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Behind the Shoot: Josh Hutcherson

by Marijana Sitar • 148,456 views

Josh talks Kentucky, Ryan Gosling, and "traditional dating" with Elle

World tour ? Why not Czech republic ? :(
Pleaseeeeee...come to czech republic! :((
"Probably more lows than highs" <3 Aaaaww
will u be my first boyfriend?????? (ps love the hunger games!!!!!)
I LOVEEEEE YOU JOSH HUTCHERON!!! I am your number 1 FANN!! I love u so much!!!! your so PERFECT! sorry I'm kind of sort of UPSEST
U should go out with jennifer lawrance u to make a great couple
U should go out with jennifer lawrance
Hahaha I like seeing videos of him because of all the crazy funny comments all these chicks leave. I swear it's like tv pointless but intertaning :)
I LOVE HIM I'd littery die for him
I like Big, Romantic, Cheesy guys Josh!♥
Perfect bone structure he is down to earth loves dogs my dream guy
When I read this i laughed soooooooooo hard I lized a little
I just wanna......bite his jaw.
I really like the way they styled his hair up in this video. It looks best like this :)
"Im like a big uhhh romantic kind of traditional cheesy guy, I´m all about going to the beach under the stars, that´s like a real date date" Love that<3.
I LoVeD him before Hunger Games!!!!!! Say yes if you did too
while watching this i was like "WHY ARE YOU SO HOT AND PERFECT" and my heart beats faster aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... I;'m having a heart attack here :D
i would be soo happy to go on a date with josh and i would die t be his bff and how cute is that about the wizard of oz
did he just tour!? 1:44
Baby you light up my world like nobody else!!!:)
When I watched his film 'Zathura' I was thinking t- Hey yeah, well.. Cute that guy- But when I say the trailer of Hunger Games I was like- OMG, Damned, he's freaking hot!! - Nice actor, love dat guy! ♥
I would totally have a normal date with you ;)
yeah man, loved him since little manhattan. Talk about a loyal fan right here
You are perfect in every way omg you could be a ambercrombie and Fitch model!
Non ci capisco niente vogliamo i sottotitoli in italiani
You like old-fashioned romantic dates, under the stars, by the beach?? What a coincidence! I like this kind of dates as well!! Please make my wish come true and go out on a date with me, PLEASE!!
He is so short but still so hot!!!
I so fucking love this vid and this amazing guy <3
Omg aha I pit love hearts on my last comment but now look what the look like ! x
Haymitch ! help me get him ! :D
Josh, forget jennifer marry me we can lay on the beach under the stars just you and and me I love you so much your like the fittest guy on the planetttt -3 -3 -3
fan since Little Manhattan. so proud yay
If I could copy and paste anything (like Microsoft word) I would make millions of Josh Huchtersons...He is exactly what EVERY girl wants! haha (But id get the original;))
cute guy + adorable pup = perfection <3
i kinda just died sighh <3
Omg!!!! He looks super hot all the time but in this video damn!!!!!!!
He likes old fashion romantic dates? I VOLUNTEER!
i watched him saying "take one" about 50 times
and then get married like a year after lol:O
fangirling over how perfect he is...
I think I first saw Josh in Bridge to Terabithia, and I saw him and I was like.......... I'm so in love with this guy XD
and my name is josh
I remember watching journey for the first time i was like 12-13 at the time; i thought dang hes cute 19 years now hes still hot.
gorgeous smile, beautiful eyes, great personality, down to earth and THE JAW . THE PERFECT MAN
Look my Video of Josh "EAT YOU UP"
I'll go to the beach and watch the stars with u josh!!!
No joke I know a guy who could be his twin.
He is HOT I can't stop staring at his face -3333333333 i love him to death
Why I love him so much???? Oh yeah, because he is the most amazing boy in the entire world! I love you Josh! <3
I'd kill to get to kiss you just once :) or for ever that would be nice too :)
i completely love love LOVE him!
Why he has to be so fucking perfect? I love him!!! -3
you sir, are one sexy motherfucker<3!
i just starring at his face the whole time, i dont even realized what he talked about
He so down to earth and sweet!! Love him!!
1:36 stop!! IM DEAD!! X) btw i would love that date thats not cheesy!!
Joshyy! We can go cuddle and watch disney movies with are dogs and be cheesy cuz i think i found my soul mate
I had a dream where he hugged me!!!!!!
beach ? romantic ? single ? I VOLUNTEER JOSHY <3
Damme!!! But really he seems deep and not just this hot shot but a really nice guy
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