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So proud of my team :')
As a loooong suffering Giants fan, 2010 was the best. I remember standing here in my house in the Sierras, by myself, screaming at my TV with that final out, then immediately sending an e-mail to my equally die hard older sister, who happened to be traveling and in Texas at the time "Pinch me, am I dreaming or did I just see our Giant win the f-ing World Series?". She assured me I was correct. 2012 was great, 2014 even better,the way they backed into the playoffs and no media giving them a chance.......But 2010, the first ever for the SAN FRANCISCO Giants, that was magic. 
Watching this still gives me the chills after SF won their 3rd in 5 years.
I want a new video, ieeeBear!
take a look at his fastball velocity in this video. most of the time its around 92 mph
Timmy was so on it in this game and made batters look like the chumps they are, dude was so in sync.
One of the best pitching performances I've seen in the World Series. Timmy in his prime was really really amazing.
I have probably watched your video a million times. my favorite giants video by far. Amazing job. Truly amazing.
Watching this in 2014 still gives me goosebumps..
now 2014 is commmmmmmmmmmmmming!!!!!!!!
+blur232425  fuck ya~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
just watched the 49ers lose to the seahawks in the nfc championship. watching this brought my feelings back to normal.
How is 4:49 right down the middle Joe Buck that seemed like middle outside corner
Damn, what happened to this Lincecum?
just put him in the game and let a rip
I love this video so much. Thank you!
i also found links for all the NLDS & Cs Giants wins from both 2010 &2012 if you want those just post a reply here & i'll post those links too (just a heads up if you're archiving these for later viewing it's better to just "like" them rather than "Favorite" them (i tried favoriting the 2010 DS & CS but it wouldn't let me.
This video always gives me the chills. After they won this game,  I was finally able to forget the 2002 world series loss.
Great vid! Let's relive it in realtime!
Bam! Right on the Ranger's homefield! That must have hurt sooo bad! 
miss watching this team :(
i think the 2010 sf giants team was a much better team than the present 2012 sf giants. im not sure if the 2012 giants could go all the way.
We can do it again, Let's GO GIANTS !
Greatest moment ever. I have witnessed the Giants win two World Series titles after becoming a fan in 2007.
I was at the perfect game. this makes that perfect game seem like shit. miss all these players. especially timmy sucks so much ass to see him struggle like this.
That could not have ended more perfectly. 3-2 full count, 1 out to go. Strikes him out and the drought is over.
Freddy was supposed to be back in April!!
today's win was amazing! coming back down 0-2 to the reds to win 3 straight... i hope to watch the giants 27 outs for the 2012 world series
man, i didn't think it got any better than this...but in 2012 the G men proved me wrong!
chills everytime i watch the last pitch
You can't be too upset.. Texas is raking it this year
Not a Giants fan, but this video gave me goosebumps.
there isn't a single position player from that lineup still relevant except Buster Posey.
hey can u upload the perfect game video you made on vimeo? its not as picky as youtube! I would love to see how your video turned out :D
Fear the beard is also a steelers saying for breat kiesel
Good thing they signed burrell, a hometown player
This team reminds me of 2004 red sox...
You can upload the video on vimeo. I'd be awesome.
Seeing Timmy in his prime and seeing him now almost makes you want to cry, but we have two more years of Timmy, and I really hope he can turn it around.
I agree even though the run in 2012 was awesome coming back down from 2-0 and 3-1, 2010 felt so much sweeter being their first in San Francisco. Plus seeing the Dad who is a lifelong fan enduring the pain of 1989 and 2002 burst into happiness was awesome!
What a perfect fitting.... Lincecum for 8 strong and Wilson to close the 9th
@ 2:20 my eyes shifted to the neon color
watched theme go to the series twice frist 10 years ago and it was a heartbreak for many years to follow then this game to happen best game in giants history no dout should make this video for cains perfect game
2010 was so fucking awesome I still remember how we weren't supposed to get passed the braves and how the phillies were supposed to put us in our place. Honestly the rangers were just a speed bump Beating the phillies was the real World Series.
GIANTS! hada see this one more time!
From Croix de Candlestick watching the Giants playing the Padres in an extra inning game on a Tuesday Night in September in front of 8,500 in Attendance,then watching names like Gary Thomason,Mike Sadek,Steve Ontiveros,Chris Speier,Marc Hill, Johnny LeMaster,Rob Andrews, Charlie Williams now move up to 2010 & 2012.if only the bandwagon fans only knew.......
EVERY giants fan gets goosebumps watching this, tears of joy : )
Yeee we go again!!!! Go Giants!
we need freddy back!!! everyone says hes not that good, but freddy is a power spark. miss him on our team
I always love to see the crowd react in the background. XD
even after 2012, the first one is still sweeter. i shit you not, still hands down, the best video on youtube.
great job i bleed Black and orange Go Giants :)
Can't wait to see the video like this one of this year
I will never tire of watching this.
I've been a Giant fan since 1963. Amazing when the Giants had Mays, McCovey and Marichal never won it all. Now they win 2 times in 3 years, and there was almost a complete turnover in everyday players. Only Posey was there both times. It sure was fun to watch the 2012 Giants.
anyone else like watching the Giants fan in the orange sweatshirt behind home plate be the only one cheering whenever Timmy strikes someone out?
I made the 27 Outs: Perfection (Matt Cain's Perfect Game) video...but it is getting blocked. Unsure how to proceed.
You hear that, since 1954, 2010 is the last year the giants will win the world series, since now the entire team has fallen apart
i shit you not, hands down, best video on youtube.
guys/ gals...of young and old; remember this: we are part of a family. A family that has waited decades for that moment. I waited since 1987, and I was 10! And I live in PA! Point is, we just be rejoicing all the great moments from that season, even if some of those guys have moved on to SF's rivals. Like Huff said in Aug of 2010 "Im not greedy, I don't need 7 rings, one is enough for me." Me too buddy.
its called the world series because the mlb is played by players from all over the world, not just americans.
5:26 Lady in the background going ape-shit xD
I liked 2012 better because we had our backs against the wall 6 times and won all 6 times and we swept the World Series instead of winning in 5
As much as Tim is struggling this year, watching this video gives hope that he'll find his way and get back to being dominant.
Giants are going to the world series after tonight!!!
Everyone wants it, so make a 2012 version
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