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♡WittleBee for Children♡

by Ashley Sander • 32,367 views

***EXPAND FOR MORE INFORMATION!!*** SUUUUUUUCHHHH an adorable idea for little girls or boys!! She loves clothes just as much as I do! Give it a try! :) Check out WittleBee...

Hello! Umm is this a sponsored video?
Mahalos fo da info on dis wittlebee stuff!! My diva is already bigger but I got my lil man to dress fo!!!
Love ur mom & daughter bonding
I love the extra. Just shows what a great relationship you have with your daughter.
thank youuu!!! she's in maaany videos already! hahaha!
Love this site! BTW what's on your cheeks? Looks so guud lol
There is a man box I don't remember the name but I seen it on YouTube
omg!! when are you coming to long island????<3 please do a meet up if you can!
U should do more video's with ur daughter!! She's sooo cute
ur daughter is gorgeoussss!! such a cute little mix of you and hubby :) u have such a cute family.. best of luck! <3 i just recently found you channel and i love your videos!
this is the first video i watch of u & your so pretty!!! JEALOUS -_-
Love the video Ashley:) And your girl is ADORABLEE<3.. so cute :) Keep going !
I can't wait to have my daughter in August so I can shop like this for her. Let me tell ya, I have a son and shopping for him is no fun! lol
Your mini you is soooooo adorable :-)
Your baby girl is so effin cute lol and I love the look your wearing:)
love this going to check out the website for sure. One question I have a daughter same age as yours. Is your daughter potty train? if so any tips?
Im 17 and I don't plan on having kids anytime soon... But i still watched this video! lol. So cute!
You are such a great mom ! Unlike my step mom who has a son :/ cute clothes :)
hit pause right click hit "stop download" cutest picture ever!!
hey I'm just curious to know if you youtube gurus actually pay for your subscription or do you get it free every month? Great video... your daughter's so adorable <3
what do you do with the clothes that your daughter doesn't wear/fit anymore ? >.< hint hint:)
it makes me want to buy this even though i don't have a daughter lol ^^ Your awesome !
What nationality are you, just wondering that’s because you’re very beautiful
What kind of contacts do you have?
Ur such a great mom ... Go bless ur beautiful family ... Keep up the gray work ash :)
i don't even have kids but i loved this video! you are sooo cute with your little girl!! yay for you being an amazing mommy!
:P i wanted a little girl..(both times) but happy to be blessed to even have children & healthy at that. Cute clothes! I luv the ending of this video.
hey beauty! what lipstick are you wearing? xoxo
im signing up i have two kids and its so convinient thank you so much for this video
I loved the extras at the end!! she's adorable, but I found myself forwarding thru the video trying to find where rayden did her unboxing?? hello mom, it's raydens box, she should be doing the unboxing with you!! what's up with that??
You and your daughter are super adorable :)
Seriously, ur prob going to laugh at this question, but how did u get ur hair to have that nice poof-volume on the top? It looks perfect! Maybe u could do a tutorial on it?'s prob like so easy but I can never get mine to do that! :)
You inspired me and my girls to sign up to WittleBee! Thank You
U know, babe... in Asia..we can get children clothes like those pretty cheap.. especially in places like Thailand...maybe USD2 a pop... see the tags, where are they made.. hopefully made in the USA :D Cheers Luv ya
Mialove54 she asked for a mullet like hairstyle check out her hair 411 video. It explains it all
can you skip the month if you want to?
Both of you are soooo cute and beautiful...Love youuuuuuu!!!
Ash!! Are you going to have anymore babies?!
so cuuuuuute :)
Love the thumbnail picture of you and your daughter. Soooo sweet.
Soon cute ... Love it! Going to need to see if they ship to canada and get a box for my son as well !
I dont even have a kid and I was so into this...might get one for my bff who just had a baby boy...
i don't understand you because i speak spanish but i love ur videos, i have channe too i do spanish beauty videos♥
that is the cutest picture ever!!!!! i dont even have a kid but i was totally intrigued by this video. lol!
she s sooo adorable and cute xx
so adorable ! my sister just had her first baby and she's a GIRL ! her name is Reese, i love being and aunt and i might have to sign her up for this and this could be my special auntie gift every month (: your daughter is beautiful and so smart ! love your videos !
BIRCHBOX MAN is a subscription you could get for your husband!
Hi Ashely! Can u tell me where u got your bracelet with your daughters name on it with the crystal?? I really want to order one!! Thank you so much!!
Aww your daughter is absolutely beautiful... Just like her momma! Definitely going to check out that site for my daughter. Oh may I ask where you got your necklace? Super cute!
does anyone know the length of her necklace?!
OMG...Im singing the Barney song in my head as Im watching you. Its forever ingrained in my psyche!
Georgeous mom, Precious daughter... <3
i don't even have a daughter and im watching this video LOL
Beautiful Mommy and Baby Girl-333
You two are adorable! Thanks for sharing, gonna have to check this out!
She is too precioussss! Love both ya faces:)
All that for 40 dollars.....thats amazing......
Can I have Rayden!?!?! No...I'm kidding but really Ashley...I love her bright little eyes and that million dollar grin! Such a sweet angel! <3 xoxo
haha!! thank you so much!!!!! every little girl is a blessing. every child is a blessing!! i wuuuuv my wittle bee! <333 haha
Hey Ashley can u tell me where u got ur bracelet on instagram that has rayden's name on it in the rhinestones?? I would really like to pick one up!! Thanks so much!!
PLz do more videos about ur wittlebee subscription!!!!!
I love this video. I think it is sweet to see you and Raedon (spelling?) together in a video. It's nice to see you just being you on camera (real). The box is an adorable idea. As a mother of two boys, a wife, and a full time elementary teacher, this seems fun AND helpful. I appreciate your videos.
I just subscribed to this and I am beyond excited!! Cannot wait to see what my daughter gets.
your daughter is so cute!!!! :D yous are adorable and that wee song at the end, made me smile hehe!! and you look beautiful as usuall xxx
You should make outfits of the day of your daughter!
i loved seeing this :)) i have twolittle ones n their everything to me! keep it up <3 yuh seem like a wonderfull mommy
too much rambling but i really enjoy your videos anddddd your such a cute mama and your little girl is too adorable!!
So cute... I just ordered. I haven't signed up for any of the other subscription sites but this was adorable :-) So cute that even ur daughters stylin
its just a bunch of balls.... hehe
yes! you can choose that your baby needs "pajamas" - in the questionnaire. :)
Thank you so much for telling us about this site. Your daughter is so cute! Can you please tell me where you got your contacts? They look great on you! Thanks for sharing! Very cute clothes! If I had a girl I would shop all the time. Too many cute options.
You and your daughter are adorable. Thanks for sharing. I just put a subscription in for WittleBee last night for my son. I'm hoping he'll get some good stuff. Lol, ;b
Ashley you are sooo beautiful and such a great mommy!!! And OMG Rayden is the cutest baby ever!!! Love you!!!
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