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by 10SecondTraumas • 24,280 views

Stalkers welcome: @AnnaAkana @DeeDevil22 @Bebecrisp @AngelinaSpicer

Mine is ray willia- *cough* um justin bieber
Anna why is it, that you guys always put Ray in your videos but not the other way around...?
Thanks for making Ray do the questions again! :D
these are getting less and less traumatic
Anna plus ray= Asian migit children
everyday millions of people go on youtube, and RWJ is always on the front page, I THINK EVERY FUCKING MAN/WOMAN WHO HAS BEEN ON YOUTUBE KNOWS HIM. and a celebrity does not have to be a singer or an actor?
Dani Devito is still bigger than rwj and how is he a celebrity ololol
ray william johnson is not a celebrity.
ray? dont get me wrong. i dont hate this guy. but come on... =_=
Ray is a cross between Justin Bieber and Danny Devito LOL!!
Hey Anna! See if you cant get Ray to start doing the comment questions of the day again! I miss getting to answer the questions!
@fattyacid1970 Anna Akana the Asian
@10SecondTraumas so I'm glad a crush on Ray William Johnson is normal but I guess I'm the only one with fantasies
If you want to hear the name of the most important celebrity you should press 2 <3
OMG how big is that? After all, he's a midget. hehehe.
Danny Devito reminds me of a mini Ron Jeremy... that may explain why she likes him.
Danny Devito >>>>>>>>>>>>> Justin Bieber
Are people seriously disliking this video just because Anna said ray William Johnson? wow...
still RWJ is not a celebrity!!!
RWJ is not a That's cute though.
i love you women, i wish i could devote my time to stalking you
Isn't Danny taller than Ray? But what the hell, love is blind...
the fact that robert downey jr isn't mentioned makes my heart ache a bit...
justin bieber? nothing to do here...
even before clicking on the video i knew Anna was gonna say Ray ;)
Anna, its not called a crush anymore once you're swallowing his DNA.
... lets pick on the white girl :D
it's not a crush en you're dating him XD
Or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?
:DD love your vids <3 So funny. :DD
It doesn't count if you dating your crush
justin bieber can fucking die in a fire
Who is this Ray guy ? what movie or tv show is he in , i never heard of him !
its funny cause your actually dating ray
Anna & Dee, I love 10 second traumas, i think that you could do something where you perhaps let the commenters decide what trauma is next, i know myself i have lots of ideas :) muchlove :p
Uug rwj. The most annoying person on the internet.....
Anna's celebrity crush is,...ray......I TOTALLY didnt know that XP
Quiet Virgin no one likes you! (Hence the virgin I guess...)
that was.. disgusting lol.. Thanks for making me imagine this .. ah god!
Who is dating rwj is it the Asian chick or the tall blonde
of course anna would say her boyfriend -trollface-
that's her real boyfriend xD ofc she chose him =)
Bonus points to Anna for claiming her actual boyfriend. It surprises me how many people aren't aware of their relationship!
everytime i watch these i just flag their comment saying "FIRSTT" as spam...
Then I guess there's fail all up in my mouth and on my lower back.
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