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(HD) Night drive in Tokyo 01 -夜の首都高 湾岸線→台場線→C1→渋谷線-

by cat2525jp • 1,293,807 views

. 雨上がりの夜の首都高ドライブ。 この曲は夜のドライブにとてもよく合います。おすすめ。 MUSIC ---- Ray of Light / deepsea drive machine CAM ------- EOS kiss X4 + EF-S 10-22mm F3.5-4.5 USM BLOG ----- .

これ、首都高の匂いとかも伝えられればなぁ。 排気ガスとかの匂いじゃなくて、首都高の匂いってあるんですよね。 空気感というか。
Japan....The whole country is a video game
Wish i lived in Japan 1111
Nice! No traffic lights, this will not be possible at day time.
+ExorFILMS I know, but most cities don't have such big highways in the city like Tokyo.
Well in comparision to most other cities even half of Tokyo's size, they would have like 4 lanes more in each direction, but since Tokyo doesn't have much space they often stack up the highways and make them very "compactish"
Cities of the future!
Great video. I love driving in Tokyo when there is no traffic.
Very cool. Never been there so thank you.
I wish I lived in tokyi Japan but by the way am moving there 2020
洋楽かけてはしることにするよ、ありがとう I'll be in that run over Western, thank you
このビデオ観るより、実際車で音楽かけて首都高グルグル回ってる方が爽快だよ では、なぜこのビデオを観てるのか? 免許取り消しの身です、どうもありがとうございました(泣ツラス
One of the seven wonders of the world : Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway
Wall-E!!! Pretty cool xdd
首都高走るの飽きたし、渋滞も 無理です。ちょっと年取りました。
サイコ-ですね!! レインボーブリッジから見える東京タワーとかいろいろとっ!!
Tokyo:Utopia on earth for me <3
LOVE 北京(Beijing)and 东京(Tokoyo)
きれいだなー 俺のいるところは東京のいなかだ
Reminds me of Ridge Racer. Freaking GREATTTT!! I love this so much.
Sho Munro Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
LOVE 北京(Beijing)&东京(Tokoyo)&香港(Hongkong)&上海(Shanghai)&迪拜(Dubai) in Asia
さすが徳川家康の城下街 江戸城を築いたのは大阪の源氏
Was that a Chevy suburban in the beginning? just saying
sorteal Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is freaking cool!!
Can't wait to live here!!
大都市 東京
What`s the background`s Music?
Deepsea Drive MachineのRay of Rightです
this video needs a song from love droid, take a ride would be amzing over this video, check them out people
SF映画の未来都市は実在したんだね(胸熱)。 とにかくただひたすらCooooooL!!!
Long Night in Tokyo :D
(HD) Night drive in Tokyo 01 -夜の首都高 湾岸線→台場線→C1→渋谷線
Mr Fouss Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
I wanna go to Japan.
Try this music: Alexander Popov – Solar Wind (Original Mix)
十反千兵衛 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Reiko Ohnishi Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
今夜は夜の湾岸線をドライブしましょ ♪ラブ(()ラブ♪
+赤塚弘己 (。→‿◕。)☆マタネ! オヤスミィ..。o○☆
eve zay Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I. Takaki Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
wow, really beautiful and fantasy... Let's drive next weekend !
Ken-ichi Horiuchi Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Ignacio Salaberría Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
what program did you use to do the timelapes (aka fast forwarding the speed of the video)?
Heading to tokyo in 2 days!!! Cant wait :D
音楽いいですね^^ できれば倍速再生にしないで、普通の再生速度にしてほしいです^^;そうした方がドライブって感じしますw
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 Thanks for making these roads seem familiar
You probably don't know what I'm saying but... I envy you.
What's the name of the music?
This is a beautiful video-the music and the lights are mesmerizing! :) Thanks for posting it!
that's espectacular, i'm happy to go and watch it..! :)
Nice one. I've been going there quite a few times myself!
hey nice video can i put the video one of my music beat i give you credits :)
こ宇いうの大好き。 普通に打ってないのかな。
Ok I found it! Sorry. For those who may wonder, it's "Ray of Light" by "Deapsea Drive Machine". Very good video btw! What makes the images so dynamic? It look between reality and video game. Did you use a special camera? Or it the car that makes the effect? Awesome anyway!
Apparently, Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 (on Dreamcast, of course) was an amazing game.
My dream. It's awesome and not to say why it's so expensive to live here. ;)
There's something about these videos that makes me so relaxed and calm. Oh, and listening to Kavinsky's Nightcall while watching this is a great experience.
見事に映像と曲がマッチしている。 お見事!!
自然に囲まれて住んでるってっさっ、ただ山ん中に家があるだけじゃないっのQ?! 山ん中は季節のそれぞれが厳しすぎて、年とってから季節が苦しすぎて住むものじゃないなっってわかった時にはもう、 too little too lat (不十分だったり時期を逸していたりするせいで役に立たないということ!)!
0:05 - 0:30 subway from China to Japan xD
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