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by MaximusBlack • 67,469 views

Sour about that troll

wow nice moves, and nice tactic
Just saw the prologue from "The Last of us"  and this really helped on the mood.
love revisiting this.
How do you know wtf I just did ? :D #BOUSE
lol.. I am soo glad I decided to look at your older videos.. ( Was only subbed to the main channel you and Nova have. ) This was too funny.
lol i wonder if this is why he kept goin on about his wife. XD
this is the Wii Shop Channel theme for those wondering
how does done get pinkeye from a farty pillow?
i watch this to analyze the gameplay over and over BUT MY EYES KEEP DRIFTING TO THAT BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER
1st black guy iv seen that can't dance :)
You dont have too be gay too think this is fucking cute :D
I looked at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen for the entire video lol. Making up lyrics to a tune is the best.
actually a catchy song ! LOL what's it called?
After this Desrow might actualy shit in your bed...
i think if this happened to me, if i was terran, i would have just sent my marines to attack his base and make him split his forces or have to make units back at his base instead of warping in on mine. not enough video to see if this would work or not, but, i think thats what i would have tried to counter with.
This would have been absolutely hilarious if Desrow wasn't even phased by it. Like completely "no fucks given" mode.
I love the wii shop music!!! :D
Could you post the whole game? I think I saw my new PvT build.
i really enjoyed your stream keep up the good work!
Cracking up so hard on this video
Desrow, do you have any dick4 I can borrow?
From the bacteria and crap that comes out when you fart.
I'm glad you're taking your training so seriously. =P
Hope this will make all the "terran is imba" trolls STFU. Imba player is imba, all hail desrow.
I remember watching this on the stream. Initially, I thought to myself: "What the fuck Jeff." Then that WTF turned into a LOL
post the whole game plz ;D that game looked awesome
Whats the name of the song btw ? im looking for it in the interenet but no results, its from mario wii theme song ? wich one ? its in my head all day !
WHICH MENU IS THIS IN? it is killing me, literally
Hey death counter guy this goes to you: "You are remembered"
hahaha i wast jammin out to the wii shop just before i watched this vid. EPIC BEATZ
Needs a "Guile's Theme goes with Everything" version, IMO.
Dat background dance, gets me everytime...
mental training boot camp gotta be able to play under all conditions, part of being a pro
does anyone have the link to this song?
you need to send this link to the guy you played
too far behind/not enough units. by the time he gets there, desrow could have put up a few cannons, a few sentries to buy time for all the stalkers to come back. then he would have went to collosus and would be GG anyways.
somebody please make this into a full song
Then you have a base race that your opponent already has the lead on. The Terran pretty much lost when he dropped those units on his base and was force fielded from his base
Ok what mario game this from? driving me crazy! lol
it looks like Jeff is a bit bored when Desrow is playing :)
Can someone link me to the full video of this play. That would be greatly appreciated!
Tomorrow they set up the computer in a live minefield.
Im gonna fart on your pillow and give you pink eye. hahahahahah
/watch?v=VcLvr6Bub6A oh yeah ^^
New Novawar says. Elevator Music. Must play a game with cranked up annoying music or repeatable music.
I bet any money that Jeff just clears the dance floor in the club
When Jeff started turning up the volume my only thought was "oh that's just mean!". But that was a good laugh. Nice to see Desrow being a good sport and I love that both Desrow and Jeff started laughing at the same time :)
Why have I watched this at least 15 times... Lol
pretty sure he would have. killed of more than half the workers and a significant amount of army taking no hit to production...well...assuming he ever stopped laughing
You got it! Thanks, would never have thought of that. lol
Hahahaha, Maximus got some moves!
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