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Bleach Chapter 481 Review "Ivan the Terrible"

by tekking101 • 5,991 views

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Wimpy kid turns out to be the main villain lmao
@starslayer18 Nah, I think it was the other arrancar. Grimmjow wouldn't ask for Ichigo's help.
Ivan could possiblly be an arrancar. Who knows. . . .
you seem more angry than you used to be latly are you stressed out dude
no the quincy are gone only uryu and his father are left. they tell you that way back when uryu fights the captain with the poison gas shit. I like the whole russian theme thats going on with the new guy Ivan.
Oh I noticed that in the fighting picture of Ichigo and his friends it looks like Orihime is getting ready to fight. So maybe now she has attacking abilities... finally.
are you really surprised that nothing has happened in bleach. i mean come on. has no one learnt anything after 481 chapters? you have to not read bleach for like 2 months then read it all in one go before you feel you have read a chapter's worth.
@tekking101, i think he's a Vasto Lorde, his mask seems to hint that
u should get a white sword and your opposite should where white pants like white ichigo and real ichigo just a thought.
Arrancar. Bone on his face....that's just my thought. Plus grimmjow is supposed to come back.
i thought the bounts were German -__---------
@HeatherGreenBlad3 Yeah, but only one, weak and she was afraid to use it. Now it seems that she could be of use on the front lines.
i also hope Aizen gets unsealed he kicks assXD
Lol ur wearing a suit. ur gonna be late 4 skool Haha.
Speculation... Grimmjow sent him.
What about Yuki and the girl are one. Those two are Ivan xD haha jk
@pitbullisgai Well, I'm just thinking Grimmjow because Kubo needs a way to introduce him back into the story the same with Nel. So what better way then have it were Grimmjow is a king and sent Ivan to bring Ichigo to him.
@xHolyPrayerx nice prediction, maybe it's something like that. also ivan = arrancar / vasto lorde
hey dose anybody think that he could be one of those bodies that capt 12 and uryu found in hueco mundo??
im calling this right now grimmjow is still alive
@TheFullMetal7 Kubo already confirmed that about a month ago...
@littlejosh2 I take it you're new to Tekking101? He always wears the suit for the sake of doing something different.
Ivan kinda looks like an arrancar with that thingy on his face
Ivan, the Kenpachi eye patch mask thing wearing wannabe that stole Yachiru's first hairdo.... also, BLEACH NAZIS :D, that's bad.
Lol I feel bad for saying you forget certain things about last review . I think ivan is sent by arrancars because he has bone on his face Maybe he is gonna warn ichigo about the missing people? If aizen comes back already that would be so wicked hahaah
put a little note saying "stop sending wimps to fight hollows". hahaha xD
Btw Ivan is also one of the very popular Bulgarian names. :)
Ivan is an arrancar. You could see his mask, and his last name is Spanish.
I'd tell you how I pronounce Ivan's name, but I can't exactly do that through Youtube comment :P There's a chance that Ivan might be from the Arrancar, just because Kubo needs a way to bring them back into the story. But then again, I'm not Kubo, so who knows. I'm all for Ivan being Yuki, it would bring in a nice twist.
Ivan looks like an arrancar, but that doesn't make any sense maybe it is a hybrid between quincy and hollow :S
Ivan is an arrancar, you can see his mask piece on the left side of his face...
It looks like this Ivan guy is something different from an Arrancar...That could be an eye patch that he's wearing and not some hollow holes
I loved it when you said "Ichigo bring back a fully healed shingami back to his house to sleep in his bad next to a gigai" hahahahahahahahahahahaha I laughed so hard
Eurpoe Ivan -__------- the terrible
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii vaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
how can you break law by reviewing one piece.
My theory its a new enemy and he came in through that tiny garuganta looking thing and appeared yuuki fell to the floor out of shock or ichigo moved his bed? But Ivan sorta looks like an arrancar can't be sure because we can't see his number or hollow hole.
I think the reason the story is advancing slowly is so Kubo can drag it out and have a smuch fun as possible with it : D
I know a guy called Ivan hes from Ukraine though lol Also Yuki actually Ivan? thats just confusing I didnt realise the quincys were the german type lol i thought that was the bounts
@IchigoSailorVenus You must be blind then, because the story DID advance.
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