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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Music - "Pumpkin Hill"

by soniconefan • 29,689 views

Game: Sonic Adventure 2 battle/Sonic Adventnure 2 Music: Pumpkin Hill for this song, go to-

@Luxferre7 That would have been funny if I actually liked rap.
G.G.G.G.G.raveyard theory........A ghost approached me and me and got lary.... LOL
He's sayin' that nostalgia clouds yer judgment and makes you say rather biased things. True, Sonic Adventure 2 is a grand entry in the game, but it's not the best thing ever made.
woot! This song pwns xD lulz man i love this game o:
Funky, lol me and my bro used to play this level on 2 player, we kept throwing the little bot down the hole lolz!
i always have the urge to play the game when i hear this
This makes it official: Knuckles is black.
tighest song in the history of the universe
I really don't care for storylines. It's the sucky things like that, that make the game all the better. Gameplay's my thing.
101 likes, 0 dislikes. Thats saying something.
this is my favorite knuckles it has a great beat
Ohh god I rember this i didn't had the 2cnd SA only the 1st one But my friend had the 2ncd one on dreamcast we use to play it neally every day at his house =D
i always knew where the emerald was by the clue it was so easy!
man... sonic adventure 2 had such an epic soundtrack
this song is awesome. Thanks for the upload
I sense it in my feet?.. What?..
but now i can do this level in 14 minutes or 9 between those
This song's great, but you know what would make it better? The beeping of the emerald radar thing.
i love this song man good days good days..
i hate the ghost lvs the ghosts that pop out scare me cuz you dont know whare they are
NOW, i get it. At first I was like what is this guy talkin about. But I finally listened to the lyrics this time. I'm usually consumed by the awesome beat, that i don't hear the words.
maybe i'm tripping, but does anyone else remember the lyrics to this song mentioning rouge? or perhaps it was another song in the game, one of the other knuckles levels?
this song just proves that knuckles is just a badass. period.
65 likes- 0 dislikes. Go nostalgia!
@KeirCampbell lmao, A GHOST TRY TO APPROACH ME?! HE GOT LEARY! i always lol at that.
@Lightning5182 no he shouldnt.... its not better than PORTAL 2!!
im sooo playing this at halloween XD
aquatic mine is best has mad beat
well actually it was metal/techno for shadow. *points to White Jungle and Final Chase*
I don't usually listen rap music. But I when I want to, I listen to Knuckles' stage themes.
i love this game! i beat it like a lot haha...this is also a great song for halloween lol =]
A ghost tryed to approach me and he got married lol
almost forgot knuckles used to be a hardcore, pipe hittin nigga.
Though I normally despise rapping stlye music like this, I don't mind Pumpkin Hill. To be honest, any Sonic music from Adventure 2 Battle is awsome.
This song and stage seems like it belongs in Soul Eater. XD
The lyrics make knuckle looks like he's on crack and that he's looking for more.if i didnt know it was from sonic adventure 2 i'd be all like "damnnn tis' nigga's real"
@patrickallen13 the power of the emerald. he got hints as to where they are
There's not supposed to be any difference. Well the graphics are better and minor things are changed. Like the intro, more 2-player stages and characters. Before you had to unlock them but you start with all of them like Chaos, or Tikal or Metal Sonic.
oh god, the knuckles levels were the bane of my existence.
Man I wish Sega would put Sonic Adventure 2 on Xbox. They put Sonic Adventure 1 on xbox, but not 2.
uhu sonic 4 ever i love this song
one of the best songs on the game
HAHA The song without the lyrics was playing in my head on Halloween. Perfect song for Halloween.
Anyone Other Then Me Get Frustrated Due 2 Not Finding The Damn Piece In Each Level
it took me 21 minutes to complete this the first time
very cool i love this song younow we were fighting throug KNUCKLEs
im feeling so nostalgic right now...
knuckels had the best songs besides city escape
wat was da difference between dis and the dreamcast version?? i had both an no diff except the chao market..
I love how this game has so many different kinds of music for each characters, like rap for knuckles, heavey metal for Shadow, Satirical for Eggman etc
I'd play Pumpkin hill just for the song. and then like 2 hours later find the chaos emeralds.
go knuckles, go knuckles, go knuckles, go knuckles, go knuckles, go knuckles, go knuckles
this level always took me for ever i hated the ghost that came out of nowhere
i sucked on this level the only reason why i couldnt do it wuz that rap song kept making me loose focus wid itz fly azz beat and itz fly lyrics i got a D on this level damn that distacting rap song i luv it tho
I fucking loved this music, and the level. :D
..... this song makes me wanna slap 13 bucks on my power up card, and buy this game again!!!
this i got a on every chalenge for knuckes
@torriental26 nevermind, its the wild canyon song :)
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