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Season 4 - Episode 87 - Direwolf20's Minecraft Lets Play

by direwolf20 • 73,273 views

Need. More. EMC! Follow me on Twitter:!/Direwolf20 Join our IRC channel -- #Direwolf20 on espernet Keep up with my thread here:...

Hay dire, have you heard of sheering the mooshrooms? Or am I wrong and that hasn't been added yet? (This is a vanilla mechanic btw)
He does a lets play. Those who are so into their mods that they do not understand vanilla Minecraft recipes makes Pandas sad.
this game called minecraft is driving me NOTCH!!
28:09 lol im sooo happy buckets stack now
any... you know even the normal collectors produce some light mk 3 is fine on its own
This guy is awesome. He has a series of 99+ vids, each of which is AT LEAST 30 minutes long. And he tries to release one video a day (I think). Wow.
That is a fair point but at the same time, I'm pretty sure it only uses 64 emc to change one to another (though he would have to do it multiple times in order to actually get a cow. Considering he get's about that much from each bucket of milk, it really doesn't matter enough to be significant.
This is amazingly crazily awesomely strangely over engineered
he did it for you guys and i don't know what he is doing with all the diamonds direwolf allways has an idea!
And I traveled over 17 years to tell you this, he doesn't give a fuck
Theres a Vanilla to turn Mushroom into cows with shears
I never said you were talking to me?? I wanted to just point out that dire isnt retarded and has disabled the emails for comments, cause there would be like 2353464572475171 emails in his box by now for comments, likes, subscriptions, messages, etc.
at this point, wasting a few glowstone is really not a problem xD
hmm 4 dislkes 4 cows i wonder where the came from
Hey direwolf, have you considered using the extrabees and visbees mods for forestry and thaumcrft? I added those to your mods on my minecraft and there incredibly useful, particularly the bees that can produce uranium.
I wish everyone would stop arguing on Direwolf's videos! It's about Minecraft, not Arguecraft.
*cry* I've been watching these marathon style for the past few days... and now I'm finally caught up... *more crying*
I know. Buuuuttt i only just heared it so i had to share my new found knowledge.
now turn it on, record it, an put benny hill under it.
Yes, they do generate their own light, and yes, they would give that light to anything around it ASSUMING that the top is open. The only spot they can receive light is through the top; if it's blocked, light will not be able to enter a solid non-transparent block and thus will completely stop its EMC generation.
next time you can just shear mooshrooms to get cows
Are you sure that Mooshroom farm isn't overly complicated? All those machines sure have a lot of unused slots.
but it would save the emc used to transmute them into cows
16:16 Thumbs up for SPINNING COWS!!
There's a difference between commentator and commentor...
There need to be some kind of EMC pipe, to transfer EMC from your farms to your, let's say energy condensers or relays. :)
why dont you install cctv mod ? so you knew monitor all
Yes, yes it is. Or more specifically, I believe it is the Tenth Doctors. Or maybe Eleventh? Great, now the doctors are blending in my memory. -.-
direwolf in the middle your deployer wasn't set up with marble brick jacketed wiring
Direwolf, you don't need to trnsmute the mooshrooms into cows! You can just sheer them, you won't lose EMC and you will gain a few mushrooms in the process. :D
ummmm black room EMC generator and moosrom stew and EMC generator are same but moosrom stew and EMC generator gives a lot of moosrom stew
you could have just sheered the cows, direwolf.
It is never a good wrapping up time.
when there's a block over top a mk3 collector it works still
it is efficient, and his moral compass is questionable, so what did you expect? :)
Did anyone else notice that the filter he filled at 30:48 was backwards?
Dire, The fastest speed RP machines can reliably operate at is 0.350 sec.
One thing you have to consider: that farm required IndustrialCraft EU. Currently, the only thing required here is redstone power and time.
congratulations on successful completion of your 17 year mission, but given that your life up to this point has been built around being here to tell me that what do you plan to do with the remainder of your time?
You're correct that it produces it own light, however, if covered by a non-transparent block on the top (their 'collection' point) they will only produce EMC at half or lower the rate of a Mk 1 collector. And that's only if it is a Mk 3, which in this case, it is.
Dude you are smart this is the first video I watched of yours and it is amazing. You sir just earned yourself another suscriber.
if you are playing in vanilla minecraft and you want to convert a mooshroom into a cow for some reason you can also use shears but they will grow back from regular cows to mooshrooms
Oh Direwolf, why did you waste your glowstone on transmuting the cows when you could have just sheared them. That will turn them back into cows and give you mushrooms in return. Much less expensive than wasting tons of glowstone trying to transmute them into cows.
With 7 mushroom cows, I get 1 red matter about ever 8.5 minutes. NEXT VIDEO PLEASE!!!!!
yeah but come on thats boring think like direwolf!
You actually dont need cows mooshrooms can produce milk as well.
For highly symmetric builds like this, perhaps a builder and architect could save some time and effort on the second build
So... Dire managed to create a device that popped EMC out of midair... wow :P.
direwolf, I come from over 200 episodes ago to give you this message... it's pronounced miss-uh-lay-nee-us, not misk-uh-lay-nee-us. not a huge deal but I did travel over 100 hours through time just to give you this message
Dire, you didn't need to transmute those mooshrooms, as they can be milked with a bucket for milk, as well as mushroom stew
The cow at 23:53 looks pretty sad.
not to mention last i checked you could get milk from mooshrooms
Does he have a kitty? He needs one. They make good company.
I guess he is more specific on EE Age than we thought...
most complicated milk farm i have ever seen
so why was he not uplaoding video's?
@direwolf20 how do you scroll your you can only put one into your inventory
DIREWOLF! I have the the technicpack and I do not have the regulator machine.... Any ideas?
Just shear them! You get mushrooms in the progress:P
A restriction pipe on the extra darkroom condenser will help bone meal while giving extra items a place to go.
This is the first time I have every seen direwolf have an epic fail, F*** it, its the ONLY time I've seen him fail!!!!
Dire when will you start the next season.....So all of us can have help installing the mods that crash our minecraft?
is it the latest 1.2.5 build (or second latest is better for stability) and also he doesn't use technic pack
Your comment makes no sense, but I guess it goes along with your name.
Direwolf, direwolf, direwolf really? That was over engineared try taking a look at my milk machine a made a while ago started with the same problem you had but you can see for your self how i solved it :)
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