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TUTORIAL: DRY Bantu Knots on Short Natural Hair

by MsReeezy • 142,654 views

Quick "tutorial" on how to do bantu knots on TWAA [teenie weenie ASS afro] Instagram: Reeezy

this was the first video i saw from you and immediately subscribed.  for some reason so funny to me.  been following you (creep much?) for years.  thanks for the laughs!
it is just BA-NTU not tswaaa babe!
Lmao ima use that twaa cuz that's surely what I have now
+Ebony. Queen #TheStruggle no matter how long my hair gets, I still feel like I have a twaa too lol
Shrinkage don't love nobody lol
You should have showed us how short your hair is
I am going natural and I'm Sudanese African and it's been growing out for about four months now and im upset cuz I don't know what to do with it cuz it still has the relaxed part and i don't want to cut it yet some one plz help me manage my hair cuz I don't want a relaxer thanks and I love this vid good job
Beautiful! i love it.... thanks from us short natural sistas!
ive watched this sooo many times, and i dont even wear bantu knots...
@saraibewildered glad u liked it. thanks honey bunches!
I'm going natural and haven't gotten a perm in about 6-8 months and I'm going to cut off all of my permed and split ends where the new growth begins. I like Bantu knots and all, but my hair will be really short and I'm scared of how I will look lol
I happened to be scrolling thru you tube nd stumbled upon this video.. I was here thinking I cant knot my hair cuz its only 6-8 inches long but guess you proved me wrong love the video. Nd I also dnt use hair products if I cant read the ingredients lol... def subscribed :)
@musiqchick02 give your bro a BIG kiss for me! i carry my BFF [my spray bottle] everywhere. Its a mix of water, leave in condish, carrot oil, olive oil, & rosemary oil...most of it is water with just a couple drops of everything else. the most important thing i do is seal my hair with all-natural shea butter after i wash it, while im braiding/two strand twisting it
You're like the woman version of Kevin Hart!!! Too funny. I'm sooooo subscribing to your channel!!!!!
i also fell in love with your hair hunnii. i also had to subscribe because you're so captivating on the screen WOMAN!!! lol. jes kidding. but thanks for the tutorial. my hair is short, and i'm trying to get the knots to stay as well. thanks loads, love.
Loved the video... wish I could see the results..
oh my lord. this video is priceles! thank you so much for supporting your sisters rockin' the TWAAs. i'm definitely going to check out your other videos, even if just for your hilarious commentary. again, thank you!
You are hilarious! :) thanks!
Thank you SOOO much for posting this, I have been trying to do these Bantu knots for the longest but because my hair is short it was proving difficult. My knots look great-Thank you!
talking to much get to the biz.
LMAO! Love the TWAA comment....priceless =D
Good video MsReeezy. Natural And Happy.
@MsReeezy Go to Amazon and type in "NOW Personal Care Vegetable Glycerin"? A fellow Youtuber told me about it and I bought it, then added it to my spritz. I've been in love since. It's like 9 dollars with shipping included. P.S. I love you, your videos are the best!
Great video u are very funny!
I love your TWAA, and you are so funny>>>love the polish and rings!!!
LMAO MsReeezy, I am cracking up over here! I am the same way, if I can not read it then I dont need to be putting it my hair. Im using all natural products too. Thanks for sharing.
LMFAO! I love your videos! my brother was making me watch the groupie video and I wasn't going to watch it till I saw you had natural hair videos, then when I heard how funny you were i was soooooooo happy! I HATE watching tutorials for natural hair because like you said too much talking going on! ( yeah you talk alot but its all funny and worth watching!) Anyway I wanted to know what do you use to keep your hair moisturized and/or conditioned? and where did you get the castor oil?
You are tooooo funny! Thanks for the vid
What is the difference in results between two strand twisting and just twisting? Is there a major difference? I've always wondered.
I swear by bantu knots...pretty much the only thing I know how to do, actually. lol
@brigetteLOVESsean nope! not when my hair was this short but now that its longer, i have to
off the subject, but Orange and blue nails... Are you a GaTOR girl?
So funny. I remember years ago I plait my small fro,and then I rolled it around the plait. I had never heard of a Bantu Knot( who knows ,maybe an ancestral flashback.) I looked like a human pin cushion. I had volume and my hair looked like Pig's Tails,very curly.
Does the castor oil work for your eyelashes?
I've been calling them chinese bumps since i was young
Hi i had to subscribe cause i fell in love with your hair.. whats the oil in the brown bottle called please?
lmfaoo , I love the begining where you were pronouncing "bantu" knots ! funny funny funny
me & my teeny weenie afro thank you :)
Hilarious and helpful! Thanks!
I love you!! You're so funny :-) so you didn't use bobby pins?? I feel like my hair won't stay in the knot ..
YES the peppermint is my fav...i've been looking for some glycerin forever... ps: i like u...we're ALWAYS on the same page!
girl your hair is longer than a twaa, but thanks for the video.
Thank you. I have hair like yours and this helps.
nappy nappy nappy nappy nappy nappy nappy nappy
You can also braid your hair, I personally love the braid look better
You are hysterical and I am so happy to see someone with hair like mine doing Bantu Knots, as soon as I take out my braids its on and poppin
That's a good philosophy, If you can't read it you don't need it.
gurl u funny! but it looks good~ great video!
Girrrrl, with the nails and the scarf and the ring and the gorgeous's the original style queen. Rock it girrrrl!
Ok I tried it to and my might be a lil shorter than yours, check it out @ "LagosNecee". twaaf•luv it
i talk too much too hehheh! am glad that there are many of us who love to talk..
Im happy you did it my hair is short to.
u are so funny. lol and i feel u bc i talk alot too!
im sad!!!! i cant find the part two...i was looking forward to seeing the result!!!!
Free balled!!! LOL!!!! Love it!! Good job!
pretty cool..i use to rock my hair in knots. "it took me too long only b/c i talk to much" lol
@sonwise79 thank you!! i'm slowly starting to get used to them. i love them
preach sistaa!! & your beautiful& our hair will get there!!!
You can use a bobby pin or ouch less band to secure the bantu knots.
lmao. im glad i found this. cuz my hair isnt as long and it frustrates me wen all i see is the long hair. thanks fro this
OMG you are too fucking funny. "thas like 8 syllables..." Thanx for the vid. Very Refreshing to watch<3
LMBO!!! Hilarious!!! po people that believe u r serious, lol
LOL!! Funny and helpful at the same time!
Talks way toooo much get to the point goooshh
I subscribed coz ur funny... lol I like u.
Ok It's been mths since u posted this. How has the Jamaican castor oil helped ur edges and lashes?
I agree with hair is short and they have many videos for people with long hair.... :) Anywho...I actually love the result of my hair when I do the bantu knots... Thanks for your video share :)
I love you already me too!! I don't use anything I can't pronounce, I even started blogging about my experience! My fro is like yours. About to bantu knot tonite for the first time...wish me luck! Lol
Loved this...since I cut my fro it's so hard to find tutorials that aren't on like shoulder length hair...great job!
aren't these the same as china bumps?
@skyydence Yeah in the caribbean we call it chine bump
2 much talking just explain what you're doing & be done w/it GEEZ.
Where can I get the jamaican caster oil?
your funny and so true I thought that to so I just did it and was like ppl with short hair can do it
Did your eyelashes and edges grow?? cause those r my weak spots too!
@enforcingfreedom no prob! bantu knot are a super cute style on natural hair, DEF one of my fav things to do with my fro
sure, your ends are protected and you can wear it like this or let it dry & wear the twists out
if you can't pronounce it you can't use it? geesh that wipes out like 95% of hair products!
I have to say I watched your whole video simply because of your personality. It's funny to watch a person just like yourself. Witty, intelligent, knowledgeable with a lil sista girl. LOL! Glad to hear you use all natural products as well. So do I! Great tutorials. Entertaining, informative and humorous.
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