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How to improve your English conversation skills

by JamesESL English Lessons (engVid) • 980,758 views

How to start conversations with native speakers and improve your ability to speak English fluently.

Hi people , i´m looking for someone to practice english with me, pleeeeeeeease ad me, we´l have great times
Hi I would like you to add me on fb JD Fourth..So we can practice.
hi everybody!!i want to improve my english and practice it on skype.If someone want to help me, please leave a comment and i will add you.I know russian,kazakh and turkish,i will help you also
HELLO EVERYBODY i want to else practice englesh.text me please and we can make good conversation betwen as. thanks ,raxmet.
gaaaaaaayyyyy hater hitler haf killled you with jueves
I want to imrove my english. Everybody can add me, so we can improve our english. We can talk about everything. I must pass TOEFL exam :)
Thank your for James video!  It's very nice to have your nice suggestions.  Hello, everybody, I know Chinese, and I want to improve my English. If you can help me with my English speaking, please let me know, and oh...! I can teach you Chinese also.  
thanks my frend.i am gona do it thes from tomoorrow. hi from RUSSIA
I need someone to improve eng i need it forr going uk
some bad guys use these ways to initiate conversations and do bad things
I am bad boy but in profession and learning ,i take care everything .you can chat with me er.mahesh2009 gmail com
this is really interesting and funny. Thank you so much James!
Well me too, I want to improve my english a little bit more and i want to find a partner for practice on facebook or whatsapp.. :D Somebody??
+Yuvraj V Hi, Well I dont know why I cannot find you on Whatsapp, but this is mine, +50247256097 ;D
James. What do you think on ebonics in English. Is it worth to learn ebonics. I think hip-hop fan shouldda learn the black slang. But in informal talking with your firend are ebonics used ? Thank you. I look forward for your advice.
James!  I want to find your movie about not pronouncing E and A in words where this sounds are close to R and M.  Examples from that movie: Memory, camera, library!  I need to know that rule, I forget it.
You give tips to practice english to people who live in E.E.U.U. you know some paige to practice, because i am not from E.E.U.U. por someone knows???? Thank you
Hi..friends,I want to develop my english speaking skills.Can any one help me in this regards..
I like how many staff you have said to us. People like themselves ... just ask them about their t-short. Man, it is so new for me to hear it. It's cool.
You are a boss!, thanks!
Give me your id or contact no
My god, your teaching method makes me laugh lol :))))))) so useful & engaging.
Awesome video :) Helped a lot good sir :. I laughed my arse off when you tried to speak with a german accents though... I am from germany... so...yeah haha :D Will go through your other videos know :) Really want to improve my pronunciation.
i would like to improve my english, somebody wants add me on fb, for talk for chat? :D
email me please i want you to tech me?
I missed Mr E in this lesson ¿What happened?
I have two questions! 1/ would you mind open the door? 2/ would you mine open the door? Which one correct. .. If you walk over mine you will die :D REPLY ASAP
Would you mind opening the door ?
Christian Dasilva Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
How to start conversations with native speakers and improve your ability to speak English fluently
which one is correct they are even        or  the the number of people is even
Hi i am from my english is not good so I would like to practice it on Skype,facebook. anybody you can help me
This guy is a great teacher !!!
Thank you for your kiss
what is your camfrog iD  TO CHAT in english...thanks to engvid....mooooh......kiss
Hi i want to learn how to speak english ,plese add me to skype anelaidamir
hi everybody, this is Gabriel and im from mexico, i would like practice my speak english and to improve it, so if you also want practice it, add me on skype: gabovazquez09. have a good day :)
Hi, I'm Jeff from Taiwan. I would like to practice English conversation on skype. If anyone is interested, plz leave a message below. BTW I can speak Chinese and Taiwanese
hey !!! this is bimal (male) 20 years old...from nepal..i am also beginner in english  speaking...m searching for native speaker who want to learn english as me...i want to  make friend...plz add me skype id is (bimal.grg4)...thank you.
Men You despair me when you are talking _... Just teach us and thats it.. Dont do anymore Ok? jajaja
excuse me what time is it
I want to practice my english too. Please comment if someone wants to help me. I speak spanish if someone needs me.
Hello everybody!!! I would like add on my skype some of people who speak english please to practice my english...thanks alot. julio davel
Hi, I'm Jeff from Taiwan. I would like to practice English conversation on skype. If anyone is interested, plz leave a message below. BTW I can speak Chinese and Taiwanese
Hi Lightme666 this is my skype :lanphuong_1707,add me and we can practice english together
Hi, my skype is chaulaode1257
i sound like a retard u.u
I want to improve my English speaking skill. I want to talk to the foreign people, who can help me to do it !. Let's talk to me through SKYPE, please. My nick on the Skype is hatalkenglish. Thank you very much !
I'd like to improve my speaking skills via skype - poladorucov
hey, i would like to practice too here is my skype wilfrin.polanco1 if someone whant to practice w me cause i would like to impruve my english skill i speak spanish if someone wanna help
Hi all iam a musslim iam from egypt iam 14 years old i wana a boy or a girl to practice with me english My skype is A7medEL-prince  
+xstormhunterx Add me skype , YuriFrost.Yuri , but if your too bad then i may change my mind >>>
+Naveed Amini Hi I'm Lena. Im From Vietnam. I want to improve  English skill too. nice to chat with you. Add me on Facebook:
good teacher!!!! thank you so much k.i.s.s
Im a student from Lithuania and I wan talk in english. If you want to talk to me write a comment my comment
Hi I'm a graduated student from university and has bachelor degree or first degree and now i'm planing to go Malaysia so, i wanna enhance my speaking English ability, really i appreciate teachers who give us useful English video lessons and also dedicate their valuable time, i say thank you very much all of you, English language is a key and it's important for every one to learn it. any one wanna contact me this is my Skype id (aadan.sabrie) you don't need the bracket only the names or G mail: or Facebook even tweet: welcome with friendly introduction and exchanging advantages to each other so useful. 
HHHH >>>I don"t stand anything 
Filipinos are good in speaking in english.
Why don't have subtitles on your videos? rsrrs
hi guys im ahmed from egypt , i wana to improve my english speaking by knowing friends from all over the world and we will exchange our english skills tooo if you agree with me you will add me my skype is bobkastor2045 Thanks 
James, is it ok if I ask what your nationality is?  I really like your teaching style.. :) btw, I am a Filipino.
what that mean Canadian American ..
+Obaid Nassiry It means half Canadian and half American
The title should be "How to improve your conversation skills" because I don't think this has anything to do with English
Thanks alto James .This is very helpful and interesting video.and as well as your are an intrusting gay keep it up .
Thanks a lot, great video James, a new fan from Brazil!!
Hi, I find this very helpful. Greetings from Poland.
aww, I really wanted to say HA GAY! when he said this is a kiss from me to you but then I saw for good luck
in turkey english teacher's speaks like one year old baby this means it's almost imposible to learn how to speak english fluently and correctly.But i'm learning it while im watching you and thank you so much for this :).
I'm watching movies and i try to speak like them.only problem is that there's no one to speak here and english education is awful also
yeah for our english teachers speaks like 4 years old baby and thank god about that i got that accent but i worked hard for it
How you can tech so much in 20 min?
I'm Mazen From Syria and i would like to practice with natives . can u help me? My fb is ( le musulman mazen) :) regards 
i want to improve my English Because i am poor speaking and listening   
I have two questions! 1/ would you mind open the door? 2/ would you mine open the door? Which one correct. .. If you walk over mine you will die :D REPLY ASAP
really interesting! thanks James
my skype for practice english is jorge.aguilar9060
hi, i'm from malaysia, and i would like practice talking english on skype. anyone would like to help me?
You are so good in this. I know I discovered it 4 years later, but I am going to watch every video. This was yours 4th video I have watched and I am loving the way you teach and how smart and cool you sound in the same time. I was much more clever after 1st video.. can't wait how I'm going to feel after all of them. Just thinking and hoping now that you have them a lot and you still uploading new once. THANK YOU for the once you've already done.
Could you give me chance to talk with you!!!?
Hi, i'm from Belarus. My English is not good, so I would like to practice it on Skype. If you can help me, please leave a comment. And I also can help you with Russian:) 
skype: fagnernunes11  Brazilina going to live in ireland in 20 days..
What's your Skype. I can help
Thank you James. You win a new fan, regards from Perú!
hi i am korean. my name is olivia also i want to know how fluently i can speak in english. so if you can help me, i would like to talk about something through skype. just leave a comment.
alextruong0512 . you can add my address if you want to.
hi,i'm from indonesia. can you help me?i'm a beginner..i wanna practice my skype ID ismi.farah, thank u
Thank you, Teacher Anderson Silva.
Tinha que ser br esse lixo.
+Vamo que Vamo Falou o cara que ainda assiste Pânico,que gosta da bosta do Poderoso Castiga,e que não faz nada de bom além de zoar os outros,você pelo menos entendeu o que o professor disse?Você deve ser aqueles retardados que ficam imitando esse lixo achando que é engraçado. Diferente de você,eu estou aqui pra aprender e não pra zoar,então fica de boa ai lixo,que você também não faz nada de bom além de ficar na porra da cadeira xingando os outros pela Internet!Quero ver você falar isso na minha cara seu pau no cu do caralho!Vê se cresce LIXO!
Hey bro! What's going on? I'm an English teacher in Bogota Colombia, could you help me? Please! I just wonder how do we do the same, I mean, in a country where we speak just Spanish? Thanks a lot!
HI teacher, I also really really want to talk. your country is the same to mine. actually I am not extrovert, it's hard for me to talk with strangers (face to face). May you make a speaking group to talk online. thanks ! by the way, my skype ID is khoathanglong. that's great if you add it. thanks again 
James u Rock!! What can i say .. ur methods are very innovative and creative.. but i want to speak to a native speaker online.. how can i do that..pls advise.. have a great day and keep it english!!
Hello ! here is my skype ( tahirixtahiri ) for who want to do conversation . :)
This channel supposed to be verified  Sudan
Great video... james u are very humorous and an intelligent respect to you!
Great video... james u are very humorous and an intelligent respect to you!
sao mình k download đc nhỉ m,n?
you should use YTD Video Downloader to download the video
very nice guy :) greetings from Germany
Chia Hao HUNG Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Hugo Chan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Humorous and practical, isn't it?
Vincent Jia Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Riyan Autor Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
improve conversation
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