand at first, even if i'm french ! If you go to Paris, the best macarons ever are La Durée's (it's very expensive but damn so good !), but you can find some in chocolate shops !
I do know what Macarons are and i tried to make them once and they tasted bad :( i guess i will have to try them at a bakery lol
Where can I get a real French macaroon. Like for real I've been wanting to eat one for the longest time
Well, you might find them at a bakery, or a Macaron store. i dont have a place with macarons around me so i dont really know
before she became an advertiser lol
Whoa, pinching your cheeks to get blush? I wonder how long it takes....Ouch
"Everything tastes sweeter when it's pink"
I wish she could do more videos like this.
This was the best video ever! Especially at the end ❤️
This inspire me to try to make macroons..... it failed so bad
I love that macaroon shop!! And this video always gets me teary eyed. Yes I've been to that same shop! Yummy!
Did she actually break up with someone?
Leon was just an actress
What about that Theodore guy?
I like the old Michelle better...sorry M. it's true. :3
Is Dom the guy who broke up with you
This video gives me goosebumps ^_^
Dunno why this bothers me so much but the pastries in the video are macarons, macaroons are coconut pastries. Other than that, really gorgeous video.
Macaron are shreaded coconut and are Italian. Macaroons are the french cookies that have cream like ganache and place it in-between two cookies. ^^
it's actually the other way around
Oh. Oops. thanks for teaching me something new~ and here I thought it was the other way around... ^^;
how many boyfriends has she had , i know swoozie and therdore and dominic , is that weird
I can't even put on mascara without fucking it up
Your so inspirational, thank you!
this video is how i found out wot macarons were  : ) 
Did they really brake up
I thought it was a story didn't know they really broke up damnnnnnn
It is just a story, I'm pretty sure.
I'd really love to see Michelle take a look like this one that she did a while ago and revamp it. It'd be cool to see how she changed it and how her experience over the past few years would allow her to do a different look.
did the trip really happen
Yes and that's how she met Dom
they taste like dry ice cream.
I'm just wondering if she really did win a trip to paris ???
I miss that kind of video mish :(
Wow i read the comments before she started to do her makeup and when i look back, she's like a beauty queen
Try follow "macarons_lovers" on Instagram 😘
it's 2014 and am watching this :)
me too...  I just now found this ;)
Who would break up with you
¿Pagaría usted para esta colección de maquillaje? Michelle no lo hizo ... Hablo en español sin ninguna razón ; Soy Inglés.
After seeing this I really want to go to Paris now :) Will have to add this to my to-do-list or something :)
Bruh... why dis so cute? (´∀`)♡
for me, its eating the pain away and then excersising the fat and pain away.
I love macarons! My mom knows how to make them she makes those!Uh I wish I had one right now :)
4:28 is there a color like that but that shows up
The story is so awsome!!! You have do much luck in your live.
Wait did u and Dominic break up I'm confused
She broke up with Leon the boy in her previous video watch: rouge in love by Michelle Phan
+tesse vongsavath no dom and michelle didnt meet yet the breakup was michelle is single thats why and she found dom in paris
Macarons are french pastries that look a lot like alfajores 
beautiful make up i love thanks mish
I love this video mish I think u would do a Christmas tutorial like this u find something or u can just do a Christmas one michelle Love ya michelle 😘
Selfies change lives.
Is this really happen MICHELLE PHAN.
You remind me that I still want to rewatch the lorax, lol.
Who would dup you? Your beautiful
Actually by this time her and Dom had already been together for 2 years ❤️
you got the dont cry because its over smile because it happened from dr suess right?
Michelle did you meet Dom in Paris win a trip
what happend michelle that you have a broken heart whats rong
Love the video so inspiring.
omg you are inspiring and your voice is the sweetest
Michelle phan... u r such an insperation for me... i thank you for all the advice you give me... :)
Wut? It says on the date is posted in January 24 2015 xD
i love it when Michelle always says all those cool facts about things in her videos!!!!!! :D
Dude I'm sorry for your break up but now you have Dome.💔
She broke up with Leon from Rouge in Love i think
I mean underneath your love
they met actually in a Parisian cafe,u can see the story in the ldr video
Noir a black heart, it in an anime called sugar sugar rune
I am a fan Michelle 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
this is the first video I've ever seen of you when i was 9
michelle is really creative she always im press herself keep the work going mchelle<3
I am only 11 but have breakup advice go get ice cream go shopping and sing let it go who cares if people are staring.lifes to long for perfection
oh my gosh that's the cutest thing and then she met dom and omgomg
Don't worry if u break up cuz 10mins latter a guy will come to u! ( cuz ur so pretty)
Love The Lipstick! 💕
This was such an amazing video. I loved it!
Is this a skit or what
andddd.. then she met Dom :)
is that place in California?;the macaron cafe 
Is this story true or what??
wait what she break up with Dom?!
+bhoomika gk No it isnt if they broke up then they would hate eachother :p
no,I was talking about dom,but at first she dated swoozie ad broke up
did she actually win a trip to Paris?
She didnt win a trip to paris, she was on a businuess trip for her em cosmetic line
OMG did this really happen
Yeah I have the same question
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