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Shah Rukh Khan's 300 feet jump from building in Berlin for Don 2

by businessofcinema • 1,023,410 views

Check out a sneak peek of Bollywood badshah Shah Rukh Khan's 300 feet jump from a building in Berlin for Don 2. For regular updates on the latest happenings in Bollywood: Log on to...

@sujulover20 you and @o0thjok3r0o are both absolutely right...... i hope your views will make some changes to those who desperately need... i too say may peace prevail..... with regards, again an INDIAN.
technology badgaya ghodom se darnewala sharukh abhi building se ooper se jump marega....... ha ha ha............
Don't use bad language. Be friendly. One thing I want to clarify that face doesn't count much; talents is a thing which most counts. We should not judge the person of his face or sex, we should appreciate his work and performance. One should not display one's prejudice or bias in the shape of commenting bad about others. Just hope for the best. Guys enjoy yourself and be entertained.
@TheCriticity done with laughing? honestly there wasnt anything funny in that comment to laugh about! and btw I am NOT calling him the biggest movie star..all his fans ( over a billion worldwide) are doing so...and how can you call somebody gay if you dont know him or her? i understand you have your own opinion and you dont like SRK...but calling him gay actually makes YOU look bad and his fans will love HIM even more and support him...ALWAYS!
@imsiddhartha Some words to you. First Shah Rukh Khan is born and grown up in India so as his Parents And yes his Father to. Cause when Shah Rukhs Father was born and grown up in Peshawar and leaved it Peshawar was India.It was before1947. Shah Rukhs Motherland is India. And you should be ashamed to use the Name of Siddhartha or should i say Budha. Budha stands for peace and a Life without every violence and you are the opside of this then to speak like you do is also a kind of using violence.
@mrquea Yes, because randomly calling other people's religion by derogatory names has definately earned you tick of good deed.Almost every religion has its extremists, even Hinduism,or have you not heard of the term "Saffron terror".Condemn all acts of terrorism & the fundamental idiots who carry it out, not their religion! Also a life spent sat typing away troll-some messages, which only make you look like a douche whilst providing amusement to others, is frankly a very sad life.
srk the king of all time indian cineme.......
@TheCriticity where are you frm? i guess everyone are 'shemale' over there....... its ok.... we can understand ur prblm....... dnt worry you will be getting treated soon okay ... bye 'SHEMALE'......
So Scary For me.But For DON its jst game..........
what...only apu trilogy?????? satyajit ray was p[raised by akiro kurasawa ,jeon luc godard, truffaut, fellini, scorcese,... speilberg stole his film and made it to et... and you are comparing ray with these bollywood things.. good direction is not same as good special effects.. that is what todays mainstream directors forget
@sillykitty69 hahahhaha......u kno u r talking abt such a person whos known as KING KHAN......srk is mean selfish?? salman is nothin bt a bloody boaster....he shows off by running being human...evry1 in da industry do charity bt wat he does we call it showing off....hes doing such charity stuffs 2 regain sympathy frm ppl...becoz sum yrs bak he killed animals and sum ppl on da hes doing dese 2 gain sympathy or u can say fan following...wich he'll nevr gt more thn srk......
o with ropes I thought in reall
srk is d real king of bollywood..........srk d ing is back with don2.......
@armaani111,first im not indooooooooo. 2nd i dont live in indooooo country3rd i dont support atack on mambai so i dont wanna talk to you cos you dont even no about anything just grow up and learn things
he isn't jumping. he is tied to a wire. big deal
@bookvictim there is no stunt double. he did it himself. he leaned on the edge and then he was raised above the platform horizontally and then gravity did the rest until the harness was stretched to the limit.
@rykhan1 hey you can´t just write such rubish about nigerians read what you wrote and then think about what you did!
There can be many many KING's (SRK is one of them) but there can be only 1 EMPEROR..... I hope u all know who that is...........
@mrquea hey, you're brainwashed from the last 60 years of nationalism. read history. many groups came to india and they all brought their religions with them. hinduism has so many aryan elements in it along with indigenous dravidian ideas which was left in some regions and is returning through the rise of the poorer villagers coming to the cities. no one's perfect. we all have bits and pieces and are all on the same planet. focus on ridding the old caste system as a starter.
if only the rope broke.... what would happen?
@sillykitty69 u r having right name.... *SILLY*
incredible movie i agree with Mr Rohan
@mrquea if i say anything to your relagion you will get hurt aswel cos you know why if you dont belive on anything then your nothing and keep sayimg things about ppl relagion.dont matter
to be honest hindi speaking people over estimating bollywoog kollywood is always 1 step ahead but they denying that bw need branded shirts exposing heroines foreign locations love scenes thats it
@mrquea u r the biggest ass hole born on india soil...jst b'coz srk is a muslim..and way much popular than akshay...makes u jealous...and mind ur language..its ISLAM..this shows ur character..i respect all is b'coz of trash bags lyk u dat india is divided...cmon get a life...
Can't wait for Don 2!!!!!! Go Srk !
@mrquea SRK is india's most globally popular actor, aamir khan makes good films and salman has his own style... bollywood is dominated by them and if akshay n hrithik n sanjay dutt are so good then they should be going better than the 3 khans but they're not
incredible movie i agree with mr rohan
@MrPemba07 shut the fuck up, he has guts to do that sort of stuff and he's only doing whats required of the movie
@ilovecivilengg It's true, but it's not only the Indian audience. A lot of the Indian audience have smartened up but then there's is still the rest of the world to worry about. More than half the world watch Indian movies and love it just the way it is. A lot of them even plead for the old cheesier films to return. It's tough to make progress when you've got to please so many people.
very good visit my profile and enjoy more
@imsiddhartha oooh fuck u ... im an indian, hindu for your information.... all i can say to you is shut the fuck u and stop barkin.... mr khan is not a madar chod, jhe had married an indian lady u loser... and ecen if he didnt doesnt give u right to sit here ad instult people regardless of religious... u are what they call"" satans little workers"" people like u sit there and ignite htred and evil thoughts.... Do bad things and rememebr , it will hit u harder in return....
@bookvictim there was no stunt double...ritesh sidhwani or farhan akhtar themselves confirmed it sumwhere. i think on twitter.
@sheikhg07 go to hindifilmnews on poll 7 PLEASE VOTE for SRK his the best
guys shut the fuck up and appreciate srk's stunt... and if u think that its no big deal then post a video of u doing it
@orangeclover21 I agree with you. I rather watch 90s films than these newer films that Bollywood takes on and make them look like shit cause they don`t got the technology or whatever. Action scenes looked more realistic in the 90s than this newer crap. Also the songs were better and real. Not computer generated trash.
ohhhh ! srk i luv u. moooooooooah
@TheCriticity are you talking about Shahrukh King Khan ? hmmm....i was just wondering if the biggest movie star on planet looks a 'shemale' then how would YOU look..hmmm....
He is great actor. He is a king of Bollywood so people dont say bad things about him and dont be jealouse of him
@imsiddhartha First I'm not a Idiotic prick. Second. ist it maybe possible to speak in a nicer tone? 3rd Shah Rukh Khan is more Indian as you ever will be. And fourth When you know the Indian history so good then why you do not know that also alots of Muslim was massacred? Its a sad capter of the Indian History that so many of both side had to die. And i fear that so much more will die cause such hateful people like you will never be able to live peacefully together. :(
Sharukh khan is the BEST Understood!!!
@TheCriticity (shemale) where are you frm? i guess everyone are 'shemale' over there....... its ok.... we can understand ur prblm....... dnt worry you will be getting treated soon okay ... bye 'SHEMALE'......
kiski maa??? tumhari maa ke saath karu kya?? bej do mere paas!!!
@srkluver4eva you knw wht srkluver the SHEMALE(@TheCriticity ) is telling that 'HE' i mean 'SHE' oops i dnt knw wht to call 'HER' oops 'HIM'.... oh shit wht a confusion ne ways for timing let us consider- him as he okay. he was telling if U call SRK the biggest movie star in the earth then @TheCriticity is the biggest star in the whole galaxy wht do you think? wht a joke...
@bilalabdullah pfft so? this was part of the movie not to impress ppl by having the most highest jump or somefin
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,, nice Videoooooooo, I likeeeeeee..............
@xXxXFelix69214epxXx : yes, i don't say that they accept Islam, but here one thing we should note , why they don't accept it? why they dont accept that religion which ws accepted even by the worst and most illiterate people of Arab many centuries ago? so we hv to get to the bottom of it and find out where is the fault. we just say that non Muslims and Europeans are involved in unnecessary conspiracies against islam, but the main fact is we ourselves are wrong. we should mend ourselves first...
@ilovecivilengg All time watched movies, and the most highest gross movies are the one i told you.
@RohanRex2010 u r rite....i like ur views but some ppl dnt understand it......dnt care about them....with regards Pakistani
@sillykitty69 Highest-grossing Bollywood films in North America 1. 3 Idiots 2. My Name Is Khan 3. Om Shanti Om 4. Jodhaa Akbar 5. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna 6. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 7. VeerZaara 8.Devdas 9.Dhoom 2 10. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Highest-grossing Bollywood films in United Kingdom 1.My Name Is Khan 2.Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna 3.Veer-Zaara 4.Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... 5.Kal Ho Naa Ho 6.Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 7.3 Idiots 8.Om Shanti Om 9.Don 10.Devdas that's more than one
@mrquea his religion has nothing to do with where he is. He is a better actor, more popular richer, a bigger brand and more successful at the box office than akshay kumar ;). The love stories aren't fake and he does more than juts love stories. Btw it's only at the start of srk's career that directors would have mattered.. after a few years he became a superstar who can carry a film on his shoulders. Like it or not he's world's most popular actor... and btw i don't live india fagget
@TheSalman1981 looks like u have seen it well done
@sillykitty69 nt only in india...srk haz billions of fans in da whole world...evry1 loves him(excpt sum fuckking retards like u...whos just jelous of his succes).....LA times said hes d most powerful actor in da world...with da highest no. of fan following wid few added zeroes thn tht of tom cruise or brad pitt
@RohanRex2010 You right man i also believe in your words , may peace prevail one day.
@ilovecivilengg Umm, either you are a hater, or just stupid. *mindless*? First off, get some movies that are actually legends and then start comparing. Avatar and Titanic are the best movies in Holywood, while you picked Bodyguard and Dabbang for Bollywood. Pick some better movies and then compare. Best movies: 3 idiots Taare Zammen Par Sholay My name is Khan Badmaash company Lagaan
The biggest filmstar in the world doing the biggest stunts
@srkluver4eva you knw wht srkluver the SHEMALE(@TheCriticity ) is telling that 'HE' i mean 'SHE' oops i dnt knw wht to call 'HER' oops 'HIM'.... oh shit wht a confusion ne ways for timing let us consider- him as he okay. he was telling if U call SRK the biggest movie star in the earth then @TheCriticity is the biggest star in the whole galaxy wht do you think? wht a joke...
Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !
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