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Russ Ballard - Voices

by 1985MiamiVice • 457,787 views

Der stampfende Rhythmus begeistert mich , toller Song !
Crockett and Tubbs in the Scarab, on their way to track Calderone. 
Episode 4..season 1.  This was the scene, and the song....that gave Vice the ratings shove it needed.  They killed off the original LT Gregory Sierra.....and 2 episodes later Olmos came in to the series.  Just my opinion....but the Scarab scene with this what launched Vice into big time popularity.
+Buddy R. one show I wouldn't miss.they had the formula.....I downloaded the entire series on bit torrents....the weekend didn't start right without vice...
hell yeah take me back 80s
I can't help myself I love this S H I T   !!!
I remember taking the bus home after skipping gym class more or less every Monday... To get home to watch a brand new VHS recording of a Miami Vice episode that aired in the middle of the night, the Sunday before. I'm a fat slob with shitty grades now, but those memories of Crockett and Tubbs flying through the air out there on the water are so much more valuable to me than anything. 
Ha ha love it! This is what I thank YouTube for! I'm sure if I typed this in on other sites or apple I'd be like "sorry there is no record of this artist" or $4... T.y.y.T! This and try Balam and the angles "show you something special" from plains trains and automobiles ;-)
One of my favorite songs of the show that helped define a decade. Watching Miami Vice today, the show tackled topics thar are headlines today. Voices, I hear voices....
love the show... perfect for its' time... enduring themes...
it did define was different then...everything had pinache....good times....miss them
Remember it well.Early 80's..Drug money-Exotic cars-Night clubs we couldn't even afford  to get into..Best music in TV...
Creepy intro tho lol YouTube poop brought me here
Being a 50yr musician, this is one of the best synth & rythemic songs I have heard!
What a time warp, this is one of my favorite '80s tracks.
Like if you got the yayo
One of the most EPIC songs of all time. The lyrics...just....brilliant. The music...sublime. This was the 80's.
Makes a good theme song on those "Certain Occasions"
Norberto Miranda Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
grazie nichele,,,,,,buon natale,,,,
Best songwriter of the 60's 70's and 80's
was anyone else brought here by emperorlemons youtube poop?
"the Krusty Krustaceans Kantankerous Kommercial"
Calderone's return pt 2?
Up until the 12 second mark, it reminds me of the UFO in GTAV above Fort Zancudo
elkotetsu Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
"Años" averiguando saber quien cantaba (y como se llamaba este tema)....!! Finalmente, hoy lo supe jajajaj
Master track!!!! jodidamente bueno!!!!
Yes i like listerning to weird stuff like this!
I heard this and went to grab my Parachute Pants my Micheal Jackson Jacket and checkered Vans, then I cried because I knew I used to wear this crap.
Some how I can REALLY relate to " Voices ".✳
Don't look back, look straight ahead...
The beginning is so creepy...
Klau392 Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Russ Ballard - Voices 1984!
norm santoro Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
+scyhte82 I think he means the Ferrari is a 1987 model, not he was time travelling lol
trop top j'adore!!!!! 
THANK YOU!!!!  I remember when this song came out, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember the artist.  This is SUCH a jammin' song.  It was used in Miami Vice Season One, Ep. 6: Calderone's Return (Pt.2), where Sonny and Rico head to the Bahamas to get some payback on Colombian kingpin Calderone, the man who murdered Rico's brother, Sonny's late partner, and their boss, Lt. Rodriguez.(Episode aired in 1984),  The ChrisCraft Stingray cigarette boat that Sonny drove actually belonged to Don Johnson.  The minute he saw it, he wanted it and bought it and they used it throughout the rest of the series.
Actually, I made a mistake- the cigarette boat was a ChrisCraft Scarab, not a Stingray.
I'm surprised this didn't make the charts, cause it was all over the radio (and TV) in the mid 80's
Lez Martin Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Luca Doniselli Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Bruno Bezerra Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Russ Ballard - Voices.
when i purchased my 1986 Porsche 928 this song was on the cassette when i purchased the car.... go figure...
@1985MiamiVice - what about the Testarossa from the 3rd season on up. What model is that car?
Dear lord I dont know how I ended up here! I graduated in '85. nice song!
where does time go? great song
@1985miamivice..yes,thanks for the correction....crockett out..
i just watched part II of calderone's return with this song :)
In Portugal 28 September... To remind this and so many others classics.
Freaking iphone auto-correct! lmao! Totally screws what you write all the time.
if you listened to this in 1987 how can you be 14 years old now? time machine? :D
metanse sus anuncios por el culo
@Cakeyflour Ok I checked the dvd. Havent watched this for awhile. The Testarossa u were referring to was the black one driven by the bad guy. I dont think this track was ever officially listed on any of the soundtrack cd's. I'm on it though. No one has been able to stump me on Vice yet : )
@101jumpit ..same .the lyrics have been stuck in my head since those bygone days and I never found who sang this , until tonite . Gotta download it to my MP3 player asap!
where does time go? great song
@jeshkam i will try to find out, and ALL of you if you want to know what song it is than please send me a messege Example: Episode- The Pilot What kind- R&B In what scene the song was- When Tubbs was in strip club That kind :D :D :D
The BBC programme was "no Limits" Jenny Powell and Tony Baker
Excellent and great song! Too bad there isn't a show simular to Miami Vice on TV now!
something in german ich find das lied klasse es hat viel energie weiter so russ
de pana esta cancion me hace recordar mi epoca de liceista, aparte de que una amiga muy querida que se paso de plano por leucemia la escuchaba conmigo.
Thanks, but I wrote "Not the Peter Gabriel's song". It was Jan Hammer's instrumental track.
must greaT powerfull song and great play guitar!
I've looked for this song for years.... glad its been found!
@FarleyTube - I lived Miami Vice and the 80's songs...I live in South Florida at that time, tried to get down to Miami (I live in West Palm Beach in Palm Beach County, about 55 miles north). My dad and I would watch it together when it was on Saturday nights, then Sunday nights. We both loved cop shows, before that it was CHiPs. I always wanted to go south to Miami to see if I could catch one of the scenes, they actually were open to the public to watch on certain occasions.
Que temazo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David de Argentina...... seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Excellent music brings back those days in a flash! thanks for popping this up.
Listening to this takes me back to Australia February 1984 driving through the outback in a big V8. 43*C outside and no air-con lol Happy days
If anyone was wanting to know..the white 512tr was brought out in "stones war" crockett says to castillo..."look lt. I can't be doing these six figure drug deals looking like lil abner!!!" Castillo says..."its out in back" then "crocketts theme song starts playing...
me and my dad listen to this in his 1987 ferrari 328 and i actually enjoy the classics and I'm 14 so not many people my age do
Great Song, great time love and miss the 80´s. Thanks for memories.
Good Music and i hear it years ago. Thats a promise that the beats in here does'nt have enemys because most of todays music sounds like always the same but not this one ! Good basses and .... ! Great !
@bstewart2012 actually, it wasn't 512tr beacuse 512 tr was a 1995 model =)
The name of this episode is Calderone's return part 2
oops... must have been drunk. forget what i wrote! :D
Does anyone knows the instrumental song (not the Peter Gabriel's song) playing -probably twice - through the "Forgive Us Our Debts" episode. It's rather slow and it has a distorted guitar in it. I need to know this really badly. Thanks.
@Cakeyflour The episode When Irish Eyes Are Crying is the first episode of the 3rd season. In this episode the black Daytona Spider (kit) car was still being used, not the white Testarossa. Are you sure it was this episode?
Thank you Thank You Thank YOU for this post! I've tried to find this FOREVER! Thank you!!!!
Que cancion espectacular me acuerdo cuando tenia 25 años mas o menos , felicitaciones amigo y gracias por este aporte tan agradable saludos desde uruguay
What episode was this to? So many of the Miami Vice songs were set to music like a video.
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