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Kotakoti - Panda Hairstyle - パンダスタイル - おだんごヘアスタイル

by dakotakoti • 924,791 views

Main blog: 見ていただきありがとうございます!私のブログにもっと情報 がある。

You must be seriously the most beautiful girl alive! Just became a fan!  Best wishes from Brazil 
The speaker is american?! your japanese is sooooo good!
Really cute :-) :-) :-) :-)
She is like a real freaking anime girl :ooo whoa
Yeah please....and got the genetic lottery!!!
No matter how much I try I cannot pin the correctly. They keep falling out.
Hello, you are extremely cute and beautiful, I'm from Mexico, I hope to answer
were do you get those cute riboons??
Only thing... those eyeballs creep me out sooo bad 0_o Otherwise, cute look! I don't really like looking cute, but it looks nice on you.
eres de japon o de ee.uu amiga todas q remos saber :D !!!!!
Your style is cute-diabolic, but its looks goods.. ♥♥♥
I love your hair! Make more vids!
waahh! scary eye-bow-accessory! ^_<
where did you learn to speak and write japanese?
Final Fantasy Balamb Garden song O_O :D SHE MUST BE PLAYING IT...or have played it
You look like a beautiful china doll, i wish i had your looks ^^ Kawaii
omigosh are you final fantasy fan I'm in love with you <3
do you have to have long hair to do this?
Definitely a Misa look alike! WOW. Such a beautiful girl!
Your sooooooo cute you inspire me. Keep up the good work
I loved the eye ribbon clip! ^^
She is half Japanese and English Or
where did you get the hairclips?
you are so beautiful when you smile...n_n
سبحان الله خلق فصور
sinseramente eres la chica mas bella del praneta kawaiiiiiiii
Kawaii~ Pondré en practica tus peinados ¡me encantan!
could you please do a video where you say what you use to make your hair look so smooth and what you do for your skin?:)
what do you mean by that? in what way is she?
now i know where the Barbies idea came from
you are the most beautiful I've ever seen YouTuber!
your hair is like the one character in Umineko (ANime XD)
gorgeous hairstyle! and I miss this music XD
demasiado hermosaa para ser hermosaa
Queeee lindaaaaaaa chica!!!!!!!!!! es tan linda, me quede sin palabras.
She's better then Barbie. Barbie dose not even compare!!!
Those are the same hairclips that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu wears. :D
what do you call the pieces of hair at the side of your face that you leave out from tying? is it a hime cut?
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR HAIR!! can u please tell me what kind of haircut you have? cause i have no clue how to explain this to the hair stylist!
Eres hermosa y algun dia me gustaria ser como tu en verdad me eh decidido tu fan #1
Where did you get that cute ribbons? I love your hair :))
Where can I get those hair clips from? *.*
she's extremetly beatifull to be human, maybe she came from a planet where all girls looks like her :O !!!
Oh girl, you're fuckin perfect<3!
if you have a boyfriend, men he could say that his so lucky
1:44 freaked me out :3 I was like, "OMG eyeball!"
How old r u and do u have boyfriend
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