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Lenovo Thinkpad X220 - How to upgrade RAM and the hard drive

by GadgetJM • 36,008 views

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So this is meant for work, yet I use it for gaming and it's not great but gets the job done.
Very simple PC to upgrade. I like it.
Thank you for making this video. Very useful!
@gadgetjm Hi! u said the lenovo X220 is only compatible with 7mm hard drives. Are there any hard drives out there in this size that are about 1TB? its hard to manage with only 320GB or 500GB :\ btw, is this 7mm constraint also happens with the X220 tablet model? thanks!
thanks for the informative video! if i already have the 4gb that came with the x220, which additional 4GB RAM do you think I should buy? There are so many types on the market that I'm afraid about the compatibility issue. Thanks!
@gadgetjm 1.Thanx! ill try to research prices on extra Ram + SSD & HDD drives being sold on stores like Best Buy.Im a techy guy,but i admit im worried upgrading everything alone without any reference tutorial. 2.About the X220t. I Love the tablet feature!But i realize maybe i need to look at the W520\T520 models?Since i need vast HD space+Power for softwares like Cinema 4D+After Effects.Also maybe the screen is too small to work on?+i mostly work @home so maybe ultra portable is an overkill?
Hi! Where did you get the extra ram from? I cant seem to find it online. The only thin I found was a fake lenovo one on Amazon.
@gadgetjm 2 Questions then: 1. Would you recommend buying the upgrades straight from Lenovo? while you purchase the laptop? [like Extra Ram to complete to 8GB or 12GB, and the SSD Upgrade?] Or would you say its smarter\cheaper to buy them on your own from a store and installing them yourself? 2.I think the tablet feature is great! yet, i have no clue if in real life situation-how much i will use it really? I need a powerful machine, though light+good battery life.Are the W520\T520 better?
Thanks for the video dude! I am a noob yet was able to accomplish this,,,
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