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Amv - In This Moment

by Sfrizzomania • 337,565 views

Editor: luggeriano Download Link Watch Amv - Shattered Love

Excuse me bro but, can u tell me What song is??
in this moment-since october
@2GuysThatPlayGames I thought they were both in japan, since they are connected somehow. I just can't remember how. But it's possible.
Awesome AMV I think that Ef series (Ef - A tale of memories/melodies) was the most emotional animes that i've ever seen.. So beautyful..
awasome man... but what is the song?
The anime is at the end of the video Tale of memories.
omg... i love this. nice work :) the anime?
man anime cliches kill me (i.e eyepatch thing WTF)
I know what the main song is but whats that last tune from? Reminds me of some music from the anime "Heroic Age"
k so the girl with the eyepatch only has a memory span of 13 hours right? she wants to do a novel or somthing but cant because of her condition?????
@Alittlebitevil Im referring to anime exclusively not the entire japanese culture/every christian song. Anime that I've seen tend to use christian symbolism without its inherit message of salvation. Im talking in absolutes here, about the fundamental principles of the faith (strict monotheism)versus traditional japanese animism, not their liberal counterparts. As a conservative religious person myself I tend to disagree meshing or syncretism and liberalization of faiths, but just my opinion.
It's impossible to come up with a completely original plot or characters, unless you plan on it being so completely out there; that no one relates too it.
If having an eyepatch is a "cliche" then so is wearing a shirt...
good point. they also get people interested in new animes. and a lot of anime fans discover anime from amvs. :)
perfect!!!! i love watching this amv and i love this music :D great job!
so beautiful :O another anime i has to note down and watch >_<
elf a tale of memories Its a good show over all its kind of what 50 first dates would have been a anime lol.
"but its english subbed"??? i dont want to offend you or anything but that but of yours. 1. Atleast in my experience japanese voice actors can really make you feel the emotions of the character which a low budget dub cant. 2. Dubs may change some sentences and it can really ruin the flow and the impact of some scenes so to summarize it: Sub rocks!
I get goosebumps every time I listen/watch this. Very well done. Thanks.
:) beautiful, wat the song n who it by?, :( I typed in In this Moment and couldnt find ittt
"not to cover a secret power or whatever." In case you didn't notice, there are no "secret powers" in real life... -_- "red heads in real life don't act like other red heads", no but people who wear red clothing, do tend to be more energetic than those who wear cool colors. Furthurmore I wasn't talking about real life, I was talking about anime. Anime characters with red hair, are the ones who tend to be more "fiery" not real life redheads.
this is beautifully made ive never watched the anime but now im deff gunna it looks amazing it might just look like a good anime because of ur amv but im gunna check it out and subscribe to u
@Junius01 they are two different stories but they are all conected
dubs are crap subs are way to go for animes
Whats the girls name she looks interesting BTW i wanna know about the video :O and the name of the anime video ._. :D
I don't know how people ask what song it is or anime when it says it in the video.. Rather annoying I think.. Anyway I think you did an amazing job! =)
great work with this amv. Love the anime :X:X (both of them)
love the music love the video....awesome work really loving it :))))))
Nonesense, I hate reading subs because I have sensery processing dissorder, but I started watching Japanese Podcasts and it's quite fun, and I feel like I am learning more Japanese in this past week, than I had ever learned Spanish while taking formal classes.
what? WHAT? Last time i checked a shirt isn't overused...its necessary, While an eye patch or over abundance of bandages usually means OH HEY LOOK THEY HAVE A SOMETHING TO HIDE. Or "OH MAN LOOK HOW HURT THEY ARE" ya it is cliche...seriously look back at the numerous anime's that have bandages or eye patches...if they have bandages...they are hiding something or are really hurt. If they have an eye patch, same thing.
@fallenangelbones it's ef a tale of memories it's brand new with only a few seasons out
Look in the description in the download link Ef - A tale of melodies
He's complaining about how "cliche" eye patches are... It's just a method of using appearance to represent character personality; if you call that a cliche, everything is cliche. It's impossible to come up with something 100% unique, because unique only goes so far before it becomes Alien. People arn't interested in characters that can't be related too.
the name of this anime please!!!! ahh and the meker of this rules!!!!!!!!!!
what anime is the girl with the eyepatch from?
1. Haven't you heard some of the good voice actors? They can really make you feel the emotions of the characters. There are also bad Japanese seiyuu just like there are bad English voice actors. 2. While dubs can change some sentences, this is usually to help clarify the meaning whereas it would be more difficult for an English-speaker to understand a sentence or phrase translated directly from Japanese. Conclusion: both subs and dubs can be good or bad. It just depends on who's doing each.
@Junius01 Better than a fan-dub. Sounds so bad :(
@xXDorindaXx ef: tale of memories or melodies i don't remember
@kei0kusanagi ef - tale of memories it says so at the end of the amv
its beeeen agessss since the last time i watched this i can hardly remember should go back and watch it again
Show me someone who doesent want anime girls to be real and i will show you Justin Bieber.
Awesome XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job dude =D
SupremeCommander360, i couldnt agree more ^^
With out a doubt the most beautiful and meaningful song I have ever heard.
@Sfrizzomania Sorry, my glasses were not on when u said the last millionth time... could tell us the Title again?
how could you 9 heartless, unmotivatable bastards dislike this?
That is usually what anime does, then they use the preset archetypes to have people relate to it. Example fooly cooly...ya but its the kid that people could relate to...that is the connection. But the point is. EYE PATCHES ARE CLICHE
lol i watch so many subbed anime after about 100Episodes of any anime subbed you dont even notice anything, fells like everything is in english tbh
that just blew my fuckin' mind! bravo! :D
Sooooo~~ They are together or not??= =
really I watched the subbed because I could not find dubbed the reason I like dubbed is I am lazy when it comes to reading subs as fast as I can XD I need to learn Japanese then I won't have to read so fast.
That's what EVERYTHING does, not just anime... Once again, if "eye patches are cliche" then so is having red hair, or wearing red clothing.
@xJasdebix the song is called in this moment by since october
@SUPERM3RK 1st season - Ef - A tale of memories 2nd season - Ef - A tale of melodies ;)
i finished watching this anime today and its really good anime its mystery -romance-drama it called ef-tales of memories
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