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Humping The New Couch

by NIkkiandJohnVLOG • 745,836 views

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I picked this vlog to watch on Presidents' Day 2015 and its Presidents' Day in your vlog, that's so cool=D
My friend has a tera up Yorker named chewy
The smallest dog is the teacup yorkie
You don't understand what clogs are DONT u?
wow...only 7 secs of humping. the rest of the video is worthless
Mya D Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
"I´m not gonna murder this couch for a very long time!" WTF??? That´s a very good quote XD
"Get any stains on it" "wink" sounds dirty -_-
Hey that's not nice so be it now
That's a good deal for a couch
I would never pull out
Happy birthday Mr. President... -_____-
$5,000 if it it is a good couch I would pay for it
U guys must really be dog lovers!
the one u said u liked nikki in the store about how the pillow u can take it off I have the dark brown that couch
i wonder if thats how she rides John
dont call people losers you know people can call you a loser hahahahahahahahahahahhahhhhahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahhaha
You look great in tht color Nikki! 
You guys get 750k + views on your vids, how the hell are you broke lol
Oh man, did someone shit in your cerial this morning mr. keyboard warrior? Man you are PISSED, and it's funny too
no such thing as hell moron. You probably still believe in Santa Claus and Narnia too.
U guys r like bfvgf cuz they r a couple just like u and their prank channel is prank something.
Awesome you humped a couch. what do you want a medal or a trophy?
not as great as jeanna and jesse SAAAAAN!
Y'all and Prank vs. Prank should do an ULTIMATE prank!!!
that is so funny were do I go to get a T- Shirt and you po box number ????????
Ground squirrels. Not prairie dogs.
i wish i hade a couch like that but it would not fit in my aparment
you're in cali that is probably not a skunk.
it the plants they are growing lmao!! that cali for ya
She said skunk not sugar coated strawberries...
How bout you get on my dick and start jumping my dick
I wonder if he ever gets sick of her accent... xD "COULD YOU FUCKIN' SAY IT RIGHT, FOR ONCE? GOD DAMNIT!"
Why you guys sooo wierd. I really dont care if she humpz it. Oh but you guys luv that, she dident even do it idk what im saying
go on google and ask ( is hell real) and you'll see m y proof
Nikki: So if it gets dirty or we get any stains on it(wink)they'll come and clean it for free haha! John: That's what she said Nikki:(Frowns) No it's not
you are funny i like you nikki
Hey you guysv are awesome I watch you all the time
You are humping the couch that your mom is going to sleep on.. good job :)
Oh wow this is actually legit. I just earned $80 for doing one.
you let me know when you present some proof of hell and once you do, we'll lift the label of gullible moron for you...
congratulations on being a psychopath. You must be so proud.
You know that prairie dogs carry bubonic plague right?
John reminds me of Anthony Padilla from Smosh
In australia, a $999 leather sofa is considered very cheap!
Idk u might fuck it up nikki...ur humping it
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