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MW3: Triple MOAB w/P90!!

by GreenGoblinHD • 199,329 views

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Hey green what the song playing it's a right tune
This fake after the first moab the dude didn't even try to shoot back until he ran up to him to let him know to shoot him .. Fail
Yo add me I get nukes iveray game I use mp7 silencer and rapid fire with mp9 and silencer and scavenger and quick draw and sittrep
the first moab was camping
camping and spawn trapping...
I gonna say u dont have to have a SMG to be very sucessful. I had my first perfect 30-0 game on Fallen using Scar and G36C. I played defensively like he did. Holding done one side of the map, but not spawn trapping like he did.
Can anyone explain how you / he move so fast ? i cant move so fast if i play mp and if i am in specialist. I am much slower. And the gameplay must be original speed because the points/time is normaly and not faster
"I like to rush" you camp this whole fuckin gameplay bitch.
Confirmed: people don't know what camping is anymore. There is a huge difference between having map control/ patrolling and camping
He wasn't camping this whole game bitch. You might not know this but he was actually patrolling the enemy spawn which means he has to play it safe in the spawn retard.
You guys don't know what camping is, this is playing defensive.
You're a great player no matter what anyone says. You get nukes, k.e.m. strikes, moabs, and whatever else. Yo could you sometimes just slow down on perks and attachments on some videos like ghost
I'd like to see you get a triple Moab without camping a little bit
Support puppet team mates and you camp the majority of the game? And you're against total idiots? Yeah real skill man. Faggot, you suck.
JNasty720 has a pinta MOAB on XBOX check him out !!! Quad and all that
I got 4 today check my vault Anujp is my GT
Thank infinity ward for putting ballistic vests in this game and thank your teammate for having that as a kill streak huh?
wtf? k.d dosent matter.. someone could have a .18 kd and go 20-0... What rly matters in MW3 the thing that matters Most out of all .. is have fun..
You are a very good player but in this moab there is a player that die for you
Dont wanna be that asshole but i hate moabs in streams because all the fans do is join and run up to him
the gameplay gets better with each moab
I would hate to be against him in that match!
Ha i got a 7 kill streak. How do you like dem apples. .
the first MOAB was with p90 or mp9?
i 2 legit triple moabs without a team
you must be a .300 kd player, who is ranked highly in the world for Domination, cause his arse has been glued to his chair, constantly getting flag captures, and getting 5 - 35, oh lol, we got ourselves a bad kid over here, oooooooh! he has a strong fan base, who hate people like you. sorry bud,
His team mates didn't capture any points as their final individual scores suggest, that's why the game lasted 10 minutes. Also a lot of the other team dropped out so his team should have got the points and the game should have been over quicker but it wasn't so therefore they didn't capture any points. I suggest you learn the game, i know the game inside out.
Do you play and record it with HD Pvr in theatre or the you just HD Pvr?
u ar the luckest player i the world trololol
how is this fake??? you dumbass, for all we know.. your so fake
You sure do love your SMG's. =D
my highest killstreak is 20 and I wasn't initially going for a moab... yeah, I had jugg and the four kills were right in front of me....the match ended :^(
my highest killstreak is 42, and I'm happy bout it ;)
Perfect! But too many kills with MP9
Every single enemy had a riot shield.. So set up lol
If you are going to call someone stupid, at least type the word YOU'RE correctly. It is short for YOU ARE as in YOU ARE(YOU'RE) STUPID. The word YOUR is used when you say/type YOUR comment is a load of shit. This is why i commented on them not being able to get MOABS in TDM or FFA because people just get kills in them modes, that is why they have to play objective modes to get MOABS as they DON'T(DO NOT) play the objective. Lesson over.
For real. If his whole team was running ballistics vest we wouldn't have gotten any of the 3.
last video I watched u were 9th level 80
Your stupid.. People don't just play for the objective.. People play it because its a long game mode. People play to get triple moabs..
wie heisst das lied bei 8:20 min ?
3-20 to 3-30 you were a camping cunt. I challenge you to get just 1 MOAB without using a silencer, actually running around on all 4 corners of a map and capturing points as you do so, i guarantee you and no one else will be able to do it.
far out all he likes are the no recoil weapons acr, scar all the smgs. if u want more likes use the harder wepaons like pm-9 and lmg's
i rather go for 40-2 then capture every flag, but i average about 4 flag caps every game, and the amount of defends i get is phenomenal. you can go for points as well as go for highscores....
Good Job!!! I Subbed and Liked!!!!
Everyone can I have your attention can you go subscribe to my youtube channel that i've made a while back it's about Call Of Duty and I would like your guys help to help me build up my youtube channel.
like how he used the mp9 mostly
The M4A1 is a beast gun i ave 5 moabs with it
how many M.O.A.B.S.have you got? how many subs do u have?
You must be a k/d obsessive. I'd rather go 10-30 capturing points than go 40-2 and get no points, not only do they not get points they don't even attempt to get them. If i had my way if you didn't capture at least 3 points in the match then all your kills/xp would be wiped when the match ended, if this happened all you killwhores/campers would be trading your game in.
and then i said ,i cant even get one moab.
Jnasty got a moab in 65 seconds and a penta moab
So many jealous people, mw3 community is sooo jealous of you.
Yesterday I got two moabs almost a third but some one with deadsmanhand killed me WTF I raged /so bad
that was not camping. camping is when you get out a tent, go outside, and participate in some fun campfire activities before you go to sleep in your tent
My highest is a double, I've had loads but I need to work to triple.
"I like to rush not sit back" he says, as he's saying it he's hiding in a building waiting for people to run around below. "I like to be up in their faces" he also says, well if staying in a building is up in their faces then you are deluded. And when he's "Up in their face" he dropshots lmao
no every video you see on a channel is the exact same song. people have no variety
nice video ! what perks are u using ? (not specialist perks ) ur normal ones
3:43 Thanks for telling me that your opponent in front of you is an idiot... I would have never guessed in you didn't tell me XP
"I believe there's only 3 triple MOABS on YouTube" All yours
You my friend deserve my this vid! now a subscriber ;)
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