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Matrix Runs on Windows XP

by CollegeHumor • 12,806,877 views

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 Old joke comes to mind...  A: Installed Linux. Fu.ked all night with settings.  B: Installed Win. Fu.ked all night with GF.   Use your time efficiently 
+Fuck Google+ Wait, wait, wait. I was on windows some years ago. You cannot take this seriously. It's the same like his stupid joke about Linux. Is it clear ? He also compares Windows from ex. 2010 and Linux from 90's so chill out.
It's funny. Now that we look back on Windows XP as one of the best operating systems. 
+speedyclaude25 LOL yeah Claud's nice, Though I prefer CJ from San Andreas
Try run matrix on windows 8, you will spend more time accidently going back to your home screen and then looking for the desktop again.
uhh.. it wasnt that hard learning windows 8, all i did was click on the DESKTOP button and started from there, but i do admit the windows key is a bitch when your hand accidently bumps it when playing a game
You know what I love about this video? It is one of the very few that doesn't ask me to like and subscribe! Since they aren't begging for likes on this one I think I'll actually give it a thumbs up! Generally any video that begs for subs and likes over and over I'll dislike even if it was a good video.
Wow, that's just... wow.
This should have been vista. XP was the most stable while vista was a mess.
In that case the Linux race of gods knows how to use Linux.
lmao, XP stable, for sure it was!
From the comments I just read... I'm buying a Linux.
+Fuck Google+ except the operating system itself when it bluescreens and kills your multimillion dollar project.
Windows, Mac, Linux, et cetera all run just fine if you take care of your computer.
+Noah Hahn Oh dear god no. Millenium is fifteen years out of date and was terrible. Plus I'm sure we're referring to Windows OS which is still relevant. Then again, dad kept that OS running on a Compaq for about seven years without an upgrade.
+Bentley All the OSs runs well if you have a good computer and if you don´t download porn withour antivirus.
I hate college humor such ignorant trolls! They are just jealous that XP is immensely popular and they are just insignificant twerps that discriminate against Windows.
you could compare windows 3.11 with aple os but after that noway whole different architecture
You have no choice. Sending error report or not, have the same exact consequence. (that's the truth lol)
+skipy976, Lord of Souls Now for sending file to microsoft to check for virus can turn the whole window down.
XD yeah but it's less likely to mess up if you don't send.
Dunno why people hate on xp nowadays. Also why they ever hated on vista... Vista was fine, 8 is great after the 8.1 update and classich shell... 10 seems nice.
Hmm. I now see I may be guilty of the Fallacy of Hasty Generalization. I certainly have only basic background knowledge about computers. You see, I had a hell of a time looking for basic music files, or other downloads I expected to be in my downloads folder. The machine I had was a Dell Inspirion which I bought in 2008, pre-installed with Windows Vista. I still have it but it is a backup computer. It was a nightmare. But now that I reflect on the matter it, there is no good reason for me to think that such frustrating experiences which I had have been universal. My sample group may be biased, as most of my friends who are techies couldn't stand Vista. I failed to consider that others may have found otherwise in their own experiences
+John Smith I don't like the new UI either. And that is why I have installed Classic Shell, which makes me never need to see or use it.
BIOS - it's faster than Windows, it's easier than DOS, it is reliable as a tank. The BIOS comes with all computers, requires no installation, and Firefox version 32.4 blows any other OS. Random Chelyabinsk city IT specialist. P.S. If you don't like the BIOS you can always tear it from your computer and use a piezoelectric element for recording information on the hard drive manually.
+Fuck Google+ I also like flipping small levers to put binary code directly into the computer, its much faster than anything else I've used, and its simple 1 or 0 lol no need for all those useless keys.
Milagros X Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago (edited)
SPOILER!!! Me reí muchísimo con el asistente de Windows XP, clipper. Me acuerdo que lo odiaba cuando usaba este sistema operativo. Aunque creo que también estaba el perrito amarillo. Pero el clip me sacaba de quicio. También es muy gracioso cuando la bala tarda en cargarse y posteriormente aparece The Blue Screen of Dead jajajaja.
En inglés, no necesita "de". La oración correcta es "Thank God." También, no sé el error en la segunda oración. Pero es "I was berating myself for making typos."
Yo sugeriría que ejecuta su escritura a través de un traductor para ver si es coherente, y luego hacer ajustes luego. es bueno en este tipo de cosas, aunque necesitará saber un poco de inglés para moverse, aunque creo que estás bien.
where do all these people come from? how many people is college humor?
A lot of comments about the software but guys.....what if this video is supposed to tell something els? Perhaps something like that windows and apple are the matrix? What if your pc is the matrix, every time you turn it on, you are plugged in the matrix. ''hope you have cookies enabled'' XD. OMG, that was genius. Watching porn, facebook, games and things like that to keep you stuck in the matrix, to waste your time and lose your vital energy. Nature is the real world and you step out of it by going to nature and enjoy it. But hey I might be wrong so who cares :p
finally a collegehumor video with no sexual Allen Gregory style jokes everywhere.
"Ubuntu? I'm going to learn.. Ubuntu?" I laughed so hard at that XD
So many noobs criticising Linux in the comments. I say,delete your windows partitions for a month and try using Linux only and you will see how much better Linux is.
Old video. Still genous 2015.
"to send an error report, or not send one. But... is there a difference? ;)" Lmao that was the best thing ive ever heard
They should've used Android. Freeeeez. No button working; have to remove the battery in which case Neo would die.
"The progress bar is moving but the remaining time is going up!".....i lost it.
Anyone having a problem with windows 8?
Sooo the matrix is no longer supported by microsoft?
Before CollegeHumor knew what "Humor" was
Came here for the Windows 8 jokes.
Sid Stefanescu Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Ubuntu? I'm going to learn Ubuntu?
Yay, ce bine am ras!
Haw. bullet is spinning in the wrong direction.
not unless you're in Australia
Upgrade to windows 7. But please Mac sucks more than vista.
Why they had to blame cyper bit tormenting movies
There are only two reasons why I use Windows (currently Win7):  - being using it since I started using a computer and I'm not sure if I could cope with either Linux or Mac. People say Linux is very user-friendly, but I still think I'll mess up - the lesser reason.  - the games and some software - the major reason. You know what, if I could just cure the annoying drug habit that gaming is, I'd switch to Linux in a less than five minutes. Games are slowly, but surely ruining me. And a humble apology for using so much "I" in this comment.
They obviously misspelled ME with XP
i remember xp as being pretty reliable
To send or not to send error report, there is no difference. So true
Joe Herbers Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
I hadn't seen this, amusing...
FAKE! The Matrix is a Linux machine!
I still have xp......
Ubuntu?.. I'm going to learn ubuntu?? BEST. JOKE. EVER.
It's flaws really suck, but there is nothing better than a Windows machine. 
in fairness windows xp was quite stable towards the end of its life.
Kha'Zix is all over Windows, damn that bug.
Lol we can call rengar to help.
It's true that other operating systems don't get viruses... Because other OS don't run most programs! Not even viruses!
Even though XP is 14 years old it still manages to work better than 8 or 8.1.
+skipy976, Lord of Souls  I'm using 7 and I won't give it up till it stops working. Should go out and buy 7 on a disk so you'll always have something that is guaranteed to work.
Yeah, so far 7 is the best. But XP still works pretty good.
I'm not gonna join the XP versus Win 8 battle. My Windows 8.1 runs pretty good. I just wanted to say that I very rarely had a problem with games on XP. Everything else kinda sucked, but gamewise it was the shiz.
i still use xp... the only blue screens i've ever seen have been due to buggy drivers or broken hardware. it's the actual truth of it. apple's more integrated approach is maybe better in terms of minimizing points of failure, whereas linux driver support remains largely hopeless. but, you have to consider a trade-off in price and customization. the key thing is this, though: if you get compatible hardware from respectable vendors, the bluescreens really don't happen. when they do, it's because the hardware manufacturers didn't create drivers that work properly in the system, and you can't really blame microsoft for it. you just have to do that research.
+Straffe_Hendrick that's what i'm saying - i will probably stick with xp until i feel i need more ram. and that's probably years into the future. even so, i'll probably end up dual booting into 32-bit xp due to the hardware. i mean, even if i end up upgrading the hardware one day i'm not going to discard the old devices... i built this thing myself in 2007; i dropped quite a bit of cash into it, because i expected it to last at least ten years. it's a 64-bit chip and the board can take 8 gb, but, like i say,  there's no 64-bit drivers and i like my image. people actually laughed at me. "you'll upgrade in two years.". but i haven't. and all i've lost in that period is one of the four hard drives. like i say: it's going to be the ram, eventually. and it could be another ten years...
and....i'll still be running xp, even if i upgrade the music pc, because i've got it running on my old pc that just sends a youtube signal to my tv, which is from the 90s (those quantum fireballs don't die. there's a 20 gb hard drive in it. it still spins. it belongs in a museum.) and can't run anything newer than xp. if that drive goes one day, i have every intention to hit a pawn shop and find another one just so i can put xp back on it...
he chose the blue screen
Fake Indian Microsoft support hahaha
Ryan Szeto Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
Freaking hilarious 
After trying to use windows 8 I'd fucking kill for xp again. Hell I'd take Vista over 7 or 8 any day since at least Vista runs fine if you run everything as admin.
I think tzhat all linux users shall feel the death sentence of their beloved OS. Steam is backing out of Linux because as their head of developers said. "Linux is a horrible frankeinstein OS that can't be supported because how badly it is made and developed." You hear the burn?
"Ubuntu. Voy a aprender Ubuntu" LOL.
oh,so it is only my computer crappy,i thought i was in the stone ages
HAHAHHAHA when he said ''unfreeze'' and nothing happened suddenly my plugin for videos crashed and i only saw an error sign on my screen LOL XD
did those error reports REALLY ever make a difference?
Thank fuck it wasn't vista.
All the bad memories from the early 2000s.
+Karol T Ja już nie chce nic od Apple. :D
+Maciej Kozieł Ja akurat nie mam wyjścia. Potrzebuje sprzętu, który będzie bezgłośny w pracy biurowej, poręczny i nie wyglądał jak laptop z marketu... Chyba, że w końcu będzie taki 13 calowowiec na windowsie, który spełni moje oczekiwania.
I love how so many people don't know what a blue screen actually means....
oh shit! the free trial of kung fu has expired!!
Why didn't it ask to update Adobe even once?!?!
I have Linux Mint installed, happily enjoying my life... :-) 
Still just as funny as the first time!
Cookies need love like everything does.
Am i the only one here Who found the cookies enabled joke more funny
I use Windows 8.1. I don't really see whats wrong with it. From the comments I see a lot of people like Linux for what ever reason. But Windows works fine for me, and (most) everything is supported. I am a fanboy when it comes to O.S. Reply if you have any valid reason i should switch. (I am a gamer)
Get the FREE upgrade to Win 10 when it comes out. Stream Xbox One, and record any gameplay from Steam or any other PC games.
Yeah, i'm excited for it! Just hope it supports pc gaming like it said.
Macs are much better.
"hope you have cookies enabled" facepalm
Back when college humor was good...
This is better than the actual matrix movies
Haha gotta love the lag jokes
Check out this video on YouTube:
It could be worse - It could run Vista.
Ubuntu is better than windows, no virus problems
+Gerk Records Yes but another fact remains is that about 80% of the worlds web servers run Linux.And they are a much more valuable target than desktops.However Linux is still secure.
oh man you're an idiot
1:48 One of the few things we will never miss over a "nostalgic" memory.
Beginning dump of physical memory Physical memory dump complete. Contact your system administrator or technical support group for further assistance. 
Windows XP ? It could be much worse, the Matrix does not run on Windows 8.
This summarizes my horrible encounter with Windows XP. I had a very old PC with Windows XP and it had so many problems, the most famous one has to be with the constant 'SEND AN ERROR REPORT" which did jack shit.
Does sound like a hardware IMHO. I still have a laptop that runs on XP, but it's over ten years old and lots of stuff doesn't work on it any more. Still have it mainly cause it still has the best Word program that came bundled. My kids use for schoolwork and stuff. I use OpenOffice on others. I never had problems with XP until Vista came out. Afterwards, every new Windows update seemed to make things buggier. Turned me into a conspiracy theorist.
+jerry jenkins Yikes. And I did hear that Vista has horrible glitches, my sister had to deal with it since she had to use it. I use Windows 7 but it isn't that bad.
So what did it mean at the end with UPANTU
UBUNTU is a GNU/Linux based operating system, and it's quite different from Windows: probably it's less user friendly, but better in many ways, for example it's more secure from virus/malware. And it's FREE and open source...try it!
john doe Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
I didn't know ウブンツ (or is that 無頒土 or 우분투?) was a martial art.
Sooner running windows vista
Still XP is one of the most user friendly,most established (no-one will get to reverting so many XPs to 7 cause they're NOT better), and extremely stable up to today(tried 8?)
8 is a shitty OS.!!! Well no doubt XP was one the most reliable OS made by MS but 7 is also an outstanding OS. To be honest I prefer 7 (64bits version).
take the red pill yoo!
Michael Thomas Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago
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