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You are a damn legend. Well, I know what I'll be doing for the next week or so...
Can you build a 2W IR laser point and melt a hole through your iPad?:D
I'm currently working on a compilation video of requests from people on Reddit and YouTube, which I hope to finish sometime in a couple weeks. I will add this to the list, CrazyBlackJesus. Thanks for the suggestion!
1 person was too busy setting fire to a cumbox to properly watch the video.
dear diary, today, OP was a pretty cool guy.
but richard...I feel like I know you somehow. somehow, I think we have met before. somewhere. not sure yet, but doesn't that stand for something?
I was honestly hoping you'd start running forward, defy gravity, and land on your head.
I just did a laugh i've never done before ... I'm stupid.
Sit down and lean on your dominant arm. Then just hop up and use your arm for support. Nothing too special, it'll probably just look like a 180 or something yours first try. The key is putting all your weight on that arm for a second. Once you have that down, just go a little more vertical each time and see how far you can extend. Took me about a day to learn, and much easier than a backflip in my opinion. Good luck! :)
Brb, looking up how the fuck to back flip OFF THE GOD DAMN GROUND
You had me in tears! Thank you, good sir!
Can You Read Me A Book By Dr. Seuss!! :)
haha xD at first I was confused, but then I got it =P
Also called a valdez or a monkey flip. It's a capoeira and breakdancing move.
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