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Simple Plan Thank Germany! In German!

by SimplePlan • 40,923 views

Pierre and Sebastien thank Germany for their great German! Connect With Simple Plan:

sounds like vitali and vladimir klitschko xD same accent :D
Hahaha! Can't wait to meet you guys at the JUNOs!
in fact, only Pierre can speak german, as I know) they are both french-speaking and it's not hard to speak i know))
O gott das sprechen aber keine Muttersprachler. They are´nt native speaker
Now this is why I love Simple Plan <3
Euer Deutsch hört sich richtig gut an! ;) :P
It's so awesome! :D Germany ROCKS! :3 Ihr seit wirklich der Hammer Jungs :D
German girls are beautiful? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
This was so epicly awesome. And I loved the fact that I understood what they said even without subtitles because of my basic German haha xx I dunno, it was cute.
HAHAHAHA!! translator: Cool Germany guy!! xD Lovethem♥
I think you mean Fußball not Foosball ;)
we LOVE YOU too! <3 and the show in cologne was amazing!!! <3
I can't stop to laugh!!! Hahahahha :'D
OMG Wie süß die sind *-* <3 wir Lieben euch auch <3 OMG They are so sweet *-* <3 we love you too <3
die mädchen sind soo hüüübschheeee :D
Haha Awsome !! wusste nicht, dass ihr Deutsh sprechen konnte xP Hate de vous voir a Nante !!!!!!!
omg! I laughed so hard at his, you guys are just too cute :) Your show in Berlin was incredible, please come back to Germany soon!!
owwww!! Guys, you are so Cuteee♥
Wardrobe "blue and yellow paint" HAHAHA!!!!
ahhaah great german! :D your show last night in Munich was so fucking crazy! :D please come back soon!! ♥
"German grils are so beautiful" hahah best joke ever! ;D
Soo amazing :D <3 I miss you. See you on the hurricane festival! love you !
Soooo cute when french canadians speak german :D
hahhahahahHah what the heck u guys. Oh man. :D
I need to see the outtakes of this video ... have had to laugh a lot! X) Could see another video made ​​in Spain ...: P Learn Spanish!: D
Vous savez quoi ?! Vous avez vraiment l'accent français en parlant allemand! C'est vraiment drôle! :'D
hahaha vous êtes cool comme ça ♥
bitte schön... wir freuen uns auch wenn ihr da seid... :)
hahaha ohh howw i luvv simple plan,, they always make my day
Please come back soon !! We miss you so bad ♥♥♥
Say Gänseblümchen. Come on, try it. :-) Tomorrow I'll proof if you pronounce it right. ;-)
you guys are so funny, cute, awesome and just perfect! <3
you even don't know me!!>_< and I meant german sound R, it's softer then in french
ik liebe simple plan! :D es war so geil!:D
Ahahah, awesome :D:D Greets from Germany :)
HAHAHAHA wardrobe 'blue and yellow paint' XD
:D Hey Seb beutiful accent! :D
oh u guys are fucking hilarious lol glad u had a great time in Germany! miss u guys here in the states!! :] i love u!<3 <3
The girls are so beautiful.....
wardrobe "Blue and Yellow Paint" LOOL
yes but.. come to italy too XD to verona would be the best XDXD i love you guys XD
LOOOOOL! :D Pls one for Switzerland!
You guys are truly the best...your German is perfect. But it is Fussball not Foosball ;-) Thanks for the great show tonight...
That little spin seb did when he said "BEAUTIFUL" made me crack up
haha translator: Cool German Guy wardrobe: Blue and Yellow Paint :D
Wahaha, made me laugh, and it's not easy to make me laugh! xD 23rd March in Cologne, I'll never forget that night! :D Please come back next year!!!
omg i can't stop laughing. this is like the best thing ever omg!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're so fuckin' cute ^___^ Your show in Berlin was awesome, I hope we'll see again soon! (: Germany loves you, too. ♥
So lovely hahaha it's Fußball btw ;)
You have no Idea how hard it is to speak German. And it isn't similar to french ! They did a great job ! Greets from Germany, you guys rocked in Munich !
And Germany loves you guys! Give an applause to yourselfs! Munich was pretty amazing. I had the time of my life! When I remember back, and than I smile because I'm just happy :D Come back soon please! Dankeschön! And yes David, Ich will mit dir Duschen :DD
Haha great! ;p I was hoping for a video of The Netherlands too, the show in Eindhoven was freaking awesome!!¡¡ Thank you soo much!
ha cute german :) but they did pretty well!
Translator: Cool German Guy :D Awesome! hahaha
XDD I think that the german fan are so sad too! ;)
OMG!!! that is the cutest thing i've ever seen!! <3
They are still just kids and this is WHY i love them so much :D
the show in hamburg was the best i've ever seen!!! please come back soon <3 <3 I love you!! :)
The way he says "Mädchen" (Girls) hahaha :)
Translator : Cool German Guy XD lol
ich finde das hört sich voll niedlich an wenn pierre und seb deutsch sprechen. Höre ich immer wiéder gern
I was wondering if they do something like this in every country ;))<3 But I agree - it is very funny!
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