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Yogscast Top 5 - 16/04/12

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 1,395,297 views

A quick demo video showing some highlights from the last few weeks! This was thrown together quite quickly because Lewis is tired from spending all weekend doing Shadow of Israphel, but If you like...

The days when the channel was actually called BlueXephos....
RWAAAH! hah ha ha !!! ha ! RWAAA!!
Watching this for that sweet nostalgia!
What happend to israphel serie?????????? s 
What happened to yogventures
See ya later, shitlords! Hahahah never gets old
Nostalgia... the good old days of Bluexephos.
Ahhh the golden age of yogscast:,)
What happened to yogventures
3 what a magnificent bastard
You can preorder yogventures
@Sean The British and Aussies do it that way. It's correct.
Raisen cookies that look like choclate chip cookies are the reason i have trust isshues.
Why dose it keep freezing at the start?
Wow I just came back to this vid and found that I was top
awesome!!! yogcast is the best off them all
he has much more than a mini army, his army of fans could wipe out every single army on the plante battle of the somme esque
And there are only 2 countries in the world that use that way of writing dates. Those 2 countries consist of less than 5% of the world population (the smallest country of just 0.004%). Thankfully, because of these facts, we can assume replies like this are from the bigger country and that its residents are completely oblivious to facts like these, providing fun for alot of other people!
I like this I got into farming simulator 2013 and I got into robot sumo wrestling
He is probably lives in a different country than you. Some countries have the date after the month, not before.
First of all I don't care if the joke is old, NXFK if it made people chuckle or laugh that's why I'll post it
hes probably from america because they read the other way round
Hence the term, man crush? Its a joke. Get the joke. You cunt.
omg who else loves the ending video It has an awesome song
Thank you for being nice I didn't relize till now I feel like a complete idiot!
Notch dont be mean can cancel your account
yogventures never became a thing :(
in europe they do that so that the days go first then the month then the year
go on my channal minecraftgameplaydud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gooooood vido
You're a disgrace to the rest of the world, stop making us look dumb please.
I'll be nice here. In the UK the date is ordered in day/month/year, unlike in America. So the date says April 16th 2012.
my fave parts of the top 5! 5: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!! 4: SHIT NOW IM ATTACKING IT!!! 3: i listen to meatloaf when i power walk.. 2: u blow shit up in ur face notch!!!! 1: OH LOOK UR FLYING CYA LATER SHITLORDS!!!!!! :D u guys r soooo awesome!! :D
Yes because they ARE ENGLISH!!!
Not true at all. Sure the south may be filled with idiot rednecks who only care about incest and beating their kin, but the north is an amazing place where id rather live than anywhere.
I don't think #3 is funny at all.
Day/month/year is much more logical, whats the reasoning to first write the month? its probably the same reason as why they still use the old imperial measuring system, instead of the logical x10 metric system ;)
My favorite was minecraft with the axes
Megafuziion: SHOUT UP MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!
The Yogscast are British. We do the dates DD/MM/YY. So it was the 16th April 2012
This opener is well better than the rest
It's the English way of writing it
How in the fuck did you see 9-11 you god damn idiot
in some lands people write it like dd/mm/yy instead of mm/dd/yy
Am american and I don't think its the best country in the world but it sure isn't the worst. Your comment was pointless and unnecessary because now you've got ignorant assholes commenting about america as if they know shit. word of advice "Never say this kinda shit on the internet".
some one please send me a video of them playing yogvetuers ,pleassend the ep.1 PLEASE thank u
What ended up happening to yogventure
This is probably one of the most ignorant comments I have ever seen. I live in America and I disagree. We are a great nation, but so are many others. We have just as many flaws as anyone as well as many stereotypes against Americans. Next time you want to talk about America, don't be so arrogant.
what was the strategy game called they used to play
Scottish guy on second clip what a legend
What happened to yogventures?? I havnt seen any updates in a few month???
in wine there is wisdom, in beer there is beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria
me and my girlfriend were talking about birth contol, and she said to me (it makes more sense to unload the gun then shoot a bullet proof vest) GULP!
in there country the day becomes before the month
oh my fcking god you are such a spaz lewiz
It's because us Brits write our dates the other way round :)
im still watching this, because of nr 5 :P
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