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French Revolution (Part 3) - Reign of Terror

by Khan Academy • 197,558 views

The Reign of Terror More free lessons at:

What goes around comes around = O que vai, volta hunger = fome  rump  = the ass  rump session = a meeting held after a larger meeting. examples: A rump session continued after the meeting was adjourned. A lot of business was conducted in the rump session. adjourn = adiar machination = maquinação ou trama frame = quadro, armação coffer = cofre spelling = the process or activity of writing or naming the letters of a word.  topple = tombar sideshow = atividade secundária plunder = pilhagem bog down = atolar  hold off = afastar  diffuse = difuso (Que acabou por se difundir) riot = motim  foreshadowing = prenúncio (prenunciar: o que prevê um acontecimento ou anuncia a sua realização por meio de indícios) muster = reunir, muster up = reunir clamp down, crack down = reprimir  footnote = nota de rodapé (metaforicamente: comentário, adendo, ressalva)
what programm does he use to write like that?
Why doesn't he pick up the phone? :p
this nice video for notes
fuckin Marie bitch Antoinette cock sucker
Please add the rest of the history videos to this playlist. I would be so thankful. Also, I volunteer to organize your vids for you if you'd like. (I know your a busy man.)
@tan240sx u mean lots of parallels with every revolution in every country since the dawn of time =P
@oO0killer0Oo A video suggestion? Sure. Search for Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Part 7 should be particularly enlightening.
Committee of Public Safety reminds me of the term "Homeland Security."
@661199Joseam True, He stilled called it Repubic, instead of republic.
Except instead of starving the people are obese
And finally the excesses of the Jacobins and the Committee for Public Safety can only be understood in the context of that war. France could not win it without quickly suppressing internal counter-revolutionary factions and dragooning everyone into line behind the Revolutionary cause. The French Revolution was likely a necessary step in the process of getting rid of monarchical absolutism and (not mentioned much) direct Church control of politics in Europe. Also it gave them the metric system.
Fantastic Video's! Never thought that I, as European, would learn European history form an American :D
@CaptainFluffy6644 No, most revolutions did not have a bloody and chaotic period where revolutionary factions turned on each other en masse. Most revolutions did not have "Reigns of Terrors." Also, most revolutions didn't result in as radical political and social(Cultural) upheaval.
gotta love the repubic of France
People aren't starving yet. They could tolerate tyranny, but the moment there was no grain, the royalty and nobles were out in less than a year.
thnx very much ur videos are helping us
Thank you so much. Because of you, I'm getting the point of this revolution. There are lots of stuff in books, but you tell us the main points. EXAM, HERE I COME~
history seems to do a lot to complicate things rather than simplify them...good job pointing out the entire point is the food crisis and the economic crisis which always results in war
damn, only if this was what school would be like, a vid on the computer that u can pause and take notes on, then take a test instead of spending days on the same subject
So interesting to study the french revolution.
'the Duke of Brunswick, this dude....' #LOL he breaks all these down n keeping it informal at the same time. awesome Sal dude... awesome...
I love this series on the french revolution. I really hope that you'll also make ww1 & Bolshevik revolution series in the future.
What goes around comes around lol that beyonce song started playin in my head:P
France fought off that many countries? lolwat
(cont.) So to argue that the French Revolution was a bad idea from the start would seem difficult for any patriotic American. To argue that it went poorly is easier, but consider: 1) We did not have to overthrow a government entirely; our Revolution was a secession; we didn't have to decide what to do with George III; 2) we were separated from Europe by a big ol' ocean and the powers that ended up at war with France were not arrayed against us due to that and also their enmities towards Britain.
y am i whatching this. ow well...
fantastic work, sir. I only wish to emulate what you are doing for society.
@MarxistBrutalMatt hahah check yo spelling on that last sentence x3 now thats a funny typo
The Brunswick Manifesto happened in July 1972, not April
Through out history the strong always win and winner takes all.
@Raz3r572 Yep! It's like the ne government with parties like Girondists and all...
@pongman If only i knew about sal when i was in high school
This presentation sucks., fuck your stylus pen!!
"I pray for people to find compassion and to learn from the past." == Exactly! History repeats only if we don't learn from the past mistakes. Unfortunately, there are so many who don't. They'd be driven by the emotion of the moment and take an action that doesn't make sense when they look it back in the future as a part of the history. As a result, we'll all have to be dragged into it whether we like it or not.
Except that without a revolution France would have remained subject to an autocratic monarchy; Louis XVI seems like a sympathetic victim because he was sort of dull and bungling, but he was a tyrant still. This revolution was also informed and inspired by the same Enlightenment ideas as the American revolution. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen bares a striking resemblance to the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. (cont)
It wasn't invented by Dr Guillotine...
is it freezing at 6:45 for anyone else?!
simply WOW now that was awesome! His videos should be shown on T.V as a daily show......lot better than those soap operas!
@naad80 was that before or after france declared war?
I really wish you were my history teacher.
As Marcus Fenix would say, NICE!!!
"let me write this in a bloody color" haha. Hope this isn't video isn't for preparing us for history to repeat itself. Well, revolution is fine, but hopefully not quite this bloody.
I can imagine Obama going through what Louis XVI went through. Except without any country wanting him back in power.
thank you so much. i'm learning about his right now in Modern Era. Helps me alot. I work better with visual aid :)
Sal, what do you mean , the nobles started hoarding the grain, what did that mean?
i salute you, thank you so much you are making my AS Level much more simpler by giving me a brief yet detailed lesson
Holy cow, lots of parallels with China's Cultural Revolution.
This helped so much i have an exam tommorow
Lol Thermidorian = refrigerator heater.
it's just like Warcraft III Reign of terror, lol
oh thank you, you made sense out of it all!
you should make more videos on history
@THEKING531 You get to plunder the nations that lost the war. Furthermore, you can unite the whole nation and focus on the same enemy, shifting the focus of worsening poverty to the war. Unfortunately, war is a waste of resources and it does very little to solve the problem of food shortages.
6.40 it should be "threw" not "through"
@hifhif123 haha i love his quirky sense of humor "refrigerator heater" lol
You should start a tutoring company or something.
refrigerator-heater Hahahahahah :P
Also, khan academy is superb!
2 dislikes, Maria Antonieta and her husband.. :P
How does one logically explain that the answer to poverty is a war?
This is great Sal, I love learnig about many interesting things through your videos as I'm sure many of other people do.
Any French revolution vid is 100x better than the one History Channel made.
To hold off prussian and other armies, france relied on mass conscription (known as the leve en mass)
I hope this is accurate! Else I got my facts wrong.
haha, he was totally building the suspense on the name of the artillery captain. And when he gave the answer... I should've known that. too bad they didn't teach it at my school.
If only Sal was around when I was in high school.
my teacher played this in my World History Class!
This is the main reason i dont fail history. :D thankyou Sal
this is soooo helpful! Helped me to understand EVERYTHING for my test! Please do more on Biology too!
Nice. You spelt Republic wrong. It's Repbulic not Repubic.
Country is becoming broke, having terrible economy and gets even worse, Riches are getting richer, poors are getting poorer, country involves in many wars, riches are are getting out of the country. Mirror image of US?
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