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Toonami: TOM vs. TOM 4

by Patrick Conroy • 57,809 views

IT'S OVER 9,000!!!!! I WANT TO PERSONALLY THANK EVERYONE FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!!!!! I don't own Toonami, Looney Toons, Star Wars, O Fortuna or Queen's "We are the Champions. These are my...

Fun Fact: Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro looked to TOM 3 for inspiration when he was designing Gipsy Danger!
this video is so random. the fight was hilarious.
Tom's 1-3 all had style that couldn't be matched. Tom 4 was the brother that was the loser of the bunch but they still loved him because he was still their little brother.
My Favorite Tom is everyone of them except 4 and maybe the new 5th one. He said "Toonami's Back Bitches!"
Toonami May 26 is born back with Tom 3 :D
i thought the small tom was originaly named bob... then the one that took over was tom.. huh.. mind blown
3:24 will forever be the best tom and the best thing that happened to cartoon network
Anyone who likes TOM 4's design is obviously working for Stuart Snyder.
The best action show around =l... Dragonball/Dragonball Z/Dragonball GT. Fuck your brightly colored ninjas.
Is the guy that said "Tom, new absolution" the voice of Optimus Prime!?
Always liked TOM... except for TOM 4...
yh i agree, coz i think toonami was getting more views then cartoon network
wow my words explain what i just say with the battle thing but i am dieing with laugh what the the floting orange robot said
TOM 4 isn't that bad was still Steven j blum voicing him. Yes, TOM 3 is still probably the best but stop hating on TOM 4 lol. Also....#ToonamiIsBackBitches Tonight :D
i wanted to see revenge for tom4 saying welcome back sorry for making you cry your eyes out even though when i left you was 18 but you watch since the first fuck brodcast and the last see all the toms and never missed one episode but i loved the third model too
how did tom get his new look. website not ther anymore. answer if u read it
I didn't watch Toonami back when TOM 1 was around, only when TOM 2 was in... so looking at all these TOM 1 vids are a bit of a novelty... but I still have to admit, TOM 1 had lots of technical flaws, which were smoothed out with TOM 2. In my opinion, TOM 2 is the best out of the 4. I don't like TOM 4 at all.
thats not really classic tom, wasnt the first tom white and grey?
The mission remains the same, the united states government funds NASA so a robot can watch cartoons... IN SPACE!
When there was no Tom at all there was Moltar and he began the program. T.O.M 0.4 bows down to Moltar.
You know...I'm thinking this might be a little bias..
I TOTally agree. Now we have no spot on cartoon network to watch all of the epic anime shows. I know I used to hate commercials and stuff, but watching anime on the computer just does not feel the same
thumbs up if everytime tom 4 said "the best action show around" you said dragon ball z
Well im gonna be posting a Vid about T.O.M.'s return when i get the chance. TOM needs the welcome back party he deserves. and im gonna try my best to give it. ALL HAIL TOONAMI!
I liked the first revision of Tom. you know, the one the had the emblem right in the middle of his chest and had slightly smaller eyes? but Classic Tom was still really awesome.
What's the name of the Looney Tunes short, much?
Thankz, ALL HAIL TOONAMI, btw what channel does it come on in sky??
The only problem with old Tom is that he's not voiced by Steve Blum
Never noticed it before but the Absolution looks like Mass Effect's Normandy had a baby with a Klingon Bird of Prey
I didn't like Tom 4 at all. I never got why they got rid of the original Tom. But they're back with the original so I guess we can say thank you Adult Swim for knowing what's best for Cartoon Network.
If you could have found another US channel that aired anime before May 26, 2012, then I would have settled for anything; even if TOM looked like shit. It could have been worse, they could have changed his voice too.
I heard that TOM 1, 2 and 3 are the same character.
I think that Mobile Suit Gundam has something to say about your Naruto comment. Good luck dealing with the 18 meter robots. By the way, sieg Zeon.
who else thinks TOM 3 seams a bit like masterchief ?
If Toonami wanted too, They Could have put them out of bussuness. Dont Tumbs up me if u agree cause thats just retarded, Instead send me a msg say u agree. maybe u can get a new friend :)
To be honest, I like all the Toms :D
Calling Naruto the best anime of our time is like calling the Star Wars Holiday Special the best thing to happen to Sci-Fi.
its cool how when toonami was first comes along hes like a boy. Then as it gets older so does Tom. Its really cool
I Didnt Even Know They Made A Tom 4 Until I Seen This!
They shoulda stopped at 3,as they say, third time's the charm :P
*Nosebleeds like a K-Pop Fangirl at the mention of T.O.M. 3.0's abs* You... You mentioned the fact that T.O.M. 3.0 had them robot abs and a sexy voice, much? *Screams like a K-Pop Fangirl*
Toonami is toonami, personally I like the gen 2 and 3. The cortana AI and the little minion bots blowing each other up and making robot coolest stuff on TV. Gen 4 a little weird with the extra guys and brand new look kind of hard to get into. but hey It was still Kick A**. Now it's back up!
yeah because it wasnt tom, it was a totally different character than tom that was commissioned by tom to work in his place, as the story is told
tom1 was all right but tom 2 and 3 were my favorites.
anime companies pulled their shows because cn decided to charge a lot of moeny for it
hey guys just yesterday at midnight toonami came back on adult swim :D no lie no april fool's prank
this seemed a little scripted.
"I guess that makes us..OG's" T^T Tom Goddamn you got swag. I'm so glad he's back! Fans Rejoice! ^o^
Tom 4 saying the best action cartoon is naruto. What a lie.
dude i remember tom 2 he was great he got me bumped when he talked about dbz!
LOL "I guess that makes us 'OG's'"
Sara: Alright TOM. We're ready. Tom: I love this job. *punch* *Death Star beam goes off* XD
How did toonami work for cartoon network, then over to Adult swim?
God, I remember one morning coming down and saw the new Tom (I don't know why it was on in the morning) my expression was seriously, what the **** is this crap. I miss the old cartoon network. What's with this new bull crap excuse of cartoons coming in? I ****ing hate change.
Whatever, TOM 3 won in the end, since he's the host of new Toonami.
well i guess im that dog (well not when it boos i like all toms) because i actually like TOM 4. who really cares if you hate his design. btw feel free to thumbs down this ;/ i seen on other vids what they do...
i dont care about fingers, all im saying is TOM 2 is BADASS
I did not GIVE A SHIT about what TOM looked like. Basically, what this guy is saying is that he would rather not watch anime every Saturday night. So it is true that they changed TOM back, but I bet it took them so long because everyone was complaining about TOM's current design. I bet they had a new story all ready for him until the fan rage kicked in and they got pissed off. True, I did hate TOM's new robots, but I didn't give a shit; just as long as there was some anime to watch.
TOM vs TOM4? put it this way: there's a reason that Toonami's coming back with the original TOM...
This is actually extremely good compared to most "vs" videos. Good job editing.. Good job making it funny and most of all dare I say accurate. And in the end, we are the champs.. Cause guess who's back?
Tom 3 is the best cant wait for May 26! Toonami is back glad they're bringing back Tom 3 too
No wonder I didn't recognize him O_o And kids had to deal with him until Toonami got cancelled? The poor bastards...
why did they shut down toonami, was cartoon network scared that toonami would put them out of business?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make a new one with Tom 3.5.. No?
wouldnt it be great if toonami could just have its own channel
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