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COD MW3 - Lucky MOAB

by Chris Smoove • 922,593 views

My 1st MOAB was a lucky one. Normally someone spawns behind me when I get close to getting the MOAB. I could put out a montage of me getting owned while being aggressive. There's two moments in...

Anybody stiill play mw3 here?
Chris Smoove = Illuminati confirmed
I'm assuming the people who are complaining over him saying ass never watched his MW2 videos.
Look at that pathetic swipe haha got me laughing
Look at that guy on his ASS! XD
Smoove also had a perfect game 
i play mw3 still  :D
I love that MOAB music
smoove sweared in this videos
He swears in his older vids he stopped swearing when he got to NBA and stuff because those are E games for kids and stuff
Is this a fake video chris smoove sayin'n ass. What a smoove move
Dang! I remember this! throwback loved mw3
give that guy some dorito chips he need some double XP 
Did Chris just say ass? Is this a fake video? ?
You never heard of the Ass Clapper 130
What the heck chris smoove sayin'n ass. Since when ya bra say that
Lol you obviously hasn't watched his mw2 vids, if you don't then how can you not remember the ass clapper 130
Loved this game when it was popular, I had almost 300 moabs!
Since when do u say A$$
LOL cross-over perk :D
Omgosh these were the golden days for u smoove i swear i miss these
do YOU play infected? 
4:04 is my favorite part x) oh Fantana.
How do you get a Moab your so good I only got 1 Moab
I miss your cod videos smoove
The Choir Got Me Hype !
Why u dont play cod ?
パーティぼこりかよ 雑魚ワロタ
not everybody uses specialist so its 25 kills
camping in that house lol
Luv the commentary.. Hilarious
5 times i was 1 kill away from a M.O.A.B but i died
Luv the commentary.. Hilarious
who dat in da background, is it a hooka?
My first MOAB P90. My exact words when i got my first MOAB I:
Best comintater on YouTube cris smoove
check out my channel and subscribe? :)
That the first time I heard him cuss
9:52 did u see that guys clan tag it spells fart in the xbox buttons
I was 24-0 i wasnt using hardline then the game ended
Activison and no money ? How many copies have been sold now of COD ... ? lol
So you were playing MW3, got a M.O.A.B, woke up, and realized you were going to bed...?
The fat lady is singing.. already, get hype! :D
What you guys think about 91-8 gameplay? Still no M.O.A.B because assault packages did almost all work. :D
5:59 Boss Music For rill. What's that track?
Thats the first time i hear Mr.Smoove cuss. Is this a fake video?
i really tought crossover was an acutl perk so im and lookin dumb and trying to find it
lol.... that moab is activated=u know what to do... time for javelin aim at the sky if you got lucky
"I turned on him, I turned on him" "He got turned on like a striptease" XD
Give that guy some hot chetos ;D
Man I miss this Chris Smoove!!!!!!!
Please smoove I'm your biggest fan I talk about you with my freinds
2 riemer jelsma i got 30 moabs and im 13
First chris smoove vid i ever watched
give that guy some Dorito chips!!
chris smove is awsome this is not a peace of crap because if you are a hater you suck boo boo so stop hating
I am a Subscriber and i sent u a friend request but it said u couldnt hav any more friends. ;(
Hey smoove can you add me my gamer tag is BlackieChanBJ and everybody else can add me to
Smoove cod vids were always on point... funnier than the 2k vids, I hope you bring them back
Is 25 kills with support and adult
LMAO give that guy some dorito chips
Horrible camping moab by a huge nnobie.
HAHA give that guy some Durito chips :D hilarious
damn chris u ccan beat me eyes closed (i suck)
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