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MarloweDK about playing bass and his TC Electronic RH450

by TC Electronic • 85,288 views

For more MarloweDK lessons visit: - for playalongs please visit MarloweDK's new website:

knew he would get back on youtube some how lol
someone should tell him its dangerous to have such a huge extension behind a radiator
can you show the effects that you use?
Glad to see you back on you tube.
What a great musician. Tons of talent, willing to teach and share, and very modest.
yo marlowe, what's with the skull in your room!?!?!?!??!
50 dislikes? maybe because of that skull on the window
i didn't get the rest of the electronics. what model is the one that is connected to the mac book? duet something?
i like u'r style in playing bass..
@LAMERFENER What? A Danish accent is funny? You should get out and see the world.
For Thomas:what is your recommendation to practise the most on bass??
how on earth did he manage to put the amp into a bag?
Which cab is he using ? the 212 or 210 ?
Good to see Marlowe DK getting well deserved props! Thanks for all of your help, Marlowe! Keep on funkin'!
Does anybody knows what type of modifications was made in his pickup and controls? I got similar bass (Jazz), and similar bridge (Badass).. I wonder what those pickup and extra knobs and toggle switch is? Thanks
5:33, that tone!!! Damn is killing!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm looking into buying the Apogee Duet interface and use GarageBand on my MacBook. Pro. Would this be a decent setup for a beginner?
that's just a Marcus Miller model Jazz Bass by Fender. The original was a '78 ish Jazz modified by Sadowsky in NY for Marcus . . . this is a replica of the original bass.
Hey man, love your vids. could you maybe do one on how you record your bass? I've been trying to get that awesome sound but it just doesn't sound that great. any tips and tricks?
We should donate money and get this dude a car!
i think the key message here is, Don't ever get married. The creative juices stop flowing after that. Women are vampires!!!! Suck the blood right out of ya!!!!!1
now you are a legend. keep on going MarloweDK
MarloweDK I'm an old funk bassist out of Philly PA. You Da Man!!! Keep puttin out those instructional videos. You are doing good for all the bass players around the world.
Maybe you could make a video with all your basses and his sounds!!
i didn't know youplayalong was made by marlowe!!!
Very enlightening interview. DIdn't know that you actually stopped playing for awhile. Pretty inspirational story.
Mr. Marlowe you are the music of my youth. i m 42 and now back playing the bass again.
Hi Thomas, I have in my practice scedule the points MarlowDK 1-28 or so. You are indeed an inspiration to many, please keep it up!!! All the basst, -c-
they use the same clip of you going up the fret board like 8 times =P lol 5* keep going man!
Really cool interview, what a great bloke. His playing is so clean and accurate.
this guy has the best bass player neck groove
So that's how he affords all those basses...he's a web designer...
@matalmike Agreed. Nearly every successful musician goes downhill once they get married or have kids.
is DK in your name stand for DenmarK?
I should sneak into his house someday when he's away. And try all of his basses :D
FINALY!!! i´ve beeen waiting for this sort of video of him for 2 years now. MarloweDK is the best bass teacher on youtube by far! subscribe to his channel: MarloweDKplaysbass
You're my hero...thanks for all you do Mr MarloweDK!
thank you for all your contributions...
yes, I second that, especially when playing that red bass, what pedals are you using if any.... Thanks..
hi my name is Ale from Argentina, i play bass and use Tc electronics RH450... i love it!!!
Next amp I'm getting is this wonderful piece of kit.... I got me a Little mark right now... I gotta say, I'm a HUGE fan for tiny heads.
you are amazing!!!!! you made me love music more than I alredy have!!!! thank you Thomas !!!
Might be an explanation - I can't figure out, what the reason might be.. :)
I think every artist goes through a phase where they get bored of what they are doing and begin to try other things. It's only natural. So for anybody who feels like they are lost, artistically, don't worry. You'll get back into the groove eventually [:
Big UPS! to "the bass riff master, MarloweDK" and rock'in the MAC. Love that, i can show the wife. Someone has more basses than i do.
wow, those TC electronics amps really sounds good!
iv'e been watching your videos from the begining. your the man marlowe!
Thanks for all this work put here for free!!!! I find it very usefull!!!!
Its an Apogee duet soundcard, but sometimes i also just record direct to the line-in input
Good to have you back neighbor on the other side of the bridge :D
dk, u'r the best teacher ! thanks for all french love u man funk up
He(marloweDK) reminds me off my last teacher i had scary look alike
That's crazy. Not only am I a bassist, but also a web designer Trippy...
he doesn't describe the TC cabinet and equipment and didn't play enough licks.......
I can't believe Marlowe stopped playing and almost buried all that talent.
Hi! Can I find your band on MySpace? Love your tutorials! Keep it up man!
this guy is sooooo rad! has helped me soooo much!! thanks MARLOWEDK!!
@RageicaNiels tc electronics refers to their amp heads as amps, so he meant the rh450 head was in the bag, not the cabinet lol
how many basses do you have in total Marlowe? Escpecially those Fender Jazz basses? And which ones are your favorites?
Larry Graham did not invent slap pop !!! he was the first to use it in a recording that was a hit !! get it right
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