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Mason sleep eating an ice cream cone

by denwells7148 • 503,557 views

Too tired to stay awake, but not giving up on that ice cream cone. Shown on Good Morning America.

Jesús Pasillas Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Love my May-May! See you Monday buddy!
When I was a baby when I drink milk I would fall asleep and then drink some more milk and when I ran out I cried
You're really funny. You don't know me, how can you know my character? You may be a more polite version, but thanks for proving that the anonymity of the internet makes for Jerks. I'm sorry I began to even imply that you were less than perfect. Now can you please get over yourself?
damn he must be sippin on that lean
Absolutely! People should be more positive at least he has ice cream and not a Loa loa in his eye. Happy kids are the best kind. Sleep and ice cream. What more could you ask for? Thanks for sharing :)
come on parents -- you have to tell us how it ended. this is unfair leaving us hanging after 3 minutes.
dot reddit dot com/r/funny/comments/tg40u/not_sure_if_sleeping_disorder_or_eating_disorder/
If it really offended you perhaps you should've just not fed the troll? Internets are serious business I guess.
Oh Dear Now You Are Going To Keep This And Remind Of It When He Gets Older Won't You?? LOL!!!
This is going to get millions of views later :P
looks like me, when i come home saturday at 3:00 AM trying to eat somthing totaly drunken :D
Yes,,,I asked myself that too... ;) I really wanna know if he finished it...
That's just the noise that he is making as he eats the icecream cone. Don't worry too much.
Looks like me on a saturday night - change ice cream for beer.
If you look through the window you will see the car is not moving.
She was making a broad general statement on how she felt about some of the comments on this video. Everyone seems to understand that but you. You didn't need to say anything at all, get over yourself.
That kids gonna wake up mad! saying who ate my ice cream!
This lad is caught making a massive decision between two of life's greatest pleasure: to eat ice cream, or pass the f*** out. Clearly indecision is getting the best of him.
That was cute talk about commitment to finishing the job lol
The ending shall be left unto the imagination.
Some say he is still eating that ice cream cone.
13 + people are pathetic A** clowns who think they're clever because they sit lonely in their parents basement stealing a neighbors WiFi and the best they can do in this world is dislike videos without reason....These basement dwellers have no soul! THANKS FOR SHARING THIS COOL VIDEO OF MASON!!!
He will be good kid, like idiots
Too cute!!!!!!! I wonder if he is dreaming about his Ice cream too. You should fix his chest clip tho, move it up level with his armpits. He could get seriously injured with it riding this way.
Idiot. You caught that didn't you. You americans are so predictable and fat.
This is exactly how I act with my last beer of the night.
One 25 lbs kid eating an adult sized ice cream cone is like one 175 lbs adult eating seven of the same ice cream cones.
lol how funny next thing u know he eats everything in the house
LOL my fiance and i are cracking up after watching this! i'm hoping it'll convince him to make babies with me soon. :) "see hon, they provide entertainment in exchange for us taking care of them!"
only in america, can children eat and sleep, that is why americans are fat.
Why because there child is eating a ice cream? Make some sense before you speak please.
Thank you for your nice comments. He has two loving parents that keep him safe. The car is pulled over and he just nodded off halfway through his ice cream.
Thank you, finally admitted you've been trolling. *tips his hat* that's all I wanted.
I would prefer you to be a little less condescending and realize that if you want a comment to be private, then perhaps it should be send via the private message system. I'm not offended at all. I know you're probably not going to believe it "Sweetie." The condescending tone is a little annoying, admittedly, but I've been called worse. Don't bother praying for me, I don't need it. Seriously, "sweetie" some old saying about a black pot and kettle comes to mind...
this must be a damn good ice cream
Might actually want to hit respond, there. Just so you know. looks like you're ranting to nobody at all...
Your such an idiot. what kind of question is that? So, typically douche bag hipster fat american wise ass question. Fuck Off.
He is probably allergic to dairy or the product (chocolate)!!!!!!!!…trust me I am like that if I eat dairy products. I went to several allergy doctors and they couldn’t figure it out….but I knew what happen and how it made me feel…so know I avoid it all together.
Because telling me this is going to help, oh internet white knight.
Ice Cream or sleep? Tough choice.
Que comco! Jajaaa😃😃😃👍👏👏
That's great - love it & had to share it on FB.
This is the cutest video!!!! I keep laughing every time I watch it. I imagine my son will do the same thing one day, Thanks for sharing such a sweet video.
By the way, his parents are the sweetest people you'll ever meet!
Sleep.. .so tired. NO! The Ice cream! sleep... so tired...
When I was 5yrs old or around that I use to eat money. My mom didn't mind it until we went to the store and sked where her money way. True story.
soooo funny i could laugh 2 death
Good morning to you who took his breakfast as well like this
DID HE FINISH IT OR NOT?! THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!! i watched the whole 3 minutes to find there's no ending :(
Why are they laughin at this blind kid. You try to eat when u cant see
That kid drank a lot of whiskey before filming this.
Well Played. I did not notice because I was looking at the cute kid.. :)
Soooo tired but this ice cream is sooo yummy hahahah :)
Mason is so cute and this is a great video..... : )
He is a twin to my grandson Jacob. It could have been him, He is 7 yrs old now in 2nd grade. Sorry about the mistake of him being my grandson Jacob! Ha!
Funny little man...........Burning question....What happened to the rest of the cone?
shall i eat or sleep?? hmmm why not both
The early signs of childhood obesity.
When he will grow up and see this, the parents won't laugh the same
My dad does that all the time... With a can of beer
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