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im yours (cover) , sam hollyman and co

by Sam Hollyman • 238,541 views

Album::::: 'To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Viral Spiral...

You sings very good sam
This suck balls a couple minutes of my life that al never get back
Best song! we really need more songs from u
You're awesome man! With a little bit of pro coaching and a publicist (or stage outbreak at the likes of X-Factor) you will drive Buble's career to the ground! Kidding, but the world is your oyster buddy!
Loved it! Thank you for sharing. Also, about the "school picture"... between that and your singing they better keep you locked up or the girls will take advantage of you, good luck with that.
hey sam, man u r good. I'm about your age and also sing and seeing you with Michael Buble is an inspiration man, hope you make it big.
your really good!!! i loved Michael Buble's reaction when you started to sing! "Holy shit-balls!!" I agree with him!! Keep it up<3
OMG YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Saw you years ago on YT (The michael buble incident) Now i don't have a shadow of a doubt you will be great one day!! Make it!!!!! Much love and respect!
@themadoboist By the way, I don't see any videos of you singing. Care to post one before you go tearing someone else apart?
Hi sam i am a radio presenter for Radio Lionheart in the north east and northumberland i have seen your music and wow i really did enjoy listening to it i was hoping to ask whether you have any cd's as i can play them at the station and get more radios around the uk too, i look foward to hearing from you soon Sam
thanks - dont know about sounding better tho - but thankyou :D
your voice is so amazing - - i love it
Talent beyond belief...stay true to yourself and keep the music lovers of the world engaged...your Buble vid went around my office and everyone was blown away, you made me cry! I live in Canada and trust me - your vid was huge over here...your voice and musical talent will take you far, Sam. I wish you all things wonderful in your music career but make sure you finish school!! Will keep watching for new vids and hope you sign on with a great label that deserves you. Cheers.
I kinda have to agree with thermadoboist, though without the use of vitriolic rhetoric ;) I'm 17 years old and it's safe to say I have a "better" voice than this guy. The problem with popular culture is that teens think they can just have a pretty voice and become successful. While that's the case for the very select few, usually technique is how success is achieved. I find it unfair as well that classical singers like myself are overshadowed by people like Sam Hollyman
you shuda auditioned for the xfactor this year !
Hey Sam...Good Luck in France! You'll be AWESOME! You are a star and remember always, with the backing of your mum, you will go further than you've probably already dreamed of! Once again we love you here in the US!
I heard you with Buble for the first time today and kid I would buy anything you put out. Awesome voice.
@davies141 YouTube comment with terrible grammar and punctuation and channel without any credible links. Seems legit.
O.O Wow this is amazing!!!! You are a great talent my friend!!!! X3
i started to cry!!!! you are so talented!!! keep up the good work
When you get your own album...let me know :) ... I'm so buying it!
your awsome keep it up :D from ireland !
Awesome Sam... just awesome! Mraz himself would be proud of this.
@aalexzhul by "talent" do you mean his mummy? he has poor technique and wouldn't have been noticed if not for what happened on that show. there are far better singers out there that remain unknown
I just saw that vid of you and Michael Buble, gave me goosebumps when you started to sing! I got all excited when I saw there was more of you cause I got really curious and wanted to hear more haha.. You really have a good voice, keep it up! :)
wooooow ! he became famous already :P
thanx for all the smashing comments - Ive put one together of some songs I wrote - it on my youtube channel - Sam Hollyman his debut album This Is Me... available to purchase from iTunes & Amazon or can purchase directly from: SAM HOLLYMAN MUSIC PO BOX 3565 - STAFFORD UK ST16 9QQ £5 inc P&P (£6 if outside UK
good luck your supported by everyone in he uk
Saw your video with michael, I honestly thought you sounded better , hope you make it big, best of luck.
Thanx had a great time in France hope you like the pics on my facebook site. Maybe one day will get to come over there :D
Keep going man, we are listening you until in France. Bonne chance.
awesome - and that song by Mr. Mraz is difficult to sing - lots of words close together. Fabulous!
Defo' buying your cd's... start recording soon please...It was pleasure hearing you with the 'Buble' -x-
I still dont understand how you had the guts to sing like that on such i big stage, but i guess also that it is a one in a life time expirience! Keep singing because you have an amazing voice! :D <3
C'est quoi ce regard de pervers ? XD
THIS is why i hate Justin Beiber.
omg i go his school i see him like everyday and i only just found out he sang with buble i need to keep up with the times but get in there BLESSED WILLIAM HOWARD SCHOOOL WE ARE THE BEST WOOOP :D
Shit man you can sing. Just throw on a tux and youll go so far! :) the next. no. the better michael buble :)
@lalaFTW3 rose you have to go back to least you have to work on your is not...."there ears or there eyes" instead " their ears or their eyes" got it??
great singer but he looks like he's going to Hogwarts
Keep at it. You WILL make it.
Hi Sam :-) When will we see you on french TV's ?
Amazing young singer. I was at that Michael Buble concert and I have to say you've come a long way Sam since then. Stunning!!! and such a natural voice
Do you go to hogwarts? Sorry good stuff dude
you have a great voice sam, keep going mate, dont let anyone tell you that you cant succeed and ill buy your first cd mate for sure , good luck
Woooooooo! Go eat that Justein Bever kid!
Holly Shit Balls Sam Rip it Up...Go Kill Em Your A Super Star.....
Hey sam just saw ur michael buble stint... dude u make me smile. Im just a mum n a punter n have just 1 little piece of advise... Dont try just do. U got a good voice n sometimes it sounds like ur tryin too hard. chillax dude u gonna make it regardless, have fun with it. cant wait to see u on the touring circuit!... Come to australia mate u got a big fan base here already.
thanx -- Michael really helped me that night. Ive just gotta work on it. Fingers crossed:D
@davies141 If you want to fool someone... You did a bad job - in short.
Can't wait to follow your career! Keep on singing!
Hollyyy shit man you are beast. Keep this up your a solid singer. Make more such quality videos, this is very very very good. if you ever produce something or have a concert i will go for sure.
thank you so much - hope you like some of the songs I wrote myself - maybe get over there one day :D
@gmwphnehn I never said I was jealous, I wouldn't want attention for singing like this. I'd feel guilty and undeserving. Singers make the choice everyday to sacrifice ambition for success. Prime example, Kristin Chenoweth. She received a Master's for Opera Performance from OCU, but chose to go down the path of broadway theatre due to it being more "profitable". But ask her or other professionals who sing in both genres, she'll tell you who the better singers are.
your voice is amazing. I'm waiting for u to get big so I can hear u everywhere :)
Sam.... Michael's reaction said it all!!! You are amazing and I cannot wait for you to get signed on so you can get the recognition you deserve!!! You are amazing!!! Never give up on your dreams and always follow your heart as it will take you far!!! <3 <3
just so you know iv only just seen that you have replyed on my comment anywayz everyone cheak out my videos
Hes ok, hes not good enough to get a record label though. There are millions just like him
if you can make Buble impressed, you'll get far.
Love love love it Sam keep it up ( Australia here :o) )
is it me or does he sound abit like wierd al :)
I just saw you with Michael Buble!! good job :D
@FoxRocksy hey nice to hear , i am rumanian also, i live in spain, so i guess hugs and kisses from both countries hahahahaaha
Your so amazing Sam! This songs gonna be my audition song for when I try out for X Factor but I know you can sing it better!!!
A lot of fans in the U.S. also. Terrific appearance with Buble, who I also like. This is a very good song. You sound just a bit like Alex Rybak. Great style. Please keep it up.
yo i say you sing whith buble on stage
it's like if Justin Bieber was actually any GOOD
@incredulousG3 well, see, at least sam is humble. even professionals dun go around saying who's better than who. except maybe for rap and hip hop artistes. and yes, u may have a better voice, but could u pull off a pop song? every musician/singer has his/her strength. u're good at classical songs, sam is good at modern contemporary. u may talk about having a better voice or technique, but how long have u been singing under professional guidance?
@edwinombac Funny that you used the term "no talent ass clown" in the same sentence as another performer named Michael B. I know it was originally used to refer to Bolton, so kudos bruh!
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