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Peter, Bjorn and John - Second Chance

by Bruno Freitas • 1,777,375 views

Artista: Peter, Bjorn and John Faixa: Second Chance

Fuck 2 Broke Girls. SUITS. Get rich or die trying.
no  2 Broke Girls funny
Would anyone be mad at me for saying I first heard this song when I watched the Pilot for the TV Show: 2 Broke Girl$?
i heard that at 2 broke girls as well, and i'm glad cuz it's a great song  :)
"I'm at the bar with my jeans and a shirt I copped from target, talking to some pretty ladies said their blouses from the forest, I said great I don't make clothes but I could probly make those unravel simple stitching when I cut my Fucking beat low." Anyone know what this is from?
e-dubble - where we are
Am I the only who thinks about Brooklyn Bridge while listening this song? >.<
e-dubble sampled this for Where We Are :)
2 Broke Girls <3 <3 I love this song! uhhh, uhhh, uhh,... hahahaa 
Only ever heard edubble's version of this but this is pretty good.
Greys anatomy brought me here
He sounds like Lennon..holy shit.
Peter, Bjorn and John...Lennon 
Never heard the whole song until it was played at a Vex Competition I was staff at today. Never really thought of it being a full length song, just thought of it as the 2BG theme. :)
These dudes are actually good. I always knew them from the song "young folks" which IS AN ABOMINATION!!
+Diil Avery It is a bit grating and hipster friendly. Congrats on having personal taste. Check out the rest of Writer's Block, it's full of gems.
2 Broke Girls!!!!! <3
I think Bruce Dickinson would be pleased with this song.
2 Broke Girls - only thing I could think of xD
I remember hearing this in Bud Light Lime commercials a couple years ago.
Wall Street Elevator Music 8tracks Anyone?
2 broke girls ? or e-dubble :3 ?
How the hell did they not sue the shit out of Bruno Mars for ripping the riff from this song off for his "Locked Out Of Heaven"?
^-^ I've been wondering what this song was for ages but I guess it's funny what you find when you stop looking
Carol Freitas Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
2 broke girls sucks dick.
Wow 2 Broke girls theme song i love it :)
That show sucks ass.
Best thing outta Sweden since Volvo
Heard this so many times and had no idea it P,B and J! Looks like this will be the song of the upcoming week!
haha, 2 broke girls!!
like this if bones new ground brought you hear
Phil ade E-dubble used this sample dat was awesome but the original is perfect -
Check out the song on my channel! :) 
Nice! I like it haha the "soda pressing" one is funny haha
Suits ❤️❤️❤️
where i can get your album in Poland?
decent taste in music brought me here!
E-dubble brought me here
personally think e-dubble.ver is better :D  
Good taste in music brought me here.
Would you like a medal?
I've been looking for this song for 3 years, i couldn't remember the name or artist ! I had only heard it 1 time! So happy now!!!!!!!
McClau Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Esta canción me encanta !!! max y caroline👌👌👌 dos chicas sin blanca 😍😍😍 two broke grils!
HAHA. Damn it. I was going to say that but you beat me to it
2 sexy broke girls....this song bass sounds good on my dr dre beat studio headphone
I'm here because The Art of Getting By!
Olivia Ortega Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
three thumbs up :p
2 broke girls! EHUHEUHUEEU amo <3
i knew about this song before, heard it on beast showtime and coming back, it's too good
I really like their voices! But some songs are not really... like the other ones...  i just can't explain...
Sounds like the black keys
Two broken grills. Wait...
was watching a one direction twitcam and then it brought me here, ow god :")
+harvmeister_ No! Look at it this way....Maybe she will start to like some actual music lol!
Listening to good music brought me here :D
2 Broke Girls <3
Thank you random cover art and my own curiosity!!! 
Never knew the band that sang "Young Folks" made this record.. #dope  
2 Bяσкє GiяLs ♥
If anyone knows how to play this song, can you make a tutorial? Or atleast tell me the chords?? I beg you! I found in the internet e played at my guitar, it's very similar to original song. You have to play with "feeling"to found the right tempo! Good Luck!
Aleksandra Jarosz Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Flew all the way back When you got back to your den, one minute too late, was already wrecked!
2 Broke Girls brought me here.
Vitor Mikaelson Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
oi  vitinho  muita paz pra te  boa tarde
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