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by BalconyTV • 132,313 views

Abby performing 'Welcome Home' for BalconyTV Hamburg. Subscribe to us right now at - 'Like' us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter -...

you guys need to get your song around more cant find it anywhere GET IT ON ITUNES!!!
i like his voice. reminds me of plain white ts and snow patrol mixed together.
I wonder what the studio version sounds like? Because acoustically live it is amazing!
BTW if u guys wanna find them, u may google "searchingforabby"
WEIRD.... but how GREAT sounds!!!
you guys are great! Love this acoustic version! I want more acoustic stuff ;)
endlidch mal wieder eine gute deutsche band !
Very interestingly especially the tool - big and round )))
fuck i cant get enough.MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are just amazing....simply amazing
what a cracking hell yeah good song :D
Haa ha the microphone is duct taped to the wall.. lool and the drummer is so funny lol
nope i reckon just the Cello is good enough.
any1 want a invite to lockerz? it's a site there your get free stuff like a ipod or iphone for awnsering questions. pm me if your intressted
f@tt - phat - fäd -einfach fett die jungens
this is awesome! just found it randomly :/ absolutely amazing!
I like this, I can listen it again, again and again.
10 tone deaf people watched this
i love the way they're all moving :) it makes me want to aswell.
This is so amazing! I love it! Really well composed song.
I think the music is pretty bad in this video, but because his voice is so good it saved it :)
I like it alot! When he's sings he doesn't sound German.
Really cool, I liked the cello part.
lol wow , i was more distracted by the beautiful music wow . so fresh
When I started watching this video at the beginning I didn't expect such a grate show (on a balcony ^^). Grate song, grate band!
What??? And in the song they sing "Abilene"!!! That's my name. SO COOL. This song is fantastic, these guys are going somewhere.
молодцы!!!! Очень понравилось.
Great stuff! When I hear your music my hands and feet develop a life on their own ... :-D Where can I buy your music?
i met them in heidelberg, they're just amazing..
:D God, i love this song....! <3
I love your channel! Its become a part of me really all this great music i find here!
Wow, I just stumbled upon this. Great stuff :)
@otupnavi This song is on itunes now! It's called "welcome home" by ABBY
Went to the website, I like their other songs much better... humming: WEEEE DON'T WORRY!!!!
who is this band and what is the song called
richtig, richtig gut! gefällt mir.. (:
damnnnnnnn germans have huge ass noses.
these guys are guna go somewhere!
I really like this.... do u mind if i do a solo acoustic version of this? :O) this is totally uber :O) !!!
not my type of music, pretty cool but, i think it sounds alot like cold play........
Click my name for some exclusive uk underground music. From Grime to rap. Producer going hard this year please subscribe if you love uk underground.
can never get over the creeper in the very back ahaha
this song is amazing! i want this song on my ipod so bad!
i don't speak german ,what's name of this song?
Fantastic tune different very refreshing five stars *****
what`s the name of this band?? ABBY ?? I ask because I can`t find their other vids and i don`t understand in Deutsch.
The best aspect of this video is that all five of them are really into the song - you can tell they all enjoy playing music together!
Does anyone know if these lads have a youtube?
whoever boywunder343 is ur on crack. i love this song && band.
Please release a downloadable EP so i can listen to this on my IPOD!
Now that was a fun jam. Great song. ABBY is going to go places. Congratulations ABBY.
Damn warum mussen sie deutschen feature!!
so schauts aus. mannheim baby! am freitag in der alten feuerwache =)
Great gig last night (Underbelly, Hoxton)!!!
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