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Huge Wave Knocks Down Nico | Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12

by Volvo Ocean Race • 298,151 views

Amazing footage from Volvo Ocean Race competitor CAMPER with ETNZ shows a big wave crashing against the crew on deck while skipper Chris Nicholson 'Nico' is at the helm sailing over 25 knots boat...

AWESOME! The helmsman came out literally fired.
As i´ve understood it: Sailing contains two main things; being above the surface and under it.
Kerry Wilson Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
you fall off and do a figure 8 to pick him up...One crew member will keep him in sight at all times It would be pretty hairy in seas like that
john kropf Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
He was talking about the other football, dumbass.
Grinder guy to Chris "Hold ooooooon"... oh.... told ya
nice team play and amazing footage like always
sailing takes skill finesse strength and teamwork. round the world sailing is one of the toughest sports out there.
Except noone gives a fuck about ocean sailing.. And footballs actually considered a sport ..(:
If I were on the boat, I would shit in my pants.
i feel like i have water in my ear now. lol.
Real men put on over 50lbs. of pads and train every day whether thats in the weight room or on the field. We're studs and stop being jealous.. LMFAO !
Some people say this is not a sport? Working in those conditions, knowing that one wrong move might kill the guy next to you is waaaay more than a sport.
Do these sailors ever fall off? Does anyone know what their contingencies are for such scenarios?
damn northern atlantic, you scary!
looks really fun actually - hope the legs heal up (lucky you did not get washed off or really broke something)
Hey google/youtube...I don't speak spanish, so that commercial was fairly ineffective!
That explains the helmets then .....
that is the power of wind that we all look for
Tons of lead in a very long keel under the center of the boat.
ive had people tell me sailing is a leisurely sport. gettttt fuckkkkedddd
and some people say soccer is the hardest sport
How would you like a few days of this action 24/7? Awsome flying machines...
As @BillBennettASC says the boats (Volvo Open 70's or just VO70) has a 6.5 ton canting keel 5m down, that can swung up to 40 degrees to the windward side - helping counterbalance the massive wind pressure on the as massive sails. Needless to say we're talking extreme powers here, that if NOT functioning or handled properly can be fairly fatal to both ship and crew :-)
Which is why we shouldn't be ona fuckin boat
I agree there is a lot of drama in football but comparing sailing to football is like comparing golf to boxing. Two completely different things
lol obviously you have never watched football. They don't "lightly" graze each other and scream like baby's. I bet a ripped football player would have a much easier time sailing (if he knew how to).
More ships rest at the bottom of the Bay of Biscay than anywhere else...for a reason.
Ocean Sailing VS Football Football - a guy lightly grazes another player, kicking, screaming and drama ensue Ocean Sailing - Get smashed in the face by wave after wave, you either man up or you're screwed up
Ocean Sailing is too hard for watching. There are very strong men
How does the boat stay upright when it leans so far to one side? Wouldn't it cap size
lol this will never be nicer than football... if you want to play a sport get a ball and learn to play, and if you think you're badass by riding a boat why don't you go swim around sharks and be a REAL badass?
Thumbs up if YAHOO! News brought you here!! :))
just get some fat ass that can run and catch and you got yourself a sport huh?
The worst thing to ever happen to boat racing, Conners drunk as a skunk feeling like a big little man. Funny that the coast guard seeing anyone at the wheel with a beer in hand would cite them for drunk driving, but in yacht "racing" the whole crew can drink it up and they are ¿racings heros? Boat racing, the next best spectator sport to skin diving.
I hope they were clipped on to something- does not look that way on the screen!
So glad I'm sitting in my living room watching this.
Ummm, its because a wave doesnt have a mind of its own o00o00o0o00o....
That was possibly the most nebulous and over exaggerated statement I have ever read.
That kid with the yellow hood is a kick, cranking away like a real sailor! Hanging on by your eyebrows lads!!!
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