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Tubelord - A Thing For Me (Metronomy Cover)

by The405 • 11,137 views

The 405 ( presents the amazing Tubelord in the grounds of the loveliest castle in the world.

Was this recorded with just one microphone, INSIDE of the snare? Other than that, it's great.
someone figure out the chords he's playing for me
tubeeeeeeelooorrrddddddddddddd <3
the weirdest strangest most beautiful thing i've ever heard
For me this is so fucking ridiculous
@Caldy1234 Yeah they're a band called Tubelord check them out on YouTube or on Myspace. They have an album out called 'Our Fist American Freinds' it is the best album I have by a mile I would strongly recommend you buy it.
yo Jo! eat something! no man should be thin enough to be held up by a traffic cone.
I love what he's weariny and this was uploaded in 2009 so trending
Wow what a weird coincidence; I'm from Norwich too. I could have clicked on any metronomy cover and I happened to pick yours. Mental. Good work on the song anyway guys. Are you in a band? It would be cool to check out one of your gigs or something. If you do gigs that is.
I actually really liked this. A lot!
@Caldy1234 they're a band called Tubelord, they're fantastic
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